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wolf 2

Wolf – Swedish Shark Attack Part I

When Wolf began in 1995, the traditional/true metal scene wasn’t exactly at a peak. Iron Maiden ha


The Haunted – Family Reunion

Back in 2012, not one, nor two, but three members left The Haunted. Long-time vocalist Peter Dolvin

hate division

Hate Division – How Hate Can Divide Us All

When one thinks of heavy metal and Canada, the two seem synonymous with death metal. Sure there are


Inanimate Existence – Death Metal Storytellers

Often times in death metal, bands are drawn towards the cliché. Singing songs about death, destruc

Septicflesh Titan promotional photo

Septicflesh – Their Titanic Work

I like to refer to these guys as the Greek gods of symphony metal. Think about it: they’re Greek,


Tortorum – Damned For All Time

This may be an un-black metal thing to say, but a band like Bergen, Norway’s Tortorum should be we