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Botanist photo 1

Botanist – Speaking For Nature

When you think of heavy metal, you tend to think of the most traditional of themes and forms. Elect


Infestus – Darkness Triumphantly Enthroned

Give us a one-man guided black metal with character and gall over a faceless, flannel-shirt brigade


Set and Setting – Exploring Loss and Death

Instrumental bands have a tendency to be very hit or miss. Without lyrics to shift the attention of


Sanctuary – Refuge Revived

The year Sanctuary came to my attention: 1988. Even as a late teen, budget constraints often caused


Slaughterday – Keeping It Old School

In the crowded death metal genre of today, there seems to be two major factions: old school and tech


Striker – Iron Hot Steel

Hailing from the land of harsh Arctic winds, brutal winters, and a bevy of ice hockey talent, Canada