Starsoup – Lines in the Sand

As echoed throughout this interview, we don’t get a great deal of Russian metal. Sure, Arkona is currently making the rounds, but beyond them, it’s a mixed bag. One act who figures to make headway Read more […]

Thy Antichrist – Wrath of the Beast (Napalm)

Dallas-by-way-of-Columbia black metal troupe Thy Antichrist start Wrath of the Beast with a Spanish-styled acoustic guitar, perhaps signaling this isn’t your standard fare BM foray. (What actually is Read more […]

Thaurorod – Coast of Gold (Drakkar Entertainment)

What is a Thaurorod? Glad you asked… it’s a band name in Quenya, a fictional language spoken by elves in Tolkien’s books meaning ‘evil mountain’. Active since 2002 and releasing a series of Read more […]

Wake – Misery Rites (Translation Loss Records)

Slowly rising their way up the grind ranks over the past decade, Wake made a splash with their debut album, Sowing the Seeds for a Worthless Tomorrow, back in 2016. Returning now in 2018 and attempting Read more […]

Usurpress – Interregnum (Agonia)

Twenty years ago, ex-Edge of Sanity frontman Dan Swanö set out to create his version of how a death metal album would sound if it were recorded in the 1970s. The resultant Moontower was dominated by Swanö’s Read more […]

Tengger Cavalry – Cian Bi (Napalm)

If there’s a band that really personifies prolific in heavy metal, it’s got to be Tengger Cavalry. Since 2010, they’ve released 13 full-length albums (not even counting smaller releases) without Read more […]

Mad Hatter – Mad Hatter (Art Gates Records)

Consisting of the duo Alfred Fridhagen and Petter Hjerpe who play together in Morning Dwell, Mad Hatter is a new band that started in 2017 aiming to develop a heavy/power metal mix for this debut self-titled Read more […]

Gonoreas – Minotaur (Art Gates Records)

A Swiss act together for two decades, Gonoreas are a fresh band for this writer – probably due to the mostly German label affiliations over the past three records. They’ve been able to gain the services Read more […]

Huntsmen – American Scrap (Prosthetic)

Alas, the age of Americana metal is here with Chicago’s Huntsmen. Not say the likes of The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers should be quaking in their suspenders and outsized beards, Read more […]

Necropanther – Eyes of Blue Light (Self-Released)

When one happens to think about the term ‘sci-fi’ metal, a more retro, thrash-oriented approach probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But this is precisely where Colorado based metal Read more […]

Dream Ocean – Lost Love Symphony (Painted Bass Records)

If there’s one label that has continued to pop up on this scribe’s radar over the past year with reference to symphonic/melodic metal, it’s Painted Bass Records. With a roster of up-and-comers like Read more […]

Dead Alone – Serum (Reaper Entertainment)

Taking listeners on a journey down to the deepest abysses of the human soul, Dead Alone straddle a dark death meets doom metal stance that possesses groove on their fifth album Serum. Releasing two previous Read more […]

Necrodeath – The Age of Dead Christ (Scarlet)

The longest-standing (to our knowledge) Italian thrash band, Necrodeath remain an arm’s length from the German thrash tier, which to everyone’s knowledge, has always dominated the European thrash scene. Read more […]

Purest of Pain – Approaching Solipsis

Despite an existence that is a about a decade old, Dutch act Purest of Pain are now on the way towards releasing their first full length. There’s plenty of reasons for this of course, as main songwriter Read more […]

Denied – Freedom of Speech (Sliptrick Records)

Starting in 2004 through guitarist Andreas Carlsson, Swedish heavy metal band Denied has released a couple of demos plus a debut album Let Them Burn over their decade plus existence – setting the stage Read more […]

Spider Rockets – Along Came a Spider (P-Dog Records)

With twenty years and four previous albums under their belts, New Jersey’s Spider Rockets are far from a new act. In fact, their approach to rebellion and rock ‘n roll is one that’s firmly rooted Read more […]

Cabal – Mark of Rot (Long Branch Records)

Chug, chug, chug! No, that’s not the sound of a college party in the background, nor a train barreling down the tracks. Though the latter does have some sonic consistencies with the Danes of Cabal, Read more […]

Visions of Atlantis – Setting Sail on a New Voyage

Following Vision of Atlantis’ 2013 release Ethera, there were a number of changes that altered the persona of the band. In the end, only drummer and founder Thomas Caser remained, and Visions was given Read more […]

Insect Ark – Marrow Hymns (Profound Lore)

Desolation, loneliness, and isolation are the predominant emotional factors as one begins the journey through Insect Ark’s second release, Marrow Hymns. Journey is a suitable word indeed, as the instrumental Read more […]

Voracious Scourge – Our Demise (Immortal Souls Productions)

If one look at the cover art doesn’t lock it in for you, a few seconds into the blistering lead-off track “Harbinger of Our Own Demise” certainly will – Voracious Scourge are all about the old Read more […]

Chris Bay – Chasing the Sun (SPV)

Best known in metal circles for his happy, power efforts fronting Freedom Call, vocalist/guitarist Chris Bay feels the time is ripe to release a solo album in Chasing the Sun. Assembling ideas over the Read more […]

Saxon – Launching Thunderbolts

Active since 1978 as Saxon, this UK band show no signs of stopping on their metal crusade. Thunderbolt is the group’s 22nd studio record – and in the annals of the genre, there aren’t very many bands Read more […]

Kaoteon – Transcending Hate

Yet more enduring proof that metal is a universal language, Lebanon’s Kaoteon (who have since moved out of the country to Amsterdam) deliver fiendishly heavy blackened death metal that’s right on par Read more […]

The Atlas Moth – Coma Noir (Prosthetic)

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from the groovy and sludge-y post-metallers of The Atlas Moth. But when it comes to this particular type of material, they have remained one of the go-to acts, Read more […]

Armored Dawn – Barbarians in Black (AFM Records)

The South American fervor for metal continues with Armored Dawn. Playing shows with Megadeth, Symphony X, and Sabaton among others in support of their 2016 debut album Power of Warrior, the uptick in promotional Read more […]

Candle – The Keeper’s Curse (Fighter Records)

How many times do we hear musicians who perform one style of metal get the creative bug to start another act in a completely different genre? That’s the case here for Candle – as drummer Markus Janis Read more […]

Into the Great Divide – A (Guitar) Hero’s Journey

One of the most frequent complaints leveled against instrumental music is how it ends up being directionless and self-indulgent. Nothing more than a musical showboating display. While some live for that Read more […]

Purest of Pain – Solipsis (Self-Released)

You may know guitarist Merel Bechtold due to her involvement with bands like Delain, MaYan, and The Gentle Storm. But none of those really display Bechtold as a songwriter on her own. Purest of Pain Read more […]

Poem – Unique (ViciSolum Productions)

Following up 2016’s Skein Syndrome, the band’s second album, Poem have made a much quicker return to the fold for their third release (as their debut came out in 2009). The Greek progressive/alternative Read more […]

Ektomorf- Fury (AFM Records)

Revamping the lineup that’s been Ektomorf for the past three studio albums, vocalist/guitarist Zoltán Farkas shows no signs of slowing down his neo-thrash/hardcore crossover beliefs for Fury. It’s Read more […]

Hyvmine – Shaking Things Up

No doubt some are already familiar with the rising guitar shredder Al Joseph, who has been releasing instrumental records for a few years on his own and building up his name within the community. With Read more […]