Perennial Quest – Timeless Warriors Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: What is the band’s stance on intricacy and technicality versus hooks and feel when it comes to Perennial Quest and songwriting? Are there times where you dial things Read more […]

Agrimonia – Awaken (Southern Lord)

Swedish troupe Agrimonia appears to be so invested into the band concept that they don’t even bother to highlight the fact At the Gates rhythm guitarist Martin Larsson is holding down the bass, or, they Read more […]

Heidevolk – Vuur van Verzet (Napalm)

The Heidevolk ship has been sailing through increasingly stormy waters over the past few years. First, before their last album, Velua, they lost original vocalist Joris Boghtdrincker. But they continued Read more […]

Atala – Labyrinth of Ashmedai (Salt of the Earth Records)

While one doesn’t really associate the seasons with doom/sludge, hearing an album like Labyrinth of Ashmedai in the early part of the year, as the snow hits the ground, can still resonate. A bleak, Read more […]

Tribulation – Down Below (Century Media)

One of the more celebrated acts in recent years, in no small part due to the sonic shifts they displayed with The Formulas of Death and The Children of the Night, which saw the band move into an entirely Read more […]

Trespass – Footprints in the Rock (Mighty Music)

Certified veterans of the NWOBHM, Sudbury’s Trespass, like many of their contemporaries, got off to a blazing start, then split up well before their time. From their 1979 formation to their initial 1982 Read more […]

Bleeding Gods – Dodekathlon (Nuclear Blast)

With all of the attention paid to Vikings and Norse mythology, it only makes sense that some bands would gravitate towards the Greek mythological legends as well. At least it’s a change of pace from Read more […]

Sinistro – Sangue Cassia (Season of Mist)

Fostering their own take on doomy and gloomy, Sinistro have been garnering more and more support with each passing release. Dark, sullen, and full of mood, it’s also hard not to discuss vocalist Patricia Read more […]

Ocean of Grief – Nightfall’s Lament (Naturmacht)

Pretty easy one to rattle off: “If Daylight Dies, October Tide and Slumber had a baby, it would be Ocean of Grief.” Yeah, it’s great to get down in the muck and mud with these type of bands, each Read more […]

Votov – Votov (Self-Released)

Palindromes are neat aren’t they? You don’t see too many bands in extreme metal going that route, but then again, when it comes to death metal nowadays, you don’t see too many bands heading in the Read more […]

Xenosis – Devour and Birth (Self-Released)

Embracing their progressive death metal stance, Xenosis appears ready to elevate minds and bodies through some wicked songwriting and intricate hooks/harmonizing possibilities on their newest album Devour Read more […]

Metaprism – Catalyst to Awakening (Self-Released)

Slowly building a name up for themselves in the modern metal/melodic death scene, the English act Metaprism have sculpted an approach that is more unique than you might initially give them credit for. Read more […]

Slow – V – Oceans (Code666)

Obviously, quite the self-descriptor; “Slow” is the name of a Belgian funeral doom band. The next best thing would be to actually call themselves “Doom Funeral” or something of that ilk. Apparently, Read more […]

Starsoup – Castles Of Sand CD Giveaway

Metalism Records and Dead Rhetoric are now giving away a copy of Starsoup’s Castles of Sand CD to one (1) lucky winner! Released on CD last December, Castles of Sand, according to a press release, is Read more […]

Epicenter – Subversion (Self-Released)

Watching the growth of a band from the ground up can be an exhilarating thrill-ride – the maturation process as musicians shed their influence cocoon to blossom into their own entity. For New Hampshire’s Read more […]

Dominant – The Summoning (Lacerated Enemy Records)

Death metal is often at its best when it manages to encompass all of the fury within, yet keep things with some sort of semblance of order. Frantic, off-the-rails death metal is fine from time to time, Read more […]

Mile – The World in Focus (Rambo Music)

Forming in 2012, this Swedish band Mile develop a sound that straddles the lines of modern hard rock and aggressive heavy metal for The World in Focus, their second album. Considering this is this scribe’s Read more […]

Visigoth – Timeless Conquerors

Purveyors of classic heavy metal well rooted in NWOBHM and USPM platforms, Visigoth seemingly burst on the scene from their Salt Lake City, Utah base thanks to signing with Metal Blade Records, who released Read more […]

White Wizzard – Infernal Overdrive (M-Theory Audio)

The brainchild of bassist/guitarist/songwriter Jon Leon, White Wizzard certainly have had their shares of trials, tribulations, ups, and downs for their decade plus of activity. Struggling label support, Read more […]

Deathless Legacy – Rituals of Black Magic (Scarlet)

Give Deathless Legacy a tilt of the head and they’re like the Italian Cradle of Filth, just with a female singer and perhaps less thrash at the heart of it all. The drama, horror-flinging and symphonic Read more […]

Hellish God – The Evil Emanations (Everlasting Spew Records)

Falling into the category of sounding exactly like what their band name implies, Hellish God are nothing if not chaotic and fiery death metal. While this is the Italian act’s first full-length (following Read more […]

Howling Sycamore – Seasonal Ghosts

Anything that Davide Tiso puts his hands into tends to be along more creative, avant-garde lines. You’ll never get the ‘norm,’ so to speak. As an artist, he has always come across as genuinely Read more […]

Video Premiere: Grimner’s “En Fallen Jätte”

Start your weekend off in the right frame of mind with some catchy folk metal from Sweden’s Grimner. We at DR are happy to bring you a video premiere for the song “En Fallen Jätte,” which comes from Read more […]

Corpse Hoarder – Hard to Kill (Self-Released)

In the worldof today’s death metal scene, there are currently two major camps for most bands to sit in – the old school revivalists, and the uber-technical modern purveyors. It seems that outside Read more […]

Rise of Avernus – Eigengrau (Code666)

Dense, symphonic metal as this deserves a production job to hold it all up, which could explain why Australia’s Rise of Avernus gave American producer/former Machine Head/Soulfly/current Once Human guitarist Read more […]

Machine Head – Catharsis (Nuclear Blast)

Back in 1994, this scribe remembers getting an advance tape in the summer for Burn My Eyes, the debut album from Machine Head – and knew the game-changing dynamics this record would have. Melding together Read more […]

Silenmara – Shredding For a Cure

Many bands in the metal scene face an uphill battle. Whether it’s having a sound that is too far outside the norm, not finding the space for themselves in the market, or having life get in the way of Read more […]

Labyrinth – Return to Live (Frontiers Records)

In the late 1990’s, European power metal made a quick impact on a scene ready for something fresh. Labyrinth would be one of those groups putting Italy on the map along with Rhapsody, especially due Read more […]

Howling Sycamore – Howling Sycamore (Prosthetic)

It’s safe to say that if you know that Davide Tiso is involved in a project, you know you aren’t going to get something that is straight-forward and ‘been there, done that’ sounding. Tiso has Read more […]

Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse (Century Media)

Reactions were mixed to Watain’s 2013 The Wild Hunt. Whether because of the album’s variety moods (semi-ballad “They Rode On” is easily the most debated song of the lot) or the lessened froth, Read more […]

Summoning – With Doom We Come (Napalm)

Summoning may never equal the dual greatness of Stronghold and Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame, but, they’ve finally come up with an album that can hang in the form of With Doom We Come. Yes, this is Read more […]