Iced Earth – Incorruptible Warriors

One of the perks for being a part of the heavy metal scene for decades is the opportunity to develop relationships with some of your favorite bands. Especially when following the discography, peaks and Read more […]

Paralysis – Life Sentence (Self-Released)

Steadily refining their outlook and solidifying a new lineup, New Jersey crossover thrash act Paralysis felt the time is ripe for a full-length collection of songs, which we have in this 10 song album Read more […]

Incontinence – Prey for Us (Ultimate Massacre Productions)

It takes some balls to open up a death metal album with a 7.5 minute song. But that’s exactly what Incontinence does on their second full-length album (and first for Ultimate Massacre). The upstate Read more […]

Limbonic Art – Spectre Abysm (Candlelight/Spinefarm)

It is, at least, reassuring in some form that main Limbonic Art man Daemon has never lost sight of the black metal prize. After all, the band was one of the few snapped up by Emperor guitarist Samoth’s Read more […]

Origin – Unparalleled Universe (Nuclear Blast)

When one comes to think of Origin, it’s easy to immediately jump to what they do best – play uber-technical material at more or less inhuman speeds. They are the type of band that can simply take Read more […]

Enfold Darkness – Adversary Omnipotent (The Artisan Era)

Astute followers of the melodic death metal may remember Enfold Darkness’ first full-length, Our Cursed Rapture, from back in 2009. It did a good job of merging blackened influences into a melodic death Read more […]

Apothesary – Accept Loss Forever (M-Theory Audio)

Interestingly, Apothesary released their debut, 2011’s A Harsh Reality, when the band members were still in high school. Without having heard said release, but it being six years later, it’s a safe Read more […]

Broken Hope – Still For Only the Sick Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: I’m a pretty big fan of your first novel, The Armageddon Chord. Do you have any plans to write another full-length novel at any point? Wagner: Thank you. I’m Read more […]

Death the Leveller – Death the Leveller (Self-Released)

Taken from a 17th century James Shirley poem, Irish group Death the Leveller started in 2016 from the remains of Mael Mórdha, who released four albums of Gaelic doom metal before going on hiatus in November Read more […]

Ikillya – War for an Idea (Urban Yeti Records)

New York City’s Ikillya has been been slowly moving up the rungs since their 2011 debut Recon. The beginning of the month saw the release of their third album, War for an Idea, which continues the aggression Read more […]

M.O.D. – Busted, Broke & American (Megaforce)

M.O.D. back on Megaforce is like a homecoming of sorts. The Billy Milano-led crossover outfit initially cut its teeth on the label in the 80s, in particular, their semi-breakout U.S.A. for M.O.D. and Surfin’ Read more […]

Broken Hope – Still For Only the Sick Part I

While they may not have garnered all the accolades of their veteran peers, Broken Hope has nonetheless stuck around in the death metal circles for quite some time. Yes, there was a period when the band Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – June 2017

Approaching the traditional quiet period for label releases before the upcoming fall onslaught, the Bandcamp market is still rather productive. As per the usual, there’s plenty to rifle through for Read more […]

Insatia – Rising from the Flames

Many bands struggle with finding an identity that fits and further enriching it. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for US/Canadian act Insatia, who have already seemed to find their essence with their Read more […]

Taberah – Sinner’s Lament (Killer Metal Records)

Fortunate to watch the growth of Australian power metal band Taberah through their two previous full-lengths The Light of Which I Dream in 2011 and Necromancer in 2013, the band also released a 6 song Read more […]

Ashcloud – Kingdom of the Damned (Xtreem Music)

Sweden’s Ashcloud presents a familiar scenario: A bunch of old-school vets get together to play…old-school death metal. It’s not like no one can progress these days, it’s just that no one wants Read more […]

Goatwhore – Vengeful Ascension (Metal Blade)

Perpetual road-dogs, Goatwhore somehow manage to find time to squeeze out a new album every few years between touring. The band’s signature concoction of sounds ranging from sludge to black to death Read more […]

Ravage – Awaken the Spectral Rider

Evolving as a traditional-oriented metal act with power/thrash nuances during the mid-1990’s in New England, Ravage developed their craft at a time when the genre certainly went from the height of popularity Read more […]

Aetheric – Serpents Beneath the Shrine (Self-Released)

Those who think that fast playing can’t still be memorable need only to check out Minnesota’s Aetheric to be proved incorrect. Their first full-length album, Serpents Beneath the Shrine, has all of Read more […]

Weaponizer – Lawless Age (20 Buck Spin)

Doesn’t take much more than a glance at the cover art for Weaponizer’s second album for the unfamiliar to realize that this band is heading back towards the ‘80s with their sound. Taking the aggression Read more […]

Svartsyn – In Death (Agonia)

We previously recognized Svartsyn’s 2013 Black Testament album as being “stock.” Such terminology isn’t harsh, but it sure doesn’t get one’s undergarments moist. Frankly, the Swedes, or rather, Read more […]

Song Stream: Verthebral’s “Old Man’s Memories”

In anticipation of Verthebral’s upcoming debut full-length, Regeneration, we at DR have teamed up with Satanath Records to share a new track. “Old Man’s Memories” is the song in question, and Regeneration Read more […]

Dead Asylum Death Always Wins CD Giveaway

We are stoked to be giving away a copy of Dead Asylum’s Death Always Wins CD to one (1) lucky winner. The follow-up to their 2013 debut General Carnage, the Vancouver, Canada band has sharpened the Read more […]

Gates of Ishtar – A Bloodred Path Reissue (Vic Records)

The fever for the Gothenburg melodic death metal scene has subsided considerably over the years, perhaps because most folks are either satiated or now totally immune to its core sound. The advent of melody Read more […]

Sleazer – Fall into Disgrace (Infernö Records)

Forming in 2011 and honing their songwriting chops while performing live locally across Italy, it’s natural that Sleazer would get comfortable in certain styles of metal as they whittle cover tracks Read more […]

Carach Angren – Laugh and Dance Amongst the Rotten (Season of Mist)

Poised for years as the successors to the throne of symphonic black metal, Carach Angren have continued to press forward, further into the theatrical with each release. It seemed to really come to a head Read more […]

Cellar Darling – Dancing Beneath a Black Moon

A world of endless possibilities. Not restricted by any of their previous work in Eluveitie, the trio of musicians that make up Cellar Darling are just about to take off with their upcoming debut, This Read more […]

Duskmourn – Of Shadow and Flame (Self-Released)

How do you top a self-released album that was praised across the board? Take the momentum and get right back into business of course. Duskmourn’s first album, 2014’s Legends, introduced the blackened Read more […]

Seer – Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void (Art of Propaganda)

Can’t really say Seer’s impending doom takeover has been long in the works. The band has only been kicking around since 2014, kick-started to a large degree by the back-to-back Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 EPs Read more […]

Justinhate – Marrow (Self-Released)

The past few years has seen some bands within the hardcore spectrum shifting back towards a metallic crunch (as opposed to a more melodic sound). It is a breath of fresh air to see, giving the music back Read more […]

Anathema – They (Will Always) Evolve

Clearly up for some chit-chat, Anathema guitarist Danny Cavanagh starts the interview you’re about to read by asking where this scribe currently resides. When the answer is “Pittsburgh,” Cavanagh Read more […]