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solace of requiem

Now You Know: Solace of Requiem

Formation: 2001 Location: Virginia, USA Style: Extreme metal that balances technicality and melody


Crucified Barbara – Blackened Hearts Reign

Critics, let alone history, have never been kind to female-fronted, or all-female hard rock and meta


Evergrey – Hymns Unbroken

Fortunate to take in The Dark Discovery from my early co-editor years at Snakepit magazine, immediat

Victim of Contagion Band Photo

October 2014 Demo Tribunal

Not having a new demo tribunal since April (yikes!), it seemed the time was right to at last clear o

Amaranthe band

Review Face-off: Amaranthe – Massive Addictive (Spinefarm)

[9/10] As the seemingly constant late 1990’s ad-run of Monster Ballads proclaimed, “every bad bo

a sound of thunder 2

A Sound of Thunder – New Legacy Calling Part II

Dead Rhetoric: Nina, as a female vocalist in a particular sub-genre more well-known for strong male