Sifting Through Bandcamp – July 2016

Lots of cool things going on in the Bandcamp world this month. In addition to the usual diamonds in the rough, we’ve got some bigger bands included with some return singles to check out before they Read more […]

Witherscape – The Northern Sanctuary (Century Media)

Ideally, Dan Swanö would alternate Nightingale and Witherscape albums every other year, giving his devoted throng what amounts to the best of both worlds: gorgeous progressive rock, and adventurous progressive Read more […]

Onirism – The Well of Stars (Self-Released)

With so much atmospheric and space-y black metal out there, it takes a lot to impress at this point. When a band fires off two EPs in a span of less than 6 months, and nails it with both, that’s the Read more […]

Volcano X – The Eruption (Self-Released)

Vanquishing evil and battling mighty demons while forging oversized weapons from molten steel (cheers to bio bravado on social media), Volcano X epitomize a heavy metal attitude and outlook on this six Read more […]

Myriad Lights – Kingdom of Sand (Punishment 18 Records)

Desiring to combine a love of classic heavy metal with modern and power influences, Italian act Myriad Lights began in 2006 under the capable hands and 17-year old axe skills of guitarist Francesco Lombardo. Read more […]

Westfield Massacre – Westfield Massacre (Urban Yeti)

The newest band to feature Tommy Vext (ex-Divine Heresy), Westfield Massacre takes an Americanized approach to heavy metal. Of course, that’s a different way of saying that they follow the more metalcore-driven Read more […]

Paganizer – On the Outskirts of Hades (Transcending Obscurity Records)

This far into the game, you know what you are going to be getting with a Paganizer release. With countless full-lengths, EPs, and splits under their belt (check out the impressive listing at Metal Archives), Read more […]

Countless Skies’ Ross King: What I’m Listening To

After a recent chat with Countless Skies guitarist/vocalist Ross King, we approached him to share with us what he has been listening to as of late, check it out below. Wilderun – Proggy folk metal, Read more […]

Revocation – Great Is Our Sin (Metal Blade)

Usually when one hears about Revocation, things come up about the band’s consistency or the way they blend their technical chops with actual songwriting in a way that blends heaviness with some actual Read more […]

Grace Disgraced – Lasting Afterdeaths (Razed Soul Productions)

Not sure if this writer is late to the party, but it seems like within the last 2-3 years, Russian metal bands seem to be cropping out of the woodwork with some excellent releases (many of which sadly Read more […]

Forty Winters – Rotting Empire (Dead Truth Records)

At one point in time, metalcore had more significance behind it’s name. There was more to it than just attempting to be the next Killswitch Engage or Shadows Fall. Metalcore had more aggression and Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: King’s “One World One King”

Not wanting to evoke the spirit of supergroups once again, but the band King is pretty super. Featuring drummer Dave Haley (Pyscroptic), Tony Forde (Blood Duster), and David Hill (Fuck…I’m Dead), it’s Read more […]

Drudkh/Grift – Betrayed By the Sun Split (Nordvis/Season of Mist)

The third split in two years from the mighty Drudkh, Betrayed By the Sun finds the Ukrainian black metal kings teaming up with one-man Swedish act Grift. In contrast to their recent split with Hades Almighty, Read more […]

Warm – The Human Exemplar (Self-Released)

Witnessing this CT quartet Warm in live quarters opening for Vektor during the winter seemed quite appropriate (snowstorms and arctic winds poured through earlier that day) – and finally getting to take Read more […]

Ribspreader – Suicide Gate – A Bridge to Death (Xtreem Music)

It’s always an easy target for reviewing and jest about the number of bands/projects that Rogga Johansson is involved with, but Ribspreader has been going strong for plenty of time so it’s easy to Read more […]

Amiensus – Reflections and Ascensions

It’s sometimes the bands that come out of nowhere with an exceptional release that seem to resonate the longest. An early find for this scribe using Bandcamp, Amiensus hit some initial high marks with Read more […]

Paradox – Pangea (AFM Records)

Considering the health issues vocalist/guitarist Charly Steinhauer of Paradox has been through lately, we are thankful that this German speed/power thrash act graces the public with a new studio album. Read more […]

Asphalt Graves – The New Primitive (Vitriol Records)

Another supergroup enters the fray, this time in the form of Asphalt Graves, who feature some rather noteworthy gents in their ranks. Comprised of bassist/vocalist Jason Netherton (Misery Index/ex-Dying Read more […]

Pestifere – Hope Misery Death (Eihwaz Recordings)

Winters in Minnesota have a way of harshing everyone’s buzz, which in many respects, makes it the most Scandinavian of our fair 50 states. As such, the state hasn’t becoming the breeding ground for hot-to-trot Read more […]

Blackgate – Ronin (Self-Released)

The underground surges forward – morphing from pen pal letters and tape trading in 1980’s into social media outreach and digital downloads today. From said earthly roots in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Read more […]

Russian Circles – Guidance (Sargent House)

Read some interviews with the fine gents in Russian Circles and it’s obvious they get it. They know they’re not a metal band (try to look ‘em up on Metal Archives—they’re nowhere to be found), Read more […]

Grond – Worship the Kraken (Xtreem Music)

Nothing like a little bit of death metal to get the blood pumping. Grond have been pushing forth their particular flavor of death since a 2005 demo, though Worship the Kraken is only the second full-length Read more […]

Hellevate – Weapons Against Their Will (Self-Released)

Capturing attention from the get-go on name alone (smashing together two words as one), Hellevate hail from Kansas City, MO and have been honing their wares since 2007. Releasing two EP’s and a full-length Read more […]

Brain Drill – Boundless Obscenity (Self-Released)

Those who’ve stuck with the more extreme side of death metal for a while no doubt are aware of Brain Drill. They made their name with 2008’s Apocalyptic Feasting, an album cited by many for it’s Read more […]

-(16)- – Lifespan of a Moth (Relapse)

Mainly relevant for their solid standing in the underground throughout the fertile ’90s, Los Angeles crew -(16)- can rightfully assume the mantle of being one of the first to lock down the sludge-for-simplicity’s-sake Read more […]

Myriad Lights – A Diverse Kingdom

Starting in 2006 with the intent of combining a love of classic heavy metal while also incorporating an affinity for modern and power styles, Italy’s Myriad Lights went through a number of growing pains Read more […]

Diabolical – Umbra (ViciSolum)

Two years after the release of the excellent yet somewhat elusive Neogenesis, Diabolical have put together the four track EP Umbra. Two years would be enough for some bands to make a full album (or two). Read more […]

Virus of Ideals – For All My Earthly Days (Self-Released)

Considering the headline status of symphonic and melodic death metal acts across mainland Europe infiltrating all corners of the globe (including North America), it’s natural that younger musicians want Read more […]

Conceived by Thunder – Timestopper (Self-Released)

Always yearning to discover the latest talent bubbling underground, this scribe stumbles upon the Tucson, Arizona thrash/ heavy metal quartet Conceived by Thunder. Forming last year, this debut EP Timestopper Read more […]

Dust Bolt – Smash Through the Confusion

Thrash is not a thing of the past. Although the first incarnation in 1980’s produced a wide swath of bands still known today (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, Testament, Death Angel, Kreator, Destruction… Read more […]

Third Ion CD Giveaway!

Dead and Glasstone Records are giving away a copy of Third Ion’s new Biolith to one (1) lucky winner. Featuring former members of Devin Townsend Project, Into Eternity, along with ex-Annihilator Read more […]