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Sifting Through Bandcamp – June 2015

As the summer kicks up, you know it’s time to start saving for the inevitable fall deluge of both


Heidevolk – Forest Songs

Of the folk metal bands, Heidevolk crafted their own identity due to two big factors. The most obvi

burning point

Review Face-Off: Burning Point – Burning Point (AFM)

[8.5/10] Fortunate to take in a large portion of this Finnish melodic power metal’s discography th

Unleash the archers 2

Unleash the Archers – Feed the Metal Beast Part II

Dead Rhetoric: You’ve done some impressive touring for an independent band prior to your signing w

Unleash the archers

Unleash the Archers – Feed the Metal Beast Part I

‘We need even more tighter down picking like Lost Horizon’ is one of the more memorable closing

mike semesky 2

Rest Among Ruins – Taking Listeners on a Journey Part II

Read Part I HERE Dead Rhetoric: Jumping away from RAR a bit - you do a number of covers on your Y