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Sacral Rage – Divergent Convergence

Contrary to popular belief, heavy metal as a genre can be just as intelligent on a lyrical level as

Atten Ash - Band

Atten Ash – Second Time’s the Charm

Good, solid doom/death is a formula that may seem easy, but often is riddled with difficulties. Go

Psycroptic band

Psycroptic – Tech Metal Evolved

Admittedly, the first thing that many think of when they hear Tasmania, is the Looney Tunes characte

sonic pulse

Now You Know: Sonic Pulse

Formation: 2012 Location: Boston, MA Style: Extreme progressive power party thrash. Lots of rippin


Enslaved – In Times of Change

Having treaded the waters through the both the bumpy beginnings of black metal and holding the flag


Moonspell – Breathe In, Breathe Out

By the time Moonspell’s 1996 Irreligious album hit the scene, Goth metal was far from a codified f