Ronnie Romero – Respect for Metal

Iconic singers in heavy metal resonate for decades – one of the newer generation talents that has made an impact through his vast discography is Ronnie Romero. Most may know of his work with Rainbow Read more […]

Dreams of Gray – The World After (Self-Released)

Vocalist/guitarist Luis Rivera came into the presence of this scribe through his Chicago band Abolisher – active from 1995-2007, they would release two demos plus an EP in that time that showcased a Read more […]

Victor Smolski – Guitar Force (Massacre Records)

Always intriguing to spread creative endeavors into broader horizons, Victor Smolski established himself through his work as a guitarist/keyboardist in Rage and Almanac over the past few decades. Deciding Read more […]

Ronnie Romero – Raised on Heavy Radio (Frontiers Music)

Best known to many in the hard rock/metal community for his work with bands/projects like Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Lords of Black, The Ferrymen, Sunstorm, and Michael Schenker Group, vocalist Ronnie Read more […]

Freeroad – Do What You Feel! (Dying Victims Productions)

The proliferation of newer artists reaching back into that 70’s/80’s classic hard rock/traditional heavy metal influence bank continues here with Mexico’s Freeroad and this full-length Do What You Read more […]

Xandria – Behold the Wonders

It’s been six years since Xandria’s last album Theater of Dimensions – and a thorough lineup haul took place between the touring cycle for that record and the latest effort The Wonders Still Awaiting. Read more […]

Blakearth – Earth Fragments (Pure Steel Records)

A California progressive/power metal act, Blakearth as a five-piece release their debut EP in Earth Fragments with seasoned musicians in the mix. Guitarist Bojan Jošić hails from Serbia, while vocialist Read more […]

Imperium Dekadenz – Into Sorrow Evermore (Napalm Records)

Imperium Dekadenz has always walked their own path, and it’s served the German duo well. Each release has brought on more acclaim and a wider audience, and with that, increasingly towering expectations Read more […]

Twilight Force – Instill the Adventure

Taking listeners on a fantasy journey with an epic style of power metal, Twilight Force have quickly become a fan favorite globally in a relatively short amount of time. Up to album four with At the Heart Read more […]

Sarkasm – As Empires Decay (Xtreem Music)

Originally a part of the Quebec metal scene during the early 1990’s, Sarkasm released a series of demos before fading away in 1994. The members would reunite for a few shows in 2006, 2011, and 2012 before Read more […]

Ashen Horde – Antimony (Transcending Obscurity)

When a band sets out to push the boundaries creatively, especially with the massive quantity of music these days, it’s certainly refreshing. Always on the lookout for anything that defies genre constructs, Read more […]

Heleven – Opening New Horizons

Exploring a great fusion of modern/alternative heavy influences with proper melody, hooks, atmosphere, and aggression, Heleven have steadily made inroads across their Spain homeland and beyond through Read more […]

Silver Bullet – Shadowfall (Reaper Entertainment)

Already making a strong impression on this scribe through their second album Mooncult in 2019, Finnish power metal band Silver Bullet returns for the follow-up Shadowfall with a significant lineup change. Read more […]

Walk in Darkness – Leaves Rolling in Time (Beyond the Storm Productions)

Steady in development through a series of independent album releases, Italian band Walk in Darkness signed with Beyond the Storm Productions in 2021 as their first three studio records received reissue Read more […]

Dark Sarah – Heroes and Villains

Well versed in the work of Amberian Dawn previously, when vocalist Heidi Parviainen left the group to start her own band Dark Sarah plenty of followers would be intrigued to hear what would take place. Read more […]

Faithxtractor – Contempt for a Failed Dimension (Redefining Darkness Records)

The brainchild of Ash Thomas, a Cincinnati, Ohio musician who also plays in acts like Crucified Mortals, Shed the Skin, and Surgikill to name a few, Faithxtractor as a duo unleashes a OSDM sound with this Read more […]

Tribunal – The Weight of Remembrance (20 Buck Spin)

There have been a number of intriguing deviations in the realm of doom metal throughout the years that have kept the style fresh and engaging. A lot of new blood is partially to thank for many of these Read more […]

Elusion – Shifting in Paradox

Seasoned musicians with ties to various Belgian bands like Agathocles, Ancient Rites, and Gracefallen among others, Elusion consists of a group of talented players willing to embrace a mix of influences Read more […]

Leaflet – Something Beyond (Rockshots Records)

Always curious to hear artists shape well-known genres to their own tastes, Finnish four-piece Leaflet infuse an American style modern hard rock sound with Scandinavian metal nuances on their second album Read more […]

For I Am King – Crown (Prime Collective)

Dutch metal band For I Am King have released two full-lengths since starting in 2013 – allowing the group to expand beyond domestic borders to perform in Japan, China, and Europe with slots on premiere Read more […]

Admire the Grim – Going Rogue

Thorough connoisseurs of melodic death metal at this site, it’s always exhilarating to catch onto a younger band performing in this style. Welcome Finnish unit Admire the Grim – relatively new to the Read more […]

Atrocity – Okkult III (Massacre Records)

The culmination of a trilogy that started a decade ago, Atrocity is a reliable force in the German death metal community- returning for Okkult III. A longer wait time between studio records takes place Read more […]

Hellevate – The Purpose Is Cruelty (Self-Released)

Even in independent, underground band situations, lineup stability can be a key struggle to work through the longer one gets in their career. Missouri thrash/power metal act Hellevate has once again moved Read more […]

(EchO) – Witness the Sorrow

Italian quartet (EchO) embrace a massive pool of influences across the atmospheric melodic doom/death spectrum – developing an international following since their start in 2007. Now moving onto Black Read more […]

Screamer – Kingmaker (Steamhammer/SPV)

Product of a small-town environment, Swedish band Screamer have been making strides of impact in continental Europe (and beyond) since their start in 2009. They’ve released four studio albums plus one Read more […]

Obituary – Dying of Everything (Relapse Records)

Mainstays of the original Florida death metal scene, Obituary seem to be receiving steady accolades and public buzz/interest due to a recent bio book done by the creator of this site plus strong touring Read more […]

Ahab – Colossus Under the Sea

Ahab deliver a unique brand of funeral doom with nautical themes, delving deep into their favorite literature as inspiration that matches the intensity of their music. The Coral Tombs is the group’s Read more […]

Admire the Grim – Rogue Five (Inverse Records)

Finnish childhood friends Admire the Grim came together during 2020-2021 through a common passion for 90’s/2000’s-era melodic death metal, setting the story in motion. The five-piece released a series Read more […]

Ville Valo – Neon Noir (Spinefarm Records)

Firm in establishing his importance on the alternative rock/metal community through his work in HIM, Ville Valo sets out on a solo career through Neon Noir. Pioneer of the Heartagram, his distinctive take Read more […]

Beyond the Black – The Whole Big Picture

After establishing themselves as a reliable symphonic metal act consistently hitting the European charts from Germany, Beyond the Black move into the next step in their career with their fifth album. Usually, Read more […]

Throat Locust – Dragged Through Glass (Self-Released)

In an era where the playing field is wide open for combining subgenres to develop your own niche or take on your favorite bands, the benefit is on the consumer side as long as quality becomes paramount. Read more […]