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Nero Di Marte

Nero Di Marte – Painting Image and Sound

The term progressive metal is one that is seemingly a bit overused in the last few years. It’s tr

Victim of Contagion Band Photo

Now You Know: Victims of Contagion

Formation: 2005 Location: Pittsburgh, PA Style: Technical death metal Personnel: Bob Meister (Voc

blackgate band

Now You Know: Blackgate

Formation: 2013 Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan Style: Power/ Thrash, US style. Unafraid of tripl


Jess and the Ancient Ones – Coffee with the King

Don’t fret: Finland’s Jess and the Ancient Ones were probably just as surprised as you were when

devin townsend ziltoid 2

Devin Townsend: “I’m As Heavy As I Can Be Right Now”

2014 has been a pretty big year for Devin Townsend. After a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign


Now You Know: Woccon

Formation: 2011 Location: Athens, Georgia Style: Melodic doom/death metal Personnel: Tim Rowland