Kreator – Return to Violence

Many veteran metal acts have prospered as well if not more than their original time of popularity through the internet revolution- especially in terms of live performances in all corners of the globe. Read more […]

Thunder and Lightning – The Ages Will Turn (Self-Released)

First discovering Germany’s Thunder and Lightning with their third and previous album, the conceptual In Charge of the Scythe, the band was an instant winner due to their combination of a heavier approach Read more […]

Skeptic – Worship the End (Self-Released)

With the dawn of the Internet and computer age, band debuts can run the gamut – quality-wise. A first release no longer implies that it’s going to sound muddled or unexperienced, provided the members Read more […]

Aborym – Shifting.negative (Agonia)

A permanent thorn in the side of the black metal establishment, Italy’s Aborym have been one of the few bands able to adopt industrial sounds and maintain their credibility. 2013’s Dirty may be the Read more […]

Mechina – As Embers Turn to Dust (Self-Released)

There’s something to be said for a band that can release an album per year, just like clockwork. Come January 1st for the last few years, you could be sure that Mechina was releasing a new album to Read more […]

Solarus – Reunion (Self-Released)

With a symphonic power metal mission to bridge the gap between music lovers of multiple genres, London, ON Canada is home to Solarus, a three-piece outfit together since 2015 and recently releasing their Read more […]

Glare of the Sun – -Soil- (Lifeforce)

Austrian/German crew Glare of the Sun aren’t as much of a post-metal revelation as they are a reaffirmation of how to do the style some justice. There was a time when any monolith-rocker-come-lately Read more […]

Theory in Practice – Crescendo Dezign (Self-Released)

Perhaps it was all the time away that reignited the spark, but Theory in Practice have rapidly returned with more material since the two-song single, Evolving Transhumanism, which was released last fall. Read more […]

The Last Reign – Expulsion from Paradise (Self-Released)

Gotta love it when bands go so far as to cite specific time periods of some bands as an influence to their sound. The Last Reign specify dates for both In Flames (1994-2000) and Soilwork (1995-2000) as Read more […]

Dantalion – …And All Will Be Ashes (Sleaszy Rider Records)

Over the course of 5 albums, the Spanish Dantalion has transformed from an atmospheric black metal band to a full-on doom/death act. Their sixth album, …And All Will Be Ashes, continues the long standing Read more […]

Static Tension – Within Reach

Grunge, the ever-infamous killer of ’80s glam and thrash bands, has enjoyed a mild boost in the credibility department as the years progress. Many are seeing the style for what it was: A more moody, less Read more […]

Substratum – Substratum (Swords and Chains Records)

Before grunge infiltrated the mainstream marketplace, Seattle did have a metal scene gaining worldwide attention through major label artists like Sanctuary and Metal Church. Glad to see that newer blood Read more […]

Unlight – Antihelion (War Anthem Records)

Germany’s Unlight formed in 1997, which is the exact time when black metal was starting to reach its peak. Given that particular climate, bands unilaterally adopted the same look and aesthetic: corpse Read more […]

Acranius – Reign of Terror (Rising Nemesis Records)

Effectively blurring the line between deathcore and slamming death metal is the German act Acranius, who have been pushing their particular brand of brutality over the course of two previous albums to Read more […]

Scenario II – A New Dawn (Hysteria Music)

Scenario II’s first album was released back in 2009 (Uniforms of Death) but more recently made its way to Bandcamp, which is what clued in this scribe last year. An older approach to melodic death metal, Read more […]

Blastomycosis – Covered in Flies and Afterbirth (CDN Records)

Falling well within the confines of ‘if it looks like brutal death metal, it probably is brutal death metal,’ there’s probably not a soul out there that can’t outright imagine a glimpse what Blastomycosis’ Read more […]

Aversions Crown – Xenocide (Nuclear Blast)

Much like Aversions Crown’s last release, Tyrant, they do manage to grab the eye with some fantastic artwork. The sci-fi based covers the band provides manage to take some flashy color schemes and really Read more […]

Hemina – Thinking Forward Part II

Click HERE to read Part I. Dead Rhetoric: How do you define progressive metal – considering the broad scope of what is considered progressive metal these days, as you can have everything from Devin Read more […]

Kayotik – Enslaved to Chaos (The Orchard)

Even though this scribe tends to review more of the melodic, power, progressive, and traditional sides of the metal genre – growing up in the tape trading era affinity for the early roots of death metal Read more […]

Empyrean Throne – Chaosborne (Self-Released)

Bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth skyrocketed in popularity due to their use of symphonic black metal and tying it into some darker and gothic tones. The act of complimenting the harsh and Read more […]

Condenados – The Tree of Death (Shadow Kingdom)

The monk-robed one, otherwise known as former Candlemass singer Messiah Marcolin, doesn’t get enough credit for bringing in over-the-top, theatrical singing into doom metal. In his heyday, Marcolin made Read more […]

Anthology – Angel’s Revenge (Self-Released)

Sometimes all it takes to stand out is to just waiver ever so slightly from the norm. Slovakian symphonic power metal act Anthology may seem, on paper, like they are going with the flow on their third Read more […]

Beheaded – Beast Incarnate (Unique Leader)

It’s been a while since Malta’s Beheaded have brought forth new music. In fact, it’s already been five years since Never to Dawn, the band’s fourth album. You have to go back all the way to 2005 Read more […]

Burning Point – The Blaze (AFM Records)

European melodic power metal has a certain segment appeal for its reliable, heroic-oriented melodies and musical hooks – beyond the facets of strong riffing, double bass, and catchy choruses. Burning Read more […]

Hemina – Thinking Forward Part I

Progressive metal needs fresh blood – as stagnation can be a death knell for veteran bands. Australia’s Hemina aim to be one of those go-to acts with their wide encompassing outlook to the genre through Read more […]

Now You Know: Continuum

Formation: 2009 Location: Waterbury, CT Style: Metal with various progressive, death, thrash, and groove inflections. Personnel: Brenda St Amant (vocals); Bryan Reilly (guitars); Jason Niezgorski (guitars); Read more […]

Nightmare – Dead Sun (AFM Records)

Arising in 1979, French heavy metal band Nightmare gained a decent underground buzz through 80’s efforts like Waiting for Twilight and Power of the Universe. Suspending activities for 11 years, the resurrection Read more […]

Undrask – Battle Through Time (Self-Released)

As often as the metal listening session finds itself to be this serious, stoic adventure, occasionally there comes a band that just gives you a grin from ear to ear. Not in a goofy way or by being overtly Read more […]

Black Anvil – As Was (Relapse)

The melodic aspect of New York’s Black Anvil has always been hovering around, but has never quite been fully exploited until now. Their 2010 semi-gem Triumvirate and 2014’s not-as-good Hail Death were Read more […]

December 2016 Rapid Fires

Behold, the last installment of Rapid Fires for the turbulent year that was 2016. Actually, we’ll stay away from social and/or political commentary and simply note the unyielding strength of the metal Read more […]

Pain of Salvation – In the Passing Light of Day (InsideOut Music)

Elevating themselves into an elite progressive rock/metal band rather quickly in the late 1990’s – early 2000’s through revered albums like One Hour by the Concrete Lake and Remedy Lane, Pain of Read more […]