Sylvaine – A Dream Within a Dream

Metal oftentimes overvalues credentials. You know, the scene police, keyboard goofballs who monitor all that is supposed to be true and (un)holy in our little universe. If, for whatever reason, a band Read more […]

Amken – Theater of the Absurd (Self-Released)

Deeper looks into a particular thrash scene such as Greece occur when one act gains bigger international promotional/tour access – thanks to the success of Suicidal Angels, more people are taking a gander Read more […]

For I Am King – Daemons (Redfield Records)

Those looking for melody within their otherwise aggressive death metal would do wise to give For I Am King a listen. Hailing from the Netherlands, their first full-length Daemons is the kind of album Read more […]

Vidian – A Piece of the End EP (Arachnophobia Records)

A Polish quintet who has been kicking around since 2009, Vidian plays a heartfelt, likeable brand of experimental metal, citing the (just-as-likeable) crew of Isis, Cult of Luna, Katatonia, and Gojira Read more […]

Nervosa – Agony (Napalm)

Remember when Brazilian thrash took the world by storm with the release of Sepultura’s Beneath the Remains in 1989? The record caught fire due to speedy riffing with melodic nuances on a musical level, Read more […]

Archaic Decapitator – Light of a Different Sun (Self-Released)

One thing that has been great to watch over the years is the shift in melodic death metal from being a mostly Scandinavian club to one that many up-and-coming North American acts have championed and brought Read more […]

Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign (Century Media)

You think of Dark Funeral, then you start to think about Marduk, who come to think of it, have always been more productive, forward-thinking, and ultimately, better than Dark Funeral. Food for thought. Read more […]

Katatonia – The Fall of Hearts (Peaceville)

Katatonia goes on two album “kicks,” for lack of a better term. Discouraged Ones and Tonight’s Decision were an obvious pairing; Last Fair Deal Gone Down remains the band’s triumphant oddity; Viva Emptiness Read more […]

Conflux – The Inception EP (Self-Released)

Once you get to the level of supergroup, how do you top that? Well, in the case of Conflux (or The Conflux Collective if you prefer), you keep a core of members, and allow the rest to be a revolving door Read more […]

Dark Avenger – Tales of Avalon: The Lament (Scarlet Records)

The second part of the Tales of Avalon saga comes 12 years after The Terror – separation occurring from a break up in 2005 only to reunite in 2009. Rossom Records in Brazil first issued this in 2013, Read more […]

Schammasch – The Significance of Three

When it comes to black metal bands on the verge, Schammasch has built themselves up as a band that is not afraid of pushing boundaries and trying new experiments. Take their latest offering – the triple Read more […]

Aftershok – Detonate (Auburn Records)

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aftershok is a group that first crossed my ears back in the early Classic Metal Festival years, as their debut Unfinished Business hit the streets in 2002, when the Read more […]

AmongRuins – No Light (One Man Army Records)

Signed to One Man Army Records, a fitting title for its owner, current Wolfheart leader Tuomas Saukkonen, Greece’s AmongRuins are somewhat of a no-man’s-land band. While tagged as melodic death metal, Read more […]

Defiatory – Extinct (Black Lion Productions)

Do you like thrash metal? Defiatory certainly do, and with their new release Extinct they’re set on making you toxic waltz until you drop. Well, sort of. Defiatory are thrash in the “newer” (if Read more […]

Hate Eternal – May 19, 2016 – Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY

A real no-brainer to take a trip down to Brooklyn on a Thursday night to take in such a massive line-up of extreme metal, with both veteran and up-and-coming acts from start to finish, Hate Eternal’s latest Read more […]

Now You Know: Defy The Tide

Formation: 2014 Location: Pittsburgh, PA/ Ohio Valley Style: Melodic power metal with hints of metalcore Personnel: Carly Simon-Warneke (vocals); Jesse Scott (guitars); Matt Friede (guitars); Greg Fristick Read more […]

Minarchist – In Absence (Self-Released)

Forward-thinking bands within the death metal realm such as Black Crown Initiate, Fallujah, and Rivers of Nihil have managed to make an impact quickly because of their focus on keeping the death metal Read more […]

The Neologist – The Inward Expansion (Self-Released)

Hard to believe it’s already been a year since The Neologist last hit the Bandcamp waves with Coming Full Circle. Full of old school Gothenburg flavored goodness, it was a fine reminder that Stateside Read more […]

Seeming Emptiness – Seeming Emptiness (Rain Without End Records)

The push and pull over instrumental music generally brings forth the obvious question: Does a singer actually make the songs better? It’s a prescient question in some forms of metal, particularly when Read more […]

Sumac – What One Becomes (Thrill Jockey)

The second album in as many years from Sumac, What One Becomes finds Aaron Turner (ex-Isis) and bandmates flanked by more rousing, distortion-laden ugly sounds than before. Turner, of course, was the master Read more […]

Mortillery – Shapeshifter (Napalm)

The third album Shapeshifter from Edmonton, Canada’s Mortillery comes three years beyond Origins of Extinction – in the interim shuffling in a new lead guitarist Kent Quinlan while gaining a two-month Read more […]

Sulphur – Omens of Doom (Dark Essence Records)

Imagine if pre-Still Life-era Opeth and Sons of Northern Darkness-era Immortal had a one-night stand and accidentally got knocked up. The unholy offspring of such a union could well be Norway’s Sulphur. Read more […]

Anvil – May 12, 2016 – Ralph’s Diner – Worcester, MA

Metal Thursdays have been a mainstay at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, MA since 2006. Filling a need for the local and international scene for bands and fans alike, it’s been amazing to see it reach over Read more […]

Phobocosm – Bringer of Drought (Dark Descent)

Coming into the world on a strong note, like Phobocosm’s debut Deprived (which was only held back by its influence-worship), tends to go one of two ways. The first is the sophomore slump, in which the Read more […]

Godless – Centuries of Decadence (Transcending Obscurity)

As more bands in the death metal realm veer towards tech, retro-worship, or dissonance, it’s good to know that straight-forward death metal never goes out of style. Such is the case with India’s Godless, Read more […]

Sourvein – Aquatic Occult (Metal Blade)

Pretty cool of Metal Blade to give a band like Sourvein an increased platform. Guided by T-Roy (real name: Troy Medlin) since their 1993 inception, the band has endured its share of hard times…and hard Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Minarchist’s “Threat of a Terrible Storm”

An album that will not be below the radar for much longer, Minarchist’s debut, In Absence, is ready to be released at the end of the month (May 27th). In preparation for this, DR has partnered with the Read more […]

Solanum CD Giveaway!

Dead and Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are giving away a copy of Solanum’s I.T.S.C. CD to one (1) lucky winner! A crossover thrash troupe from Winnipeg, Solanum released I.T.S.C. Read more […]

Toska – Toska (Eihwaz/Bindrune Recordings)

For once, let’s spare the awe and usual declarations of how unique and exotic the Icelandic metal scene is. We know that already. Instead, it’s more appropriate to dive head-long into a rather sterling Read more […]

Slitherum – Godbox Suicide (Self-Released)

Slitherum is a Greek trio that engages in a form of European gothic doom metal more prevalent in the middle of the 1990’s than today: exploring elements of gothic and art rock in addition to a lot of Read more […]

Zhrine – Unortheta (Season of Mist)

Furthering the case that Iceland is making waves in the extreme metal scene (alongside Kontinuum and Cult of Lilith), Zhrine is next in line to become a larger name on your list to check out. Comprised Read more […]