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Ester Segarra

At the Gates – “We Wanted to Make the Best Goddamn Album We Could”

It’s clear that At the Gates is a band that needs no introduction to any fan of metal. After thei


Khold – A New(er) Dark Age

That would be “Cold” for those of curiosity, although lest we not confuse this Khold with the nu


Revocation: Death…More or Less?

Possessing a healthy appetite for metal on the live front since my indoctrination in the 1980’s, i


Starkill – From Chicago, Not Finland

Starkill made a big splash onto the metal scene last year with their debut, Fires of Life. Since th

solace of requiem

Now You Know: Solace of Requiem

Formation: 2001 Location: Virginia, USA Style: Extreme metal that balances technicality and melody


Crucified Barbara – Blackened Hearts Reign

Critics, let alone history, have never been kind to female-fronted, or all-female hard rock and meta