Heavy as Texas – A Texas State of Mind

Obviously a name like Heavy as Texas implies there’s going to be some dense guitars and weight to the sound. But what you might expect is the diversity that comes to play over the 8 tracks that makes Read more […]

Bat – Axestasy (Hells Headbangers)

The speed/heavy metal act Bat issue material when they can squeeze time and energy together – two-thirds of the lineup in bassist/vocalist Ryan Waste plus guitarist Nick Poulos active with Municipal Read more […]

Suldusk – Lunar Falls (Northern Silence Productions)

One-person forest-y metal isn’t exactly new territory in 2019. Ever since the wave of post-black metal hit its pinnacle, there’s been an abundance of the stuff on the market. Many of which are simply Read more […]

The Machinist – Confidimus in Morte (Prosthetic)

The more modern side of metal can have some interesting tweaks if the members involved choose to venture down the rabbit hole. The Machinist unleash a varied number of influences on their debut album, Read more […]

Atlas Pain – Tales of a Pathfinder (Scarlet Records)

Establishing a precedence for epic folk-oriented metal with extreme nuances on their What the Oak Left debut from 2017, it’s evident when looking at the full presentation of Atlas Pain that we are dealing Read more […]

Valence – Cognitive Dissidents (Self-Released)

Jumping into the instrumental prog category is a challenging thing. For many bands, there’s a feeling of technicality over songwriting, which makes it appeal only to their fellow peers. While there’s Read more […]

Hath – Of Rot and Ruin (Willowtip Records)

While it’s enjoyable to hear veteran bands up the ante with a new release at every corner, there’s a different type of thrill to hear a newer band come through and blow away your expectations on their Read more […]

Archaic Decapitator – Apothecary (Self-Released)

Three years and a few line-up changes removed from their 2016 EP Light of a Different Sun, Connecticut-based melodic death metal act Archaic Decapitator is back with another EP in the form of Apothecary. Read more […]

Review Face-Off: Seax – Fallout Rituals (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Consistently embracing an unadulterated enthusiasm for raw speed metal that has traditional and punk inflections, Seax maintain a workhorse, blue-collar aspect to their memorable live performances and Read more […]

Inferi – The End of an Era: Rebirth (The Artisan Era)

Back in 2009, Inferi wasn’t nearly as much of an extreme metal name as they are today. But, as this scribe’s first exposure to the band after the album’s release (and their temporary disappearance Read more […]

Tasteful Turmoil – The Phantom Fear (Inverse Records)

One of the more unique band names as of late, Tasteful Turmoil started in 2015, their path entailing a mixture of groove, thrash, and death influences while stirring in some traditional, NWOBHM nuances. Read more […]

Ashen Horde – Reveling in Profound Darkness

It’s been a while since we first discovered Ashen Horde on a random click within Bandcamp. It’s been interesting to watch the act, initially a one-man band of Trevor Portz, grow and mature in the Read more […]

March 2019 Album of the Month – Cellar Darling’s The Spell

The second time that Cellar Darling has managed to snag album of the month here at Dead Rhetoric, one listen to The Spell and its easy to see why. Upping their game from the eclectic but engaging debut Read more […]

Allegaeon – Apoptosis (Metal Blade)

Consistently showing growth and the ability to adapt/evolve with each new album, Allegaeon have earned the title of being one of America’s strongest melodic death metal bands. It has taken a lot of Read more […]

Latitudes – Part Island (Debemur Morti Productions)

There’s a certain amount of trepidation with approaching anything marked with the genre mashup of ‘sludge/post-metal’. Rather than kick things off here with an intrinsically negative tone, suffice Read more […]

Dead City Crown – Rex Mortuus (Self-Released)

In just under a year, New Jersey’s Dead City Crown are back with another short blaster of an EP. Following up the three track Apex of Fury, Rex Mortuus is kind enough to expand things to four songs Read more […]

Nightrage – Melodeath Survivors

Bands that play pure, old school melodic death metal aren’t as easy to come by as they were in the past. Many have stopped playing, or incorporated more commercially-driven material to the point that Read more […]

Solarus – Darkest Days (Self-Released)

Blossoming from a personal project of guitarist/songwriter Lucas McArthur into a full band, Solarus have spent countless hours crafting the best albums possible given their independent status and funding. Read more […]

Sworn Enemy – Gamechanger (M-Theory Audio)

Growing older, there’s something that’s simply satisfying about the straight-forward attack of the hardcore scene. The way that the veteran bands continue to bring forth a certain level of venom and Read more […]

Suldusk – Melancholic in Nature

A relatively new force within the Australian scene, Suldusk is the vision of Emily Highfield. With a sound that pulls in several different directions, but with a uniform tone of gloominess and atmosphere, Read more […]

Wormwitch – Heaven That Dwells Within (Prosthetic Records)

There is an occasional magic to be found in things that, while being tangibly drawing on a variety of sources (whether related or not) they swirl them together and produce something awesome in composite. Read more […]

Terrific Verdict – Wheel of Fortune (Inverse Records)

Another act resurrecting decades after their original inception – Finnish thrash band Terrific Verdict were a part of the late 80’s scene, releasing two demos in 1988-89 before separating in 1990. Read more […]

Red Handed Denial – From Wanderer to Redeemer

It’s often hard for bands to come up with something that feels innovative, yet is still relatable to a larger audience. Ontario’s Red Handed Denial have been pushing forward for a decade with a sound Read more […]

Hannes Grossmann – Apophenia (Self-Released)

Without question, one of the most renown drummers in extreme metal circles today is Hannes Grossmann. One could list his achievements but it would leave little room for the actual review of the material, Read more […]

Parting Gift – Ensom (Fearless Records)

Just as bleak and cold as the cover art would lead you to believe, Parting Gift are able to bring in darkness by the truckload. A gloomy coating of fog surrounds the 20-minute runtime, establishing the Read more […]

Iron Savior – In for the Kill

Guitarist/vocalist Piet Sielck keeps the metal guard alive and kicking through his work not only as a metal producer, but also his original act Iron Savior. Hard to believe the band are now up to their Read more […]

Vetrar Draugurinn – Hinterlands (Painted Bass Records)

First releasing a 3-track EP back in 2017, Vetrar Draugurinn are back with their debut full-length, this time with label Painted Bass Records backing them. Comprised of ex-Stream of Passion guitarist Read more […]

Cruel Bomb – Manhattan Mischief (Self-Released)

Power trios in any heavy genre appear to be less the norm these days – so it’s very cool when you hear a thrash act like Cruel Bomb treading the crossover/hardcore angle from an older perspective on Read more […]

October Tide – Of Melancholy Splendor

October Tide founding member/guitarist Frederik Norrman isn’t the most verbose of fellas, preferring short, to-the-point responses to the below email interview, but maybe he doesn’t have to do a great Read more […]

Eluveitie – Ategnatos (Nuclear Blast)

It’s worth acknowledging that it’s been a long time since there’s been a tried-and-true Eluveitie release. One of folk metal’s biggest names have been mostly absent since 2014’s Origins. Sure, Read more […]

Three Dead Fingers – Breed of the Devil (Bleeding Music Records)

It’s a faster world thanks to technology – allowing younger musicians to gain proficiency at their instruments quicker because of the unlimited resources within the right connections and keystrokes. Read more […]