Sifting Through Bandcamp – May 2020

Another month winding down, as we start to see some quarantine restrictions lifting up and the temperatures rising. Here comes the summer, and along with it, a slew of more unknown acts trying to make Read more […]

Ancient Curse – The New Prophecy (Pure Steel Records)

Founded in 1985, Ancient Curse return for their third full-length in The New Prophecy, more than two decades removed from their last effort Thirsty Fields. Although there isn’t much explanation in my Read more […]

Old Roger’s Revenge – Vengeance of Blackbeard (Pavement Entertainment)

Ahoy matey! Italy’s Old Roger’s Revenge just released their debut offering Vengeance of Blackbeard, and you could be hard-pressed to find a more suitable record for pillaging and laying waste to coastal Read more […]

Ironstone – Prophecy (Self-Released)

Even in these tumultuous, stay home/stay safe pandemic times, those who want to seek out music as an escape and lifestyle can find plenty of new content within a few keystrokes. Hailing from Bendigo, Australia Read more […]

Bleed from Within – Fracture (Century Media)

Who says you can’t teach an old genre new tricks? Modern metal act Bleed from Within have returned for their latest full-length record with Fracture and it takes some old elements of metalcore and gives Read more […]

Album Premiere: Sarpa’s Solivagus

As the week draws towards a close, we at Dead Rhetoric are happy to team up with Sarpa to premiere their upcoming release, Sollivagus. An independent release set to hit the streets next week, specifically Read more […]

Alestorm – Curse of the Crystal Coconut (Napalm)

As Alestorm’s sixth album, Curse of the Crystal Coconut isn’t out to set into stormy waters. Instead, it’s more akin to a vacation on a tropical paradise. Alestorm continue to be the leaders of Read more […]

Grave Digger – Fields of Blood (Napalm Records)

Completing the epic Highlands/ Scottish history trilogy of albums that includes 1996’s Tunes of War and 2010’s The Clans Will Rise Again, Grave Digger arrive at Fields of Blood, the 20th studio record Read more […]

Winterfylleth – The Essence of Atmosphere

One of the early bands to emerge from the UK with their own take on atmospheric black metal was that of Winterfylleth. An emphasis on nature and national history helped them to make their mark, and it’s Read more […]

Paralysis – Mob Justice (Self-Released)

Crossover thrash has been a staple of the scene since the 80’s – acts willing to combine the ferocity of hardcore with the stomp and power of thrash. Hailing from New Jersey, Paralysis have been working Read more […]

Witchcraft – Black Metal (Nuclear Blast)

Known at this point in the game for their take on the Sabbath formula for doom, the band’s first output in four years is one that is going to subvert expectations. First off, while the title is Black Read more […]

Darker Half – Out of the Shadows

In the six years since witnessing Australian power/heavy metal act Darker Half on their first US tour, a lot of things have happened for these fine musicians. They released the Classified EP in 2016 on Read more […]

Dead City Crown – Our Blood Apocalyptic (Self-Released)

In what seems to be turning into a yearly tradition in the spring, New Jersey’s Dead City Crown have triumphantly returned with their latest EP, Our Blood Apocalyptic. The band’s Sweden/Finland by Read more […]

Ancillotti – Hell on Earth (Pure Steel Records)

Ancillotti is an Italian heavy metal act that is truly a family affair – considering 75% of the lineup is brother, brother and son with guitarist Luciano Toscani the lone solider not named Ancillotti. Read more […]

Haken – A Viral Message

Unbeknownst to Haken, this progressive metal unit recorded their sixth studio album entitled Virus at a time that would affect the world – and themselves – in an unprecedented manner. Having to pull Read more […]

Mazzeri – Mazzeri (Self-Released)

Celebrating life since 2017. French act Mazzeri approach the doom genre with a progressive, left-field slant on their self-titled debut album. Sparse background information indeed regarding the four-piece, Read more […]

Henry Kane – Age of the Idiot (Transcending Obscurity)

When it comes to deathgrind, you don’t come into it seeking something artistic and fancy. It just needs to rip, tear, and blast away to satiate that primal urge for aggression. That’s exactly what Read more […]

Alestorm – The Art of Fun

If one metal act exists today that can be associated with having a great time, it has to be Alestorm. Their pirate-themed antics have continued to raise the bar for catchy little songs that find a way Read more […]

May 2020 Rapid Fires

As some parts of the world start to ease out of quarantine, there’s still just as much going on in the heavy metal world as ever (except for live shows that is). So we are continuing our due diligence Read more […]

Gomorra – Divine Judgement (Noble Demon)

Featuring Destruction guitarist Damir Eskic, Gomorra is a five-piece Swiss band balancing out a mix of heavy and power/thrash aspects on their debut full-length record Divine Judgement. It’s always helpful Read more […]

Oxidize – Dark Confessions (Wormholedeath)

Starting in 2017 with the goal of putting together a band with musicians of similar tastes, Oxidize develop a melodic metal sound with traditional and power roots on their debut album Dark Confessions. Read more […]

Feleth – Depravity (DeadPop Records)

A fresh act onto the extreme metal scene, Feleth come to us from Norway with their first offering in Depravity. There’s a bit of a hodgepodge when it comes to the band’s sound, but for the most part Read more […]

Mad Hatter – Pieces of Reality (Art Gates Records)

Returning with their second full-length Pieces of Reality, Swedish power metal band Mad Hatter aren’t resting on their creative laurels and got to work quickly on the follow-up to their 2018 self-titled Read more […]

Killitorous – The Afterparty (Tentacles Industries)

Who says that tech death can’t be fun? Killitorous brought the energy with 2014’s Party, Grind and have apparently brought enough of it to supply The Afterparty as well. Given a roster of members Read more […]

Bleed from Within – Fracture and Rebuild

Scottish modern metal act Bleed from Within have been playing the long game, having been around since 2005 and are now releasing their fifth album, Fracture. But it’s worked for them, with previous Read more […]

Mountaineer – Bloodletting (Lifeforce)

California’s Mountaineer have made a pretty quick ascent through the post-metal ranks, with now three releases since 2017. For some acts, something like this could be start to feel a bit stagnant, but Read more […]

Her Chariot Awaits – Her Chariot Awaits (Frontiers Music)

Even after a tragic tour accident for Adrenaline Mob almost three years ago that caused numerous band injuries and the death of bassist David Zablidowsky, guitarist Mike Orlando still keeps moving full Read more […]

Havok – Critical Independence

Denver, Colorado is home to thrash quartet Havok – a potent force that has through their discography proven that the old guard can’t rest on their laurels when it comes to studio records or live work. Read more […]

Fellahin Fall – Tar A-Kan (Self-Released)

Checking out the band’s first EP late last year, there was something instantly magnetic about their sound. The combination of electronic and synth tones of a darker variety melded together with gloomy Read more […]

Voices of Ruin – Path to Immortality (M-Theory Audio)

Carving out a following through two self-released albums in this decade, California melodic death metal act Voices of Ruin garner interest from M-Theory Audio to vault into this third album Path to Immortality. Read more […]

Michael Abdow – Sending Organic Signals

Guitarist Michael Abdow may be best known to readers here for his live work over the past two tours with veteran progressive metal band Fates Warning. He also has a rich history in the instrumental field Read more […]