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Review Face-Off: At the Gates – At War With Reality

[8/10] No one has had more riffs stolen than At the Gates, a fact any yokel can reinforce by listeni


Soen – Pride and Progression

The unfortunate consequence of starting a new band after leaving a popular, quasi-legendary band is

riot v

Riot V – Let Legacy Reign

Behind the scenes the common fan would shudder at the many forks in the road bands have to make in t

Ester Segarra

At the Gates – “We Wanted to Make the Best Goddamn Album We Could”

It’s clear that At the Gates is a band that needs no introduction to any fan of metal. After thei


Khold – A New(er) Dark Age

That would be “Cold” for those of curiosity, although lest we not confuse this Khold with the nu


Revocation: Death…More or Less?

Possessing a healthy appetite for metal on the live front since my indoctrination in the 1980’s, i