Serious Black – Delivery of Magic

No rest for any metal band worth their salt these days. Especially in a scene where any prolonged absence can lose listeners in droves, the choices limitless for product to consume. Which makes it all Read more […]

The Haunted – Strength in Numbers (Century Media)

The Haunted haven’t made a *great* album since Made Me Do It, which before you know it, will be celebrating its 17th birthday. While the Marco Aro-fronted version of the band has yet to produce a stinker Read more […]

Brendon Small – Galaktikon II: Become the Storm (Megaforce Records)

At this point, Brendon Small should be a name that’s familiar to most metalheads. His work on Metalocalypse was inspired stuff – able to toss in an enjoyable sense of humor to a genuinely metal background. Read more […]

Nino Helfrich – Hourglass (Self-Released)

Following up from a completely instrumental album, Dead Bodies in Motion, guitarist Nino Helfrich is back. This time he has brought some voices to the table though, in fact some familiar ones that are Read more […]

Leprous – Malina (InsideOut Music)

Scandinavia possesses quite a quality musical landscape if digging deep into the progressive rock and metal genres, especially over the last decade. Norwegian act Leprous represent one of the breakthrough Read more […]

Crimfall – Amain (Metal Blade)

With two albums (released by two different labels) under their belt, Crimfall have ventured to Metal Blade to release their third album, Amain. A full six years from their last release, 2011’s The Writ Read more […]

Crematory – Live Insurrection (SPV/Steamhammer)

Hmmm…not sure what the deal is with the cover to your left. Is vocalist Felix Stass supposed to be looking down on the crowd in adulation, or, is it another case of Photoshop gone wrong? Visuals aside, Read more […]

Without Warning – Burning Skies (Self-Released)

Arriving on the Boston scene in 2013, Without Warning is a four-piece outfit that bridge the gap between old school, traditional metal riffing, harmonies, and vocal melodies with slight modern takes on Read more […]

Cormorant – Diaspora (Self-Released)

Ever the ambitious group, Cormorant have been slugging it out for quite some time. In fact, Diaspora marks the fourth full-length album from the band, and the only sign they continue to exhibit is that Read more […]

Ursinne – Swim with the Leviathan (Transcending Obscurity)

Taking the combined experience of Dave Ingram (ex-Benediction, ex-Hail of Bullets, etc) and Jonny Peterson (Wombbath, Henry Kane), Ursinne has a certain level of pedigree to it from the get-go. As such, Read more […]

Portrait – Burn the World (Metal Blade)

As cross-pollination and modernization make headway in metal, it’s always nice to step back and find musicians set in churning out the roots of the genre – regardless of trends. Since 2006 Portrait Read more […]

Pentakill – II: Grasp of the Undying (Riot Games)

A ‘virtual’ heavy metal band featuring characters from the MOBA game League of Legends might be the type of thing that some of us scoff at. Particularly when you take a gander at their CGI music video Read more […]

Dagoba – Black Nova (Century Media)

Cyber metal…you’re still hanging around? With Fear Factory left as the only true representation of the style, you’d have to scratch the ‘ol noggin’ and ponder the relevance of France’s Dagoba, Read more […]

Xanthochroid – A Journey through Etymos

Xanthochroid have never been much for convention. Adding layer upon layer to the music from the beginnings, they have designed a fantasy world all to their own and each release has served to broaden the Read more […]

Serious Black – Magic (AFM Records)

How does a relatively new act with seasoned veterans in the metal scene stay relevant in 2017? If you are a sextet like Serious Black – whose members have ties to Tad Morose, Firewind, Rhapsody, Edenbridge, Read more […]

Leng Tch’e – Razorgrind (Season of Mist)

Perpetually one of the death/grind scene’s mid-level players, Leng Tch’e always seemed to suffer some due to an inability to stand out in a genre that prides itself on feral blasts, barks, and ramping Read more […]

After the Storm – Into a New Era (Self-Released)

There’s never a bad time to dig into some melodic death metal and turn up the volume. Particularly when particular attention is paid to the melodies and riffs first and foremost. While there’s sometimes Read more […]

Leprous – Continued (Prog)ression

Never a band to sit idly by, nor content to churn out more of the same with each new release, Leprous have steadily climbed towards the top of the progressive heap. No surprise really when one examines Read more […]

Eagleheart – Reverse (Scarlet Records)

Considering Eagleheart conjures up the Stratovarius song that opens Elements Part 1, it shouldn’t really cause cardiac arrest that this Czech Republic quintet live for that European power metal uplifting Read more […]

Ruby the Hatchet – Planetary Space Child (Tee Pee)

Look at it this way: Ruby the Hatchet may have seen their fellow female-fronted retro rock contemporaries start to become tired prancing around the same, played-out ’70s-inspired terrain that it was Read more […]

Tower of Babel – Lake of Fire (Lion Music)

Who needs to live together in the metal landscape today? Proper home recording facilities and internet connectivity allow for ideas and bands/projects to blossom at quicker paces than ever imaginable. Read more […]

July 2017 Rapid Fires

In writing these short reviews, it dawned on DR that print as a medium, whether digital or physical, is having a tough time of late. With video content gaining steam and large media corporations (see Fox Read more […]

July 2017 Album of the Month – Seven Spires’ Solveig

This one probably isn’t much of a surprise for the DR faithful, with a double 9.5/10 review at the end of July it’s safe to say that Seven Spires’ debut full-length left a lasting impression on the staff. Read more […]

Gross Reality – Escaping Gravity (Divebomb Records)

Timing doesn’t merely apply to musical signatures or tightness. In metal, it can be a simple matter of right place, right period for a genre to succeed. In the case of North Carolina’s Gross Reality Read more […]

Morbid Evils – Deceases (Svart)

Keijo Niinimaa has the rare distinction of playing in one of the fastest Finnish metal bands, Rotten Sound, and one of the slowest, Morbid Evils. We’d be curious to see if this translates to his day-to-day Read more […]

Venom Inc. – Avé (Nuclear Blast)

What differentiates Venom from say, Ratt or L.A. Guns is that its subsequent splinter group, Venom Inc., never tried to go out just as “Venom.” You see, the “Inc.” does the trick, turning one of Read more […]

Masterplan – PumpKings 2.0

What is old and nostalgic can become new again – especially to a younger generation less fortunate to experience the wonders of a classic band in their prime. The current fervor surrounding the Keepers-oriented Read more […]

Inanimate Existence – Underneath a Melting Sky (The Artisan Era)

Getting right back into business after last year’s (criminally underrated) Calling from a Dream, Inanimate Existence have returned with a new album, new label, and a 3-piece line-up. Clearly some changes Read more […]

Thy Art is Murder – Dear Desolation (Nuclear Blast)

It’s been an interesting progression for Thy Art is Murder. They are constantly pegged with the deathcore tag, which is certainly warranted for their first few releases, and they seem to embrace it, Read more […]

End of Green – Void Estate (Napalm)

Just a bummer all around here, and we’re not simply talking about Void Estate’s subject matter. End of Green’s 2013 The Painstream effort was a catchy-as-can-be Goth metal foray, blending pop-metal Read more […]

Pyrrhon – What Passes for Survival (Willowtip/Throatruiner)

Already the very definition of outré by the time that their sophomore release, The Mother of Virtues, hit the streets back in 2014, Pyrrhon is one of those bands that continues to excite and make you Read more […]