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Abnormality – Mechanisms of Evolution

Slowly carving out a niche for themselves in the New England death metal circuit, Abnormality has been gradually gaining more support as they moved from a 2007 demo to an independently released EP in 2010, Read more […]

Destruction – Under Attack (Nuclear Blast)

Terrorism, religious wars, government corruption, economic strife – fuel for any metal musician’s frustration to channel into solid topics, themes that thrash mainstays Destruction explore often on Read more […]

Monolith – Nexus (Self-Released)

Successfully bridging the gaps between symphonic, melodic death, and progressive metal is no easy feat. But that hasn’t stopped Canada’s Monolith from delivering their third slab of the precisely Read more […]

Dominhate – Emissaries of Morning (Lavadome Productions)

One has to tip the hat to Lavadome Productions as of late. They’ve been knocking it out of the park in signing nothing but the highest caliber death metal offerings (see Zealotry, Apparatus, and Ad Read more […]

The Dread Crew of Oddwood – Lawful Evil (Self-Released)

Folk metal tends to divide the metal community, at least when it’s of the more zestful variety. The Dread Crew of Oddwood fall firmly into the category of bands like Alestorm and Trollfest – plenty Read more […]

Savior From Anger – Temple of Judgment (Pure Steel Records)

Picking names for metal bands can be a challenge for sure – yet the Italy/Germany/US act Savior From Anger takes on a Vicious Rumors song off their killer Welcome to the Ball record, so there’s already Read more […]

Khanus -The Rites of Fire (I Voidhanger)

When metal bands push the envelope past the normal accepted genre boundaries, the results can be a wild card. Some times you’re left with brilliant glimpses of something never heard before, like Ved Read more […]

Ravensire – Never Break the Cycle

Let us not play the geographical card with Ravensire. They may be from Lisbon, Portugal, but their brand of vintage, denim-loving metal totally screams the U.K. Germany, and west coast of the U.S. In essence, Read more […]

Black Fate – Deliverance of Soul (Ulterium Records)

Fortunate to take in a lot of melodic, power, and progressive metal during the 1980’s and 1990’s through worldwide tape trading, this scribe discovered a potent scene in Greece at a time period when Read more […]

Amon Amarth – April 25, 2016 – Water Street Music Hall – Rochester, NY

Already being in Rochester, NY to visit family, it seemed like a perfectly good excuse to go catch Amon Amarth on their current tour at the Water Street Music Hall. Driving past the venue a bit past 7PM, Read more […]

Earth Rot – Chthonian Virtues (Self-Released)

Cthulhu and the Cthonian cult are a bit over used in today’s heavy music vernacular. I think the desired effect of the word is to evoke images of other worldly Lovecraftian nightmares and half fish people Read more […]

Mithridatic – Miserable Miracle (Kaotoxin)

If you name your band after a series of wars in the 1st century B.C. you better be ready to bring some pretty ferocious stuff. French metallers Mithridatic do just that, and with a churning, almost sickening Read more […]

Dynazty – Titanic Mass (Spinefarm Records)

This Swedish band has morphed from more of a melodic/sleaze-oriented hard rock group during their early Bring the Thunder and Knock You Down albums (think The Poodles meets Skid Row) to their fourth album Read more […]

Glorior Belli – Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes) (Agonia)

For a stretch, Italy’s Glorior Belli were poised to go where no black metal band had gone before: Southern swamps. “Southern swamps” as in the ones we have here in the US-of-A. For a group that had Read more […]

Blaak Heat – Shifting Mirrors (Tee Pee Records)

Originally named Blaak Heat Shujaa, Parisian psychedelic rockers Blaak Heat (it doesn’t sound as cool with the shortened name, guys), made the risky decision to move their operations from Paris to New Read more […]

Gracepoint – Life Waits for No Man

First rule of being in a band: blame the drummer when something goes wrong. Or, replace he/she with a machine. As anyone who has been in, or been around a band, (good) drummers are in short supply. They’re Read more […]

Orden Ogan – The Book of Ogan (AFM Records)

Given the rising popularity of this German power metal group, the band and label erect a massive box set to showcase their historical elevation from folk-oriented roots to their current heavier stance. Read more […]

Man Made God – Prima Materia (Self-Released)

Another case of stumbling upon something through Bandcamp, the Las Vegas atmospheric deathcore crew of Man Made God got a closer look due to that killer artwork that adorns its cover. Those already cringing Read more […]

Depicting Abysm – Passage (Naturmacht Productions)

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, Depicting Abysm employ the tag of “depressive, atmospheric black metal.” The band (comprised of two gents under the simple names of A. and K.), have been functional Read more […]

The Black Dahlia Murder – Revisiting Unhallowed Ground

In 2003, The Black Dahlia Murder came (mostly) out of nowhere to release their debut Unhallowed. Thirteen years later, they have become one of the biggest and revered bands of the death metal scene. It Read more […]

Soilwork – Avoiding the Predictable

Since early on in their career, Soilwork has had to deal with a number of line-up changes. At this point, vocalist Björn Strid is the only remaining original band member, with a number who have came Read more […]

Mystic Prophecy – War Brigade (Massacre Records)

This German power/heavy metal band initially gained attention as one of the outlets for guitarist Gus G’s ubiquitous abilities (remember when he had Dream Evil, Nightrage, and Firewind all going too?), Read more […]

Sinistro – Semente (Season of Mist)

If there was a non-rage soundtrack for art school chicks wearing fishnet stockings who fancy chain-smoking, then Sinistro might be it. Slotted comfortably on Season of Mist’s ever-expanding roster (DR Read more […]

D.A.M. – Premonitions (Self-Released)

Brazil’s melodic death metal bunch D.A.M. have been a productive group. Within 2013 and 2014 they managed to put out 2 EPs and 2 full-length albums. Taking a moment to catch their breath, Premonitions Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Dominhate’s “Faith Delirius Imago”

Just in front of the April 22 release date, we at DR are showcasing a new track from Dominhate’s upcoming EP, Emissaries of Morning. Being released through Lavadome Productions, Emissaries is the band’s Read more […]

Abnormality – Mechanisms of Omniscience (Metal Blade)

One death metal band that has slugged it out over the years is Massachusetts’ Abnormality. Some may remember them as “that death metal band” on Rock Band 2 or from their previous EP and full-length Read more […]

Thunderstone – Apocalypse Again (AFM Records)

After a prolonged absence from his vocal seat, original singer Pasi Rantanen felt a yearning to return to the Thunderstone fold six years beyond his last appearance in 2007. In the interim, journeyman Read more […]

Wode – Wode (Broken Limbs)

Lots ‘o excitement when the “new wave” of UK black metal hit about five (or so) years ago. These bands (see: Fen, Winterfylleth, Wodensthrone, et al) had zero interest in maintaining an image; rather, Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Germ’s “Escape”

We are now streaming “Escape,” a song from Germ’s forthcoming new album of the same name. The highly-anticipated fourth release from Germ is advanced as “the darkest yet” and builds on the self-described Read more […]

Solinaris – Deranged (Cimmerian Shade Recordings)

Avant-garde gets tossed around quite frequently with bands that play outside of the box. In the case of Quebec’s Solinaris, it’s an apt assessment. For describing the band as merely technical or Read more […]

Zealotry – The Last Witness (Lavadome Productions)

Dense and angular death metal being one of the buzzwords of the day in death metal, there’s quickly becoming no shortage of bands that bring the genre into dark, twisted, and sinister vibes. Zealotry Read more […]