Devin Townsend – Reflection and Gratitude

The last time we spoke with Devin Townsend, it was around the time that Devin Townsend Project was calling it quits and Townsend was ready to move into greener pastures. Since then, he’s been doing Read more […]

Benediction – Scriptures (Nuclear Blast)

An act that some newcomers may have not been engaged with, as their last album was 2008’s Killing Music, Benediction was an early staple in the ‘90s death metal scene. Some fantastic song-oriented Read more […]

Nightmare – Aeternam (AFM Records)

Naturally twisting things up into slightly more modern power/heavy pastures with their last album from 2017 Dead Sun, changes are afoot once again in the Nightmare camp. Drummer Niels Quiais joined the Read more […]

Eye of the Destroyer – The Wolf You Feed (Self-Released)

Sometimes a little bit of high-octane aggression is in order. New Jersey’s Eye of the Destroyer are familiar with the level of violence necessary to achieve that means, and their latest EP The Wolf Read more […]

September 2020 Album of the Month: Amaranthe’s Manifest

It was a real close one this month, with a few titles like Vanishing Point and Amiensus also vying for some attention, but ultimately Amaranthe’s Manifest won out. A deserving victory, as the band’s one Read more […]

Brother Firetribe – Burning with Passion

In the ever-chaotic times that we are in, sometimes it’s nice to check out an act that brings out some feel good notions that you can crank up loud and enjoy. Brother Firetribe has been delivering those Read more […]

Leaves’ Eyes – The Last Viking (AFM Records)

Having weathered quite a storm with line-up changes and then delivering one of their strongest releases in 2018 with Sign of the Dragonhead, the seas have been a bit calmer for Leaves’ Eyes in the past Read more […]

SkeleToon – Nemesis (Scarlet Records)

Releasing their fourth studio album in five years, SkeleToon embrace a healthy creative spurt and hard work ethic in a time when often most power metal acts take two to four years between releases. Already Read more […]

Iron Angel – Emerald Eyes (Mighty Music)

Ardent followers of Teutonic thrash know that amidst their own big four (Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, and Tankard), there were other acts making a modest impact in the scene. Iron Angel would be one of Read more […]

Undeath – Lesions of a Different Kind (Prosthetic)

Somewhere along the way, death metal became contaminated by its own extremity. The need to make things more technical, more extreme, more brutal. It lost some of its primal edge. Thus, a more primitive Read more […]

Amiensus – Friendly Convocations

With three full-lengths now under their belt, as well as ten years together as a band, Amiensus have been slowly making headway into greener pastures. The folk/black/death/etc sound that they have been Read more […]

Foul Body Autopsy — Consumed By Black Thoughts (Self-Released)

What’s in a name? Foul Body Autopsy sounds like a homogenized metalcore band. Thankfully, that’s not the case here on the band’s brand new five-track EP Consumed By Black Thoughts. The UK one-man Read more […]

Sapiency – For Those Who Never Rest (Massacre Records)

Active since 2009, German sextet Sapiency have been on the sidelines for the recording front since their second full-length Tomorrow came out in 2013. Lineup changes took place in that interim, introducing Read more […]

Isenmor – Shieldbrother (Self-Released)

Maryland’s folk metal act Isenmor have released two previous EPs with their dual violin base acting as their standout trait. Shieldbrother is their first full-length effort, and it sees the band continue Read more […]

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh – Taking Over!

Not too many bands out there can claim that they are composed solely of three teenage sisters. But Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh can even do one better and also state that they also came up with their Read more […]

Madrost – Charring the Rotting Earth CD, Cassette and T-Shirt Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric and No Life Til Metal Records are giving away a prize package from California technical progressive death metallers Madrost. Founded in the summer of 2007, Madrost focuses on precision songwriting Read more […]

Falset – We Follow or Lead the Way (Self-Released)

Certainly, having drummer Chance LaBrie (son of Dream Theater vocalist James Labrie) is going to help potentially turn a few heads your way with the legacy factor. But if it’s all for not, that just Read more […]

Forest King – Crossing the Myrkwood (Self-Released)

First introduced to Forest King with their excellent 2017 debut, Lore Born, the band has now returned with a follow-up in Crossing the Myrkwood. Initially grabbing appeal with a Viking sound that was Read more […]

Torch – Reignited (Metalville)

We often know the story of an early 80’s metal band struggling to gain wide acceptance, breaking up, and then reuniting due to renewed interest in those early albums. Such is the case with Torch from Read more […]

Helion Prime – Everything In Question

A newer breed of North American power metal acts continues to make inroads in a scene that was previously dominated by more of the European bigwigs. Helloween, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Hammerfall, Edguy, Read more […]

Attick Demons – Daytime Stories, Nightmare Tales (Rock of Angels Records)

Portugal act Attick Demons came to this scribe’s attention through their second record Let’s Raise Hell from 2016 on Pure Steel Records, notable for its Iron Maiden and Wolf-like qualities. In the Read more […]

Gatecloser – From the Wasteland (Sliptrick Records)

We need more bands that come at specific genres from alternate angles. Describing themselves as a conceptual, alternative metal band that contains aspects of thrash and power metal, Gatecloser possess Read more […]

Gorephilia – In the Eye of Nothing (Dark Descent/Me Saco Un Ojo Records)

Finnish act Gorephilia has faced some challenges in getting this third full-length out to the public. After vocalist Nemesis took his own life at the end of December 2018, the band was able to march on Read more […]

Song Premiere: Coexistence’s “Detach from the Abyss”

We have some mind-boggling tech death for you to start out your week here at Dead Rhetoric. We’ve partnered up with Transcending Obscurity Records to bring you a premiere of a new track from Coexistence, Read more […]

Hidden Mothers – Hidden Mothers EP (Surviving Sounds)

Black metal, in spite of all the troo kvlt gatekeepers in its ranks, definitely benefitted from the merger with shoegaze. Two disparate styles coming together in an unholy matrimony to birth something Read more […]

Mindwars – The Fourth Turning (Dissonance Productions)

Featuring guitarist Mike Alvord who many may remember during the 1980’s for his speed metal exploits in Holy Terror, Mindwars are an international outfit with members in Los Angeles, CA and Italy churning Read more […]

Armored Saint – Punching Ahead

When it comes to the heavy metal genre, a steady presence stateside that never achieved ‘breakthrough’ status despite an incredible discography would be the band Armored Saint. Receiving attention Read more […]

Manticora – The Will to Live

A band that has been a testament to putting in the work and pushing ever forward is that of Denmark’s Manticora. Their dark version of power/progressive metal has brought them through conceptual albums Read more […]

Heathen – Empire of the Blind (Nuclear Blast)

Proverbially underrated due to their semi-technical power/thrash style (or the fact that they haven’t released as many albums as their Bay Area brethren over the decades), a Heathen studio record is Read more […]

Incinerate — Sacrilegivm (Comatose Music)

Longstanding Minnesota brutal technical death metal quintet, Incinerate, has been unleashing violent aural assaults on its dedicated fan base for over two decades. Formed in 1998, founder/vocalist Jesse Read more […]

Johansson & Speckmann – The Germs of Circumstance (Soulseller Records)

No doubt you’ve heard of both Rogga Johansson and Paul Speckmann as they both have considerably measurable careers in the heavy metal underground. Even this particular act in and of itself has hit five Read more […]