Killing Addiction’s Pat Bailey: What I’m Listening To

Although I do enjoy discovering new bands, I often gravitate to a handful from the old days that are the staple of my music diet. I love the old school bands from the origins of the thrash and death metal Read more […]

Benighted – Necrobreed (Season of Mist)

There are some bands within the metal scene that can be reliably called upon to offer some of the extreme’s most intense and frantic offerings. Benighted have long earned a spot on that short list, Read more […]

Darkest Hour – Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora (Southern Lord)

Somewhat of the unsung band from the New Wave of American Metal movement (whatever happened to that term?), Darkest Hour have notched their ninth album with Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora. Their Read more […]

Sunless – Urraca (Self-Released)

Last we saw Sunless was after an early 2016 demo, a two song release that took the dissonant death metal vibes and progressive/post influences and blurred them into a slurry. One year later, the band Read more […]

Serenity in Murder – The Eclipse (Oyster Brothers Records)

It’s often noted how strong the Japanese market is for metal on the fan-side of things, but the number of international metal exports from the country seem to be few and far between. Some notable ones Read more […]

Reaping Asmodeia – Impuritize (Prosthetic)

The name of the game in the last few years has really shifted into how much cross-pollination a band can handle while drafting a cohesive product. Hit has many of those genre tags as possible without Read more […]

Anomalie – Visions (Art of Propaganda)

Released at the tail-end of 2015, Anomalie’s Refugium was a masterful display of melody-happy post-black metal. (Frankly, calling the band “post-black metal” may be a disservice.) Main dude Marrok Read more […]

Glare of the Sun – Soil’s Song

“There will be doom” is Glare of the Sun’s calling card, a line that could be used for countless purveyors of ungodly heavy music. The Austrian/German outfit have been a functioning entity since Read more […]

Lock Up – Demonization (Listenable)

You have to forgive the instant feeling of malaise that is associated with extreme metal supergroups. Only in rare cases are they of significance, like Bloodbath and the group in question, Lock Up. Created Read more […]

Norrsköld – Withering Virtue (Rexius Records)

A number of bands in the last year or two have decided that modern melodic death metal is just well, too modern. Instead, bands are choosing to go back to the roots of the genre, where an almost icy feel Read more […]

Carnal Decay – You Owe You Pay (Rising Nemesis Records)

Dying Fetus anyone? As one of the larger perpetrators of the groovy death metal with a bit of a hardcore influence (Despised Icon comes into play here as well) most that venture down this path share some Read more […]

Zerozonic – Zerozonic (Self-Released)

Featuring BloodRedThrone guitarist Daniel Olaisen, Zerozonic is an outfit from Norway that since their inception in 2004 have developed an explosive groove/thrash metal cocktail. Privy to a couple of their Read more […]

Sinister – Syncretism (Massacre Records)

A staple in the death metal genre for over 25 years at this point, Sinister is a band that has had their ups and downs. Nothing too extreme in either direction, but after three rock solid albums (from Read more […]

Nidingr – The High Heat Licks Against Heaven (Season of Mist)

There’s a perfectly good reason Mayhem plucked guitarist Teloch from the realms of obscurity to replace master-pro Blasphemer: his riffs can twist and bend much like his predecessor. Now, evoking weird Read more […]

The Evil Dead – Scorching Earth

Heavy metal has blossomed into a worldwide movement. The internet bringing the community and music closer to those who wish to learn, to share, and to discover everything out there from the old to the Read more […]

Pyogenesis – A Kingdom to Disappear (AFM)

One thing’s for certain with Germany’s Pyogenesis: They stick out like a sore thumb. In a career marked by seismic shifts in sound, going from death/Goth to pop/rock in the ’90s, then taking a hiatus Read more […]

Bloodbound – War of Dragons (AFM Records)

Certain themes resonate in specific sub-genres of metal. Just as anti-religious or violent themes matter in the extreme facets, so do battles, wars, and fantasy/mythology topics for power metal. Bloodbound Read more […]

Suicide Silence – Suicide Silence (Nuclear Blast)

One would have to be living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean to not have heard the hubbub about Suicide Silence’s change in direction and the fan backlash for going against the grain and taking Read more […]

Torrefy – The Infinity Complex CD Giveaway

We are stoked to be giving away a copy of Torrefy’s The Infinity Complex CD to one (1) lucky winner! Originating in 2011 and hailing from western Canada, Torrefy take many elements outside the thrash Read more […]

Crystal Viper – Queen of the Witches (AFM Records)

Establishing a foothold in the traditional heavy metal scene through five studio albums while touring fifteen countries, Crystal Viper from Poland took a break following 2013’s Possession effort, due Read more […]

Within the Ruins – Halfway Human (eOne)

Within the Ruins’ last album, Phenomena, saw the band putting some distance between themselves and their deathcore brethren. Breakdowns and chugging still being a part of the band’s sound, but it Read more […]

Akoma – Revangels (Massacre Records)

At the surface and sheer selling point level, Revangels seems to have a lot of stuff going for it. There’s a song that features ex-Leaves’ Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine, a recording/production by Alexander Read more […]

Seven Kingdoms – Bringing Back Power

How many times in the metal landscape have we witnessed artists that originally develop an explosive style right out of the gate – only to morph into something more watered down, commercial, or off tangent Read more […]

Mutiny Within – Origins (Self-Released)

There’s something to be said for fan service. On two occasions to this point, Mutiny Within have arisen up to create new music, because that’s what the fans craved (well, they missed making music Read more […]

My Sleeping Karma – Mela Nanda – Live (Napalm)

With the instrumental rock/metal boom having long since passed (we’re probably at the decade mark), the style is effectively cornered by a few well-meaning bands, like Germany’s My Sleeping Karma. Read more […]

SicociS – Requiem of the World (M-Theory Audio)

Not wanting to be boxed in or feeling redundant, many bands have opted for a more multi-genre approach. Things like melodic death metal, thrash, and power metal share some frequent similarities and often Read more […]

Nightrage – “The Venomous” Video Premiere

We are now streaming the video for Nightrage’s “The Venomous,” the title track from the band’s forthcoming album due March 31 via Despotz Records. “The Venomous” tells a tale of extinction: dealing Read more […]

She Must Burn – Grimoire (Artery Recordings)

Most of us here at DR tend to have a generally unfavorable view of metalcore/deathcore (and its lineage), but nonetheless try to view things with an open mind. After all, one never knows when/where the Read more […]

Six Feet Under – Torment (Metal Blade)

Long-standing death metal groovers Six Feet Under never seem to lack for new material. The band’s twelfth offering in over 20 years of existence, Torment, again sees frontman Chris Barnes and friends Read more […]

Need – Hegaiamas: A Song for Freedom (Self-Released)

Need will be supporting Evergrey on their upcoming spring North American headline run, a golden opportunity for an unsigned Greek progressive unit. Surely the thought of the band re-mortgaging houses, Read more […]

Kurnugia – What’s Old Is New

In Babylonian mythology, Kurnugia is the underworld. When it comes to underground credibility, this Ohio death metal quintet embodies the principles of old school based on their steady development decades Read more […]