Pink to the Black: A Deafheaven Retrospective

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is much less of a review of Ordinary Corrupt Human Love and instead an autobiographical retrospective for myself and a kind of shared path of development with Deafheaven Read more […]

The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult (Season of Mist)

While it’s harder and harder to get a classification of ‘forward-thinking,’ it’s usually worth the effort to continue to track down bands that are worthy of such an accomplishment. The Lion’s Read more […]

Black Absence – Beyond the Light (Self-Released)

A healthy part of the active western MA heavy music scene, Black Absence have been making steady progress in developing their own style of melodic, modern/groove-oriented thrash based on their two previous Read more […]

Extremity – Coffin Birth (20 Buck Spin)

After making their first mark last year with the Extremely Fucking Dead EP last year, it’s right back into the saddle again for Extremity. Coffin Birth marks their first full-length album, and given Read more […]

The Agony Scene – Tormentor (Outerloop)

2018 has been quite the year for returns from some of the more underrated acts of the 2000s. We just had Bleeding Through and Light this City return 2 months ago, and now The Agony Scene is back to make Read more […]

Jungle Rot – Jungle Rot (Victory Records)

Consistency is the name of the game for veteran death metal act Jungle Rot. Slow and steady often wins the race even if the records come out every two to three years – as they were one of the impressive Read more […]

Troops of Doom – Fear (Raw Skull Recordz)

There’s something about the darker and angrier side of hardcore that sustains itself, regardless of the times. Even if it’s not something that’s particularly en vogue, the demand for it persists, Read more […]

Iron Hunter – Mankind Resistance (Fighter Records)

Chances are, band monikers give listeners a glimpse into style expectations – especially if you have been in the metal realm longer than a decade. Iron Hunter from Spain stand tall in a basic heavy/harmonic Read more […]

Depths of Hatred – Bloodguilt (Prosthetic)

If one is going to play death metal, the all-in method is one that always is in style. No matter what tags you want to place in front of it, delivering a visceral and assaulting release is bound to net Read more […]

Sathanas – Necrohymns (Transcending Obscurity)

The fact that Pennsylvania’s Sathanas has been rocking their brand of blackened thrash since their formation in 1988 (30 years!) and this is their 10th album should tell you something about them. This Read more […]

Otep – Courage and Hope

Otep has never been one to shy away from controversy. If you look at any of the band’s releases, you’ll find a common factor that vocalist Otep Shamaya is going to call it the way that it is. No Read more […]

Shylmagoghnar – Transience (Napalm)

After generating a bit of underground buzz with their first release, Emergence, Shylmagoghnar have crossed their way into the ‘big leagues’ with Napalm Records handling their second release. While Read more […]

Null’O’Zero – Instructions to Dominate (Rock of Angels Records)

Aiming to set themselves apart from the pack, Greek metal quintet Null’O’Zero certainly have a start in name alone. Active since 2012, they’ve released an EP Under Blood Red Sky and signed with Rock Read more […]

Flynn Effect – Monument (Self-Released)

Upon listening to Flynn Effect’s previous release, Obsidian, it came across as having a solid base to work with. The songs were enjoyable, and dipped outside some of the usual gothic/symphonic range, Read more […]

Diamante – Black Hearts and Blue Diamonds

An artist that seems destined to be crossing over into the larger realms outside rock/metal in the very near future, Diamante has an intriguing blend of sounds on her debut album, Coming in Hot. There’s Read more […]

Obscura – Diluvium (Relapse)

It seems like it has been a long-time coming, but we’ve finally reached the fourth album in Obscura’s conceptual unit, a time period that begin with 2009’s Cosmogenesis. Over the span of these albums, Read more […]

Rhodium – Scream into the Void (Self-Released)

What’s awesome about the global metal scene today is the ability to reach out and literally touch someone when in need of the best musicians to execute your ideas. Case in point – the following Greek Read more […]

Drowned – 7th (Greyhaze)

The title, as appropriate, indicates this is Drowned’s seventh full-length, a Brazilian band who hasn’t enjoyed much fanfare or exposure in these parts. By today’s standards, they’re a bit of an Read more […]

Powerwolf – Iron-Willed Sacrament

Across mainland Europe, it’s safe to say that two bands that have transformed the power metal market in one shape or another have been Sweden’s Sabaton, and the following German act Powerwolf. Between Read more […]

Armored Saint – July 10, 2018 – The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie, NY

First dates of new tour runs can be an adventure for all parties involved. From the behind the scenes people to the bands themselves, it’s not quite a well-oiled machine when taking things from planning Read more […]

Atrocity – Diving Back into the Okkult

Forever pulling double-duty with Leaves’ Eyes, Atrocity frontman Alexander Krull is a busy man (as is the rest of the band). With the buzz that Leaves’ Eyes has generated over the years, sometimes Read more […]

June 2018 Album of the Month – The Night Flight Orchestra’s Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough

At Dead Rhetoric, we don’t exactly give out perfect scores every day. It takes a certain type of album to really make the cut, hence only a few 10/10’s are doled out each year. The Night Flight Orchestra Read more […]

Killing Addiction – Omega Factor Giveaway!

We at DR are happy to announce that we have teamed up with Xtreem Music to give away ONE copy of Killing Addiction’s re-issued Omega Factor, which was released earlier in 2018. Those who seek out old Read more […]

Graham Bonnet Band – Meanwhile, Back in the Garage (Frontiers Records)

Best known for his work in Rainbow, MSG, Impellitteri, and Alcatrazz, it’s amazing how well Graham Bonnet has held up vocally at 70. Self-taught and James Dean-like for his style, record to record you Read more […]

Engulf – Gold and Rust (Everlasting Spew)

How much of an impression can a short little 3-song EP really leave? One-man band Engulf (helmed by Hal Microutsicos) does his best to imprint a masterful one on the second EP of a proposed trilogy with Read more […]

Those Who Bring The Torture – Pain Offerings (Iron, Blood & Death Corp)

The long-standing Swedish death metal act Those Who Bring The Torture aren’t going to surprise many when releasing a new album. While the act has had some shifts over the years (they did start as a Read more […]

Amanda Somerville’s Trillium – All about Family

While it’s been about 7 years since Trillium released a new album, Amanda Somerville has been far from resting on her laurels. She’s continued to build-up a name for herself, in both collaborations Read more […]

Kissin’ Dynamite – Ecstasy (Metal Blade Records)

Determined to establish their brand of melodic metal/hard rock to every market possible, Kissin’ Dynamite starts anew with Metal Blade for most territories (Sony Music for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) Read more […]

Morrow – The Weight of These Feathers (Self-Released)

Something that the ‘non-metal folk’ don’t often grasp is that many times there’s beauty to be had in extremity. There’s an atmospheric side to metal, something that Morrow already have a firm Read more […]

Arthedain – Infernal Cadence of the Desolate (Naturmacht)

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Arthedain, like many newer and/or younger and/or fresher bands, haven’t quite mastered the art of a “song.” When you are capable as such writing riffs and melodies Read more […]

Jag Panzer – July 4, 2018 – Ralph’s Rock Diner, Worcester, MA

Ah, Independence Day. The declaration of freedom for the United States of America during the latter part of the 18th Century. It only seems fitting on a holiday most associated with family gatherings, Read more […]