Amaranthe – Endlessly Succeeding

Ever moving forward and perpetually touring, Amaranthe has tried to overtake the metal world since the release of their first, self-titled album in 2011. While Europe seemed to immediately embrace the Read more […]

Cruz Del Sur Music CD Giveaway: Arduini / Balich & Lunar Shadow

Dead Rhetoric and Cruz Del Sur Music are giving away a copy of Arduini/Balich’s new Dawn of Ages CD and Lunar Shadow’s new Far from Light CD to one (1) lucky winner. “Doom laden progressive wall Of Read more […]

Imber Luminis – Nausea (Naturmacht Productions)

If Metal Archives is to be believed (and it usually is), then Belgian musician Déhà has been in well over a dozen projects or bands before his 31st birthday. While we cannot verify the quality of said Read more […]

None – None (Hypnotic Dirge)

None is a Pacific Northwestern band playing black metal. That should give you a pretty good indication of what the band is starting with, at least. But it may not, in fact, give you the whole picture. Read more […]

Slagmaur – Thill Smitts Terror (Osmose)

Norwegian black or extreme metal may not whip up the same kind of maelstrom as it did 20 years. That’s what happens when your core bands age, break up or change their sound. What the scene did, however, Read more […]

Warbringer – Woe to the Vanquished (Napalm Records)

Thrash in its fourth decade has never been stronger – debate may waver on a physical sales perspective, but for the legions who love seeing their favorite bands in clubs, theaters, or large festival gatherings, Read more […]

Pokerface – Game On (M&O Music)

Blame it on Lady Gaga, but there was some trepidation before a reluctant click on the mouse brought up a video from Pokerface. Alas, all of those fearful hesitations were easily quelled with a few seconds Read more […]

Bereft – Lands (Prosthetic)

Not to be confused with the Bereft featuring current and former members of Abysmal Dawn, The Faceless and Intronaut, this Bereft calls Madison, WI home. Does this mean they should be called “Bereft (WI)?” Read more […]

Substratum – Wielding Mighty Swords

In the old business model of underground music, you had to scour local record stores, attend shows, or get into the tape trading network to find out about unsigned bands if you didn’t have access to Read more […]

Pillorian – Obsidian Arc (Eisenwald)

Yeah, of course, it’s a bummer Agalloch are no more. Anytime a beloved underground band bites the dust it’s a downer, but such is life. No point in dwelling on it. After a brief Internet back-and-forth Read more […]

The Crawling – Anatomy of Loss (Grindscene Records)

Doom death metal is always there for those looking for something with a bit of the morose but still offering an occasional jolt of musical electricity. The Crawling is the genre’s latest production, Read more […]

We Ride – Empowering Life (Victory Records)

Perhaps it was the introduction of metalcore, but material that was truly hardcore in the US seemed to die down a bit over the last decade or so. Granted, some big names and veterans still persist, along Read more […]

Nightrage – “Affliction” Video Premiere

In one week from today (March 31, 2017), melodic death metal veterans Nightrage will release their latest album, Venomous, on Despotz Records. We at DR have been given the honors of premiering another Read more […]

Replacire – Do Not Deviate (Season of Mist)

Boston-based extreme act Replacire first arrived onto the scene with an independently released album entitled The Human Burden (available on Bandcamp). Those who stumbled upon it surely heard some promise Read more […]

Dead Earth Politics – The Mobius Hammersmith EP (Pavement)

An unsigned band for seriously way too long, Austin’s Dead Earth Politics have been snatched up by Pavement Music for the re-release of their 2016 The Mobius Hammersmith EP. Routinely cited as one of Read more […]

Extremity – Extremely Fucking Dead (20 Buck Spin)

Never at a loss for sludgy, slimy death metal, still more bands continue to pop up to push the filthy style forward. New upstarts Extremity aren’t as new as you may think, containing members from more Read more […]

Warbringer – Vanquish Once Again

To sustain anything over a decade in metal as far as a band deserves kudos – especially when playing more of an underground form of music that speaks to the people, void of any hope for major media push Read more […]

Bare Infinity – The Butterfly Raiser (Blackdown Music)

After an initial offering back in 2009 and a subsequent revamping of the band back in 2014, the road forward may not have been the easiest to the Greek symphonic metal act Bare Infinity. But those who Read more […]

Saturn – Beyond Spectra (Rise Above Records)

Even when 70’s proto-metal, doom, and boogie/stoner rock wasn’t in vogue for much of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, Rise Above as a label and taste-maker has been the reliable constant, staying the Read more […]

The Obsessed – Sacred (Relapse)

A brief history lesson on The Obsessed: Formed in the mid-’70s by undisputed doom legend Scott “Wino” Weinrich, the band would record a series of demos and a full-length in 1985 before fellow doomsters Read more […]

Cut Up – Wherever They May Rot (Metal Blade)

To this scribe, there’s nothing more timeless than well-written, balls-to-the-wall death metal. Not the type of stuff you have to sit around and dissect the influences or the technical patterns or the Read more […]

Ghost Bath – Starmourner (Nuclear Blast Entertainment)

Over/under on the actual number of enunciated, “sung” words on Starmourner? Eh, that’s a tough one, but let’s try to get away from the pot-shots on Ghost Bath…they’ve had enough of those already. Read more […]

Troubled Horse – Revolution on Repeat (Rise Above Records)

Ask your average musician what they would call their music, and you’ll get a wide array of answers. Chances are, though, most hate being boxed into specific categories. Tags often come with prejudgement Read more […]

Fit For an Autopsy – “Angry People Need Angry Music”

Though the band is certainly much more than this, as they’ve proved with each successive album, angry people do need angry music. And they can get their fill from the guys of Fit for an Autopsy, who Read more […]

Iapetus – The Long Road Home (Self-Released)

Indeed, rare is the act that can entertain and hold the listener’s attention over the course of 75-minutes of music. Even more rare when said act is of the less established variety. But ultimately, Read more […]

Buckshot Facelift – Ulcer Island (Paragon Records)

Cutting their teeth over a number of years at this point with smaller releases, Buckshot Facelift have also undergone some evolution to match it. Consisting of members now also involved in Artificial Read more […]

Atlas Pain – What the Oak Left (Scarlet Records)

Gaining access to newer bands across the metal landscape pleases this scribe to no end – always digging deep to not only focus on output from veteran artists, but unearthing the latest groups from all Read more […]

Virulent Depravity – Fruit of the Poisoned Tree (The Artisan Era)

As much as this scribe enjoys a solid tech-death pummeling, much of what’s been coming through the gates lately hasn’t stood up as well. Not quite a slump per say, but it just seems like much is ‘going Read more […]

Hammerdrone – Dark Harvest (Self-Released)

Whatever happened to good, old meat & potatoes melodic death metal? No excesses, no modern trimmings – just solid melodies and well, actual death metal. As the shift towards integration with keyboards Read more […]

Holy Martyr – Darkness Shall Prevail (Dragonheart Records)

Enduring twenty plus years together in an epic heavy metal style forging a path of cult-appeal deserves kudos for sticking to what appeals to your head and heart as musicians. Italian band Holy Martyr Read more […]

Without Waves – Limitless Creativity

Chicago, IL is a Mid-Western city known for coldness in the winter, bustling activity in the summer, and what some may consider the best deep dish pizza in the United States. It also happens to be home Read more […]