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Krieg – “Personal Darkness and Negativity”

Krieg is a name that probably pops up fairly quickly when discussing the big US black metal bands.

machinae supremacy

Machinae Supremacy – Metal’s New Breed

During our younger years, we often fill our time pursuing hobbies related to our interests. Sports,

eluveitie band

Eluveitie – Exploring Origins

One of the longest standing and revered of the current folk metal genre, Eluveitie has stayed the co


Accept – Seething Blind Rage

We knew we didn’t want to change the past, but having these new records be this successful is amaz


Sifting Through Bandcamp – August 2014

A summer getaway and a monstrous number of features coming out the pipes here at DR caused this Augu


Se Delan – Changes Being Chased

For a stretch, the Facebook page of Se Delan had the tag, “We are not a metal band.” As if anyon