Black Rose Maze – Joyful Collaborations

Vocalist Rosa Laricchiuta got her big push through the door when she appeared on La Voix [The Voice]. It provided a launching pad for her, with eventually included being a part of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Read more […]

Judicator – Let There Be Nothing (Prosthetic)

Moving up the ranks from self-sustained releases to Prosthetic Records, Judicator firmly established a solid relationship with a burgeoning fanbase who love their power metal records. Spread out all across Read more […]

Within Destruction – Yokai (Self-Released)

If it’s not apparent from the vastly different cover art, Within Destruction’s third album finally sees them stretching the boundaries past deathcore. In this case, some of the deathcore remains but Read more […]

Atrae Bilis – Divinihility (Transcending Obscurity)

Digging the 2-word combination that reprises the title for Atrae Bilis’ latest work in Divinihility. Probably overthinking this by a long shot, but the combination of two things works well for the band Read more […]

Sensory Amusia – Bereavement (Lacerated Enemy)

One of those releases that initially caught the eye with its dark, towering, and somewhat gloomy artwork, Sensory Amusia is a fairly recent act that nestles into the modern death metal arena. After a Read more […]

Starblind – Black Bubbling Ooze (Pure Steel Records)

Evolving after their first two albums with Mike Stark leaving the mic stand for a new singer in Marcus Olkerud (ex-Rocka Rollas), Starblind released Never See Again in 2017 and kept the traditional heavy Read more […]

Bear Mace – Charred Field of Slaughter (Self-Released)

Death metal is as death metal does, sir. Chicago’s Bear Mace instantly bring up the old school death metal flag, with the cover art of their second full-length, Charred Field of Slaughter, and it’s Read more […]

Grimgotts – Sagas (Self-Released)

Grimgotts continue to keep their symphonic power metal daggers sharp as they continue onwards, with at least one release per year usually. That said, Sagas represents the second in an EP trilogy (which Read more […]

Sepulchral Curse – Only Ashes Remain (Transcending Obscurity)

Sepulchral Curse has been propagating old school Finnish death metal for two EPs in the past, and Only Ashes Remains marks the band’s first full-length. While the act may not have much behind them, Read more […]

Thecodontion – Supercontinent (I, Voidhanger)

Popular culture, at least as much of it as I have been able to experience of it from my telework position, has really leaned into the term thicc throughout 2020. The first time Supercontinent played through, Read more […]

Judicator – …And There Was Nothing

Establishing themselves through a series of self-released efforts and a fervent following willing to aid the cause through crowdfunding, Judicator are proof that hard work can still gain respect and rewards Read more […]

The Metalhead Box – June 2020

Here in the DC area, it has turned unsurprisingly very toasty. I’m somewhat unusual in that I welcome both the heat and the humidity – living in Rhode Island for awhile set me for life on that. Bring Read more […]

Ingested – Where Only Gods May Tread (Unique Leader)

As it has been with previous releases in Ingested’s growing catalog, there’s a clear progression and evolution to their sound. Ingested have made some great strides from their early slam beginnings Read more […]

Alcatrazz – Born Innocent (Silver Lining Music)

Back in the 1980’s when shredding guitarists gained acclaim, Alcatrazz as a band reaped those benefits beyond the notable front voice of ex-Rainbow singer Graham Bonnet. When you have Yngwie Malmsteen, Read more […]

Lionheart – The Reality of Miracles (Metalville Records)

Containing guitarist Dennis Stratton, best known for his work on the debut Iron Maiden album, Lionheart explores more of the AOR/melodic hard rock side of things for their third full-length The Reality Read more […]

Black Rose Maze – Black Rose Maze (Frontiers)

The project of Rosa Laricchiuta, Black Rose Maze is a new hard rock entry that effectively channels some bits of ‘80s rock into a modern formula that feels instantly gratifying, yet holds up upon repeated Read more […]

Maelstrom – Destiny Unleashed

Originally developing from Long Island as an underground sensation in the late 80’s, Maelstrom released two demos that gained major critical acclaim including high praise from vital UK metal magazine Read more […]

High Spirits – Hard to Stop (High Roller Records)

High energy rock mastermind Chris Black returns for a fourth-full length with High Spirits and Hard to Stop. Continually striving to deliver tracks that are addictive, catchy as all get up, and memorable Read more […]

Lord of the Lost – Swan Songs III (Napalm)

The third in the line of classical ensembles for the gothic act Lord of the Lost, this is the type of release that many will walk into knowing if they will enjoy it or not. Given that they’ve done this Read more […]

Misery Signals – Ultraviolet (Self-Released)

One of the more celebrated acts within the metalcore scene, and one that has long championed the cause, no doubt many are familiar with Misery Signals. That said, they haven’t released an album in seven Read more […]

Concrete – Free Us from Existence (Blood Blast/Black Voodoo)

There’s nothing quite like that upstate NY approach to hardcore. It ends up more of a hybrid between hardcore, death metal, and beyond instead of simply following the usual methods. Albany-based act Read more […]

Winter Nights – Darkness Closing In

A continued presence within the NYC metal scene for well over a decade at this point, Winter Nights recently released their third full-length album. The eponymous release ushers in a dark take on melodic Read more […]

Mordred – Volition EP (Self-Released)

Mordred never received proper credit for being the first fully-fledged rap-metal band. The band had their run in the late ’80s/early ’90s as part of Noise Records, but their Bay Area locale meant they Read more […]

Stillbirth – Revive the Throne (Unique Leader)

Stillbirth return with their sixth full-length (without including last year’s compilation Back to the Stoned Age) with Revive the Throne. Given the band’s back history in brutal death metal, it goes Read more […]

Primitive Man – Immersion (Relapse)

As the auteurs of abrasive and confrontational doom metal, Immersion couldn’t have come at a more appropriate year. Primitive Man has always sang about how fucked up this world is, and when frontman and Read more […]

Warkings – Revenge (Napalm)

The four ancient kings return with Revenge – the second album from Warkings. Using aliases such as Tribune, Crusader, Viking, and Spartan, this international four-piece keeps power metal alive and shimmering. Read more […]

Jet Jaguar – Riding Those Endless Nights

Hailing from Mexico, Jet Jaguar have accomplished a fair amount of buzz relating to their traditional/classic metal platform since their start in 2014. They’ve recorded a demo and EP – toured across Read more […]

Buried Realm – Revel in the Divine

Buried Realm, the one-man band of Josh Dummer, is back for a second serving of melodic death metal with the recently released Embodiment of the Divine. With a slew of high-profile guests, and equally Read more […]

Disavowed – Revocation of the Fallen (Brutal Mind)

There’s got to be at least a few folks who have a recollection of Disavowed’s first full-length, Perceptive Deception, which came out back in 2001. Brutal death metal at its finest, with some nods Read more […]

Nyktophobia – What Lasts Forever (Self-Released)

Ever the consistent bunch, German melodic death metal unit Nyktophobia lay out their third full-length much like the last two before them. First, there’s the jawdroppingly impressive cover art – caked Read more […]

Suicide Nation – Hall of Violence (Australis Records)

In many South American countries, metal releases take time as resources may be limited, beyond quality time and proper equipment. Suicide Nation have been together since 2006- releasing their first EP Read more […]