Hanging Garden – Before and Hereafter

Two years removed from their undisputed “departure” album, Blackout Whiteout, melancholic Finnish metallers Hanging Garden are now fully on a path that will take them away from their early doom rumblings. Read more […]

Lady Beast – Vicious Breed (Cruz Del Sur Music)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has attained nicknames like Iron or Steel City because of it being one of the largest producers of steel in the world. It’s also the home of this quintet Lady Beast, together Read more […]

Aetherian – The Untamed Wilderness (Lifeforce)

Gotta love the seeming next wave of melodic death metal. There’s an increasing slew of bands that are carrying the torch for the purist of melodic death metal forms. The type that don’t rely on modern Read more […]

Infected Dead – Archaic Malevolence (Hostile Media)

There’s so much death metal out there that sometimes it’s tough to differentiate the solid from the mediocre. With so many variations, one gets tied up into the subgenre game as well. But in this Read more […]

The Last of Lucy – Ashvattha (Self-Released)

While tech-death hasn’t exactly had the same level of standouts in 2017 as it did last year, it’s not without its hidden gems. Probably one of the final ones of this nature for the year comes with Read more […]

Embryo – A Step Beyond Divinity (Art Gates Records)

Plenty of symphonic death metal coming through the pipelines nowadays. Rightly so, with the success of acts such as Fleshgod Apocalypse to look towards. Embryo is a symphonic death metal act from Italy Read more […]

Drakkar – Diabolical Empathy (Dooweet Agency)

Crawling through the underground, you find that opportunity abounds for those not given a break the first (or second) time around. Be it wrong place, wrong time, or sweeping trends that overtake a given Read more […]

Raging Fate – Gods of Terror (Stormspell Records)

Another Swedish upstart with a debut album in Gods of Terror that feels steeped in that older German power metal platform, recorded by a duo with one musician most won’t know (Mattias Lövdal on vocals, Read more […]

Asylum 8 – Repressed (Inverse)

Whether one cares to admit it or not, music in general has been moving into a more electronic state. EDM has already started to make a mark on the more melodic end of the metal spectrum, and with Asylum Read more […]

King Goat – Conduit Reissue (Aural Music)

After its March 2016 release, King Goat’s Conduit received a flurry of nice reviews, which, for an independent band, has to be heartwarming. Since King Goat are a British epic doom band, you’d think Read more […]

Poison Pill – Poison Pill (Sliptrick Records)

Shrouded in secrecy and mystery, very little is known regarding the Nordic metal act Poison Pill. Choosing to base themselves on music and words over faces and names, this scribe has no idea who is in Read more […]

Dimevision Vol. 2 – Roll With It or Get Rolled Over (Metal Blade)

Guitarist Dimebag Darrell’s shocking murder is a date that many of us older metalheads still have fresh in our minds, even if it’s been well over a decade at this point. The first Dimevision, released Read more […]

Blackfinger – When Colors Fade Away (M-Theory Audio)

An apt title coming from Eric Wagner, wouldn’t you say? The former Trouble vocal overlord has presided over some of doom’s most iconic moments, mutating his voice to suit the mood, which, as suggested, Read more […]

Arch Enemy – Powered Up

As far back as their first release back in 1996 with Black Earth, Arch Enemy has been a revered name in melodic death metal. In fact, it seems they only seem to grew with each new release. They’ve Read more […]

Game Over – Claiming Supremacy (Scarlet Records)

Aiming to conquer the galaxy and play louder/faster than everyone else (thought the latter was a Motörhead mantra?), Italian thrashers Game Over waste no time capitalizing on recent tour runs across mainland Read more […]

Beyond God – Dying to Feel Alive (Painted Bass Records)

Perhaps it’s just a personal perspective, but seeing a name like Beyond God tends to bring to mind something that’s more brutal and death metal-like. So some may be a bit surprised to hear that Beyond Read more […]

Chaotic Remains – We Are Legion (Mighty Music)

As more raw and/or necro styles of black metal come to the fore, symphonic black metal keeps getting the cold shoulder. One cannot help but remember the fuss it caused as the century turned over, with Read more […]

The Dark Element – Sweet Mysteries

From the very start, some bands have all eyes staring at them, watching every move they make. With the combined talents of established guitarist Jani Liimatainen (Cain’s Offering, ex-Sonata Arctica) Read more […]

Thantifaxath – Void Masquerading as Matter (Dark Descent)

It’s been three years since Thantifaxath crawled out from their abyss and delivered a powerful debut in the form of Sacred White Noise. The Canadian act took black metal and added the same levels of Read more […]

Serenade – Onirica (Revalve Records)

Amid the sea of female-fronted heavy metal acts, there’s a vast majority that spend too much time with the vocal aspect and forget that the music behind it is just as important as a solid voice out front. Read more […]

Witchery – I Am Legion (Century Media)

Last year’s In His Infernal Majesty’s Service saw Witchery regain their once-vaunted thrash stride. For roughly a decade, the Swedes had fallen back to the thrash pack, their output no longer prolific, Read more […]

Entheos – A Cinematic Future

Some bands are critiqued for any sort of progression or change, and some bands are beloved for it. Thankfully the extreme act Entheos fall under the latter category. Being in the spotlight since their Read more […]

Niviane – The Druid King (Pitch Black Records)

Fueling a new breed of American power metal, Niviane (pronounced nih-vy-anne) hail from Sacramento, California and started in the fall of 2014. The quintet has taken a couple of years to assemble the right Read more […]

Primal Fear – Best of Fear (Frontiers)

Tremendous appreciation all around for Primal Fear, who, for 20 years now, have done pretty much one thing, but have done it so well that they’re now easily in league with Hammerfall and Stratovarius, Read more […]

Oblivion – The Path Towards… (Unique Leader)

Tech-death squad Oblivion first unleashed their particular sound on 2013’s Called to Rise. Unfortunately, the balance of tech dazzle to meat & potatoes riffing was a little skewed to the tech side, Read more […]

Liar’s Tongue – A Crossover Threat

When you think of crossover music that takes equal influences from hardcore, thrash, and modern metal – Utah probably is not the first state that comes to mind as delivering those goods. Dig deep into Read more […]

Cavalera Conspiracy – Psychosis (Napalm)

If there’s a band that can pull off the ‘old is new again’ sound, it’s certainly Cavalera Conspiracy. The band that reunited Iggor and Max has always had the potential to circle back to the early Read more […]

Desecrated Grounds – Lord of Insects (Self-Released)

As complicated as the metal landscape seems with specific categorization and subsets within those categories, rest assured there are bands like Desecrated Grounds that prefer to keep it heavy and straightforward. Read more […]

Sorxe – Matter & Void (Prosthetic)

It’s been cited many times, but stoner doom and sludge (like many metal elements simply taken at face value) can have a limited range and scope. There’s only so many ways one can arrange those Sabbath-y Read more […]

The Unguided – Emerging Victorious from Battle

With the unceremonious split with Sonic Syndicate further and further in the rear-view mirror, The Unguided has had little difficulty making their own name for themselves. Essentially a modern melodic Read more […]

Tarja – from Spirits and Ghosts: Score for a Dark Christmas (earMUSIC)

When it comes to metal music around the holidays, fans don’t have a ton of options. Admittedly, a more jovial holiday such as Christmas doesn’t really mesh well with the ideology and ethos of heavy Read more […]