Dreadnought – Emerging Flames

Back in 2013, Dreadnought released their first album, Lifewoven, as an independent entity. It was a striking piece, and one that really bucked an easy classification with their use of non-metal instrumentation Read more […]

Nocturnus AD – Paradox (Profound Lore)

When folks talk about ‘bands before their time,’ no doubt Nocturnus is quick to be brought up. Many still rave about The Key, an album set firmly in death metal territory in 1990 but sounds remarkably Read more […]

StormHammer – Seven Seals (Massacre Records)

Veteran bands often feel the need to shake things up when playing a specific style of metal for decades. Germany’s StormHammer started in the early 1990’s – releasing their first full-length Fireball Read more […]

The Mariana Hollow – The Abandoned Parade (Trieste Records)

Despite two releases in the earlier part of this decade (and an existence stemming back to 2008), it wasn’t until a few months ago with the release of a lyric video for “Circus” that The Mariana Read more […]

Chalice of Suffering – Lost Eternally (Transcending Obscurity Records)

There’s something to be said for a solid band name and that is something Chalice of Suffering really nails: the visual of it is intense. Unfortunately Lost Eternally does no do the visceral band name Read more […]

Paladin – Ascension (Prosthetic)

Initially catching wind of Paladin back in early 2017 with their two song demo on Bandcamp, it was clear then that the band was going to generate some buzz. Their high-energy combination of strong thrash, Read more […]

Nagazi – Unleashed (Self-Released)

Loud, fast, and heavy – hailing from central Michigan, welcome to the world of Nagazi. Forming in 2014 and with a previous EP under their belt, they’ve gained prime opening slots for diverse acts from Read more […]

Diamond Head – The Coffin Train (Silver Lining Music)

Brought to the general public’s awareness due to Metallica covering numerous songs from their catalog in their early days, Diamond Head today may differ slightly in membership from those late 70’s/early Read more […]

Lvcifyre – Sacrament (Dark Descent)

It’s been a bit of time since Lvcifyre came up on the radar. In fact, their sophomore effort, Svn Eater, was released back in 2014 and Sacrament is the first new music since then. While some may have Read more […]

Axenstar – Honor Thy Time

Arriving in the early 2000’s, Swedish power metal band Axenstar have been a solid mainstay in the scene. Their discography contains a mixture of European and American influences, running the spectrum Read more […]

Circle of Witches – Natural Born Sinners (Sliptrick Records)

Intertwining an affinity for heavy metal and doom, Italian band Circle of Witches sign with Sliptrick Records for their third full-length Natural Born Sinners. Originating in 2007, it’s been five years Read more […]

Employed to Serve – Eternal Forward Motion (Spinefarm)

The rise of the sonic noise makers in the last few years hasn’t gone unheard. The bands that go for thick, heavy riffs that rumble the speakers like elephants marching across an open field and value Read more […]

Savage Messiah – Demons (Century Media)

The fifth studio album Demons from UK power/thrash band Savage Messiah comes at an interesting crossroads for the quartet. Establishing themselves with a decent melodic/NWOBHM penchant against their Megadeth/Metallica Read more […]

Call of The Void – Buried In Light (Translation Loss Records)

Disgust and rage are as valid forms of emotional expression as anything else on the spectrum. They can result in multidimensional, moving expressions of nihilism (something that is, unfortunately, common Read more […]

Starkill – The Force of Gravity

As a band, it feels as if Starkill has really come into their own with their past two releases. First there was 2016’s Shadow Sleep, where a more modern sounding and infectious vibe permeated the material Read more […]

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Veleno (Nuclear Blast)

If Fleshgod Apocalypse has seemed to do one thing over the years, they has gained more control. Going back to their first few albums, there was a bit of unhinged madness to their display of technical Read more […]

Haunt – If Icarus Could Fly (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Principle songwriter and visionary Trevor William Church wastes no time churning out product for Haunt. If Icarus Could Fly is the group’s second full-length since 2018 – surrounded by a couple of Read more […]

Hath – Venturing to Worlds Within

Hath first hit the scene with their Hive EP back in 2015, which started to make a few waves due to the mix of progressive, Opeth-ian structures and unbridled black/death brutality. It may have taken four Read more […]

Amulet – The Inevitable War (Dissonance Productions)

Changes are afoot in this UK act since their previous full-length The First came out in 2014. Only lead guitarist Nip Blackford and rhythm guitarist Marek Heathen Steven remain, as bassist/keyboardist Read more […]

Full of Hell – Weeping Choir (Relapse)

Full of Hell have made a name for themselves in the utterly abrasive combination of grindcore, power electronics, noise, and black metal. To the point that they have now signed with Relapse Records to Read more […]

Paragon – Defenders for Controlled Demolition

We need musicians sometimes who stay on a tried and true course. People who understand the main principles of their craft, willing to embrace the tools of their trade but not lose sight of the sound and Read more […]

Arch/Matheos – Winter Ethereal (Metal Blade)

Welcome to the reunion of John Arch and Jim Matheos – the early spark that captivates many progressive metal followers from the first Fates Warning era of Night on Brocken, The Spectre Within, and Awaken Read more […]

Goregang – Neon Graves (Transcending Obscurity)

What happens when you get two dudes that play a lot of extreme metal together and have them start another group with just the two of them? Goregang is the product of Taylor Nordberg and Jeramie Kling Read more […]

April 2019 Album of the Month – Hath’s Of Rot and Ruin

One of those releases that just grabs you and refuses to let go, Hath’s debut full-length is one of the year’s most notable extreme metal releases. Just the right combination of barreling aggression with Read more […]

Seraph in Travail – Lest They Feed Upon Your Soul (Self-Released)

Seraph in Travail navigated through the sometimes tricky waters of symphonic black/death metal with ease on their 2015 debut, Bring Forth Death. They upped the ante the following year with a more polished Read more […]

Agnostic Priest – Final Stand (Self-Released)

Oakland, California is home to Agnostic Priest – a crossover speed/thrash band who have issued a series of demos in 2017 leading up to the latest recording Final Stand. In theory, seven songs plus an Read more […]

Old Night – Soulburn

One of the best doom revelations in recent memory, Croatia’s Old Night broke onto the scene with their 2017 Pale Cold Irrelevance debut. Born from the Candlemass/Solitude Aeturnus school of emotional Read more […]

Murg – Strävan (Nordvis Produktion)

Always a pleasure when something effortlessly conjures an experience you can lose yourself in. Every genre (metal or otherwise) has those experiences on occasion and for you, dear listener, Strävan is Read more […]

Calamity – Kairos (Self-Released)

Considering the origins of this Puerto Rico thrash act contain references to bands like Slayer and Metallica (being a cover band of the latter called Silent Screams of the former), curiosity abounds as Read more […]

War Curse – Eradication (Svart Records)

Hailing from the Cincinnati/Hamilton/Dayton, Ohio area – War Curse made quite an impression through their debut Final Days EP back in 2015 with this scribe. Probably because the band willingly intertwine Read more […]

Depraved Murder – Manifestation (Comatose Music)

There’s a certain comfort in knowing that if it says Comatose Music on it, you know you are going to get something heavy. Depraved Murder hail from the Indonesian brutal death metal scene, and you can Read more […]