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RAM: “Consumption Is the New Religion”

For most of the 1990’s (at least in North America), traditional and power metal were dirty words to most heavy consumers. Lead breaks, leather and chains, and high pitch clean singing gave way to more Read more […]

Kardashev – Peripety (Subliminal Groove Records)

For many, the term “deathcore” ends up being tossed about much like a dirty word, instantly sullying the band in question. Regardless of your take on the genre, it does have its innovators. Those Read more […]

The Order of Chaos – Apocalypse Moon (Killer Metal Records)

Edmonton, Alberta Canada may be known to most as the hockey town that Wayne Gretzky put on Lord Stanley’s map during the 1980’s, but there has been a potent metal scene brewing in these parts for quite Read more […]

Pronostic – An Atomic Decision (Self-Released)

After coming across Pronostic’s 2012 debut, Deviated Inner Spectrum, last year on Bandcamp, it was thrilling to see that the band was coming out with a follow-up. Sporting a killer cover from Colin Read more […]

Manimal – Trapped in the Shadows (AFM Records)

Hitting the charts right out of the gate in their Swedish homeland with their 2009 The Darkest Room debut album, it’s been six years to reach for the follow up currently under the microscope. With a Read more […]

Graveshadow – Nocturnal Resurrection (Mausoleum)

A bunch of relative newbs from California, Graveshadow have not only managed to snag a deal with long-standing Belgium label Mausoleum, they were also assisted in the mixing process of Deathstars main Read more […]

Eldritch – Avoiding the Trend Train

Ever wonder why certain bands gain a modest level of critical and audience acclaim, only to never ascend to that comfort level of making a living off of their art? A ridiculous notion for sure, to think Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – November 2015

Sitting around trying to gather up the last of the Bandcamp albums for this month was no easy feat. With so much being put forth, and knowing that next month’s feature would be the “Best-of” for Read more […]

Kauan – Sorni Nai (Blood Music)

If Bandcamp has provided this writer with anything, it’s that the Russian metal scene is one that is booming, and always producing exceptional, under-the-radar stuff. The Russian/Ukranian band Kauan Read more […]

In Malice’s Wake – Light upon the Wicked (Punishment 18 Records)

Establishing a presence in the thrash field circa 2015 is not easy considering the veteran players still pummeling with high quality product (Testament, Death Angel, Overkill) as well as the newer generation Read more […]

Bauda – Sporelights (Temple of Torturous)

A band who evidently, are just starting to come into their own in the oftentimes expansive and exciting world of atmospheric rock-on-metal (or vice-versa), Chile’s Bauda have released a symmetrical, lush Read more […]

Weeping Birth – The Crushed Harmony (Apathia Records)

The one-man project – a usual black metal specialty at this point. To the point that it’s not really shocking anybody when it comes through with a press release. But one-man death metal? That’s Read more […]

Caelestia – Beneath Abyss (Inverse Records)

He does fantastic artwork, but from a mile away, you know it’s a Seth Siro Anton (Septicflesh) cover art job on Beneath Abyss. Such was the first thing that came to mind when Caelestia’s Beneath Abyss Read more […]

CAGE, Skull Hammer, Chronovore – November 18, 2015 – Firehouse 13, Providence, R.I.

American power metal mavens CAGE are currently on tour in support of their latest album, Ancient Evil, and since the San Diego quintet doesn’t often make it out to the East Coast, their stop at Firehouse Read more […]

Cryptopsy – Opening a New Tome

Without question, one of the most frequently cited bands when it comes to setting the death metal bar, Cryptopsy has had a long and storied history. None So Vile has to be one of the most celebrated albums Read more […]

Ouroboros – Emanations (Self-Released)

Blame it on Dimmu Borgir. Or more recently perhaps Septicflesh and Fleshgod Apocalypse. But there’s no denying the impact of an effective orchestration surrounding an extreme metal base. Ouroboros’ Read more […]

Abigail Williams – The Accuser (Candlelight)

The longstanding complaint with Abigail Williams is that they’re almost too adaptable to the times. When keyboard-dominated, metalcore-influenced black metal started to head on out, so did Abigail Williams. Read more […]

Pathologic Noise – Gore Aberration (Greyhaze Records)

The latest case of the disappearing band act, Brazil’s Pathologic Noise recorded several demos starting in the late ‘90s and delivered a full-length, Sodomy and Delight on Flesh, in 2003 only to vanish Read more […]

Visceral Throne – Those Who Have Fallen Beyond the Grace of God (Comatose Music)

A bit of a lengthy title on this one, particularly when the album (EP?) only consists of 4 songs and a brief introduction. But there’s no denying the “metalness” and coolness of this particular Read more […]

Promethee – Unrest (Lifeforce)

A bit unnerving to see dude-man-bro-down metalcore/djent ‘core makes it way over to Switzerland, you know? We’ve yet to quarantine the style over here in America, so when it travels over the Atlantic Read more […]

Entwine – Chaos Entwined

Personally speaking, when one thinks back to the early 2000s Finnish metal/gothic rock scene, there was Sentenced, Charon, To/Die/For, and of course, Entwine. For a while (read: the eras of Time of Despair Read more […]

This Gift is a Curse – All Hail the Swinelord (Season of Mist)

Of the areas that can currently be explored with the black metal lens, one ripe for the taking is that of hardcore/metalcore (old school metalcore, not the Gothenburg-inspired stuff). There’s an interesting Read more […]

Saxon – Battering Ram (UDR Music)

There’s no better example of an age-defying band than Saxon. Every album release, it’s a marvel Biff Byford and company are still operating at such a high level; it’s almost as if they’re oblivious Read more […]

Månegarm – Månegarm (Napalm)

Sweden’s Månegarm has been kicking out the blackened/folksy Viking metal jams since the late nineties. Now releasing their eighth studio album, these vets ably demonstrate their staying power in the genre, Read more […]

Phantasma – The Deviant Hearts (Napalm)

A musical project between a number of symphonic/power metal musicians known around the circuit such as Delain vocalist Charlotte Wessels, Serenity singer Georg Neuhauser and Everon multi-instrumentalist/producer Read more […]

Sun Worship – Elder Giants (Translation Loss)

Originally released in early 2014 on cassette (no less), Sun Worship’s debut effort Elder Giants is getting the proper release treatment via Translation Loss. A German black metal trio who formed in Read more […]

Solution .45 – For Aeons Still to Come

Solution .45 had a lot of things going for them back in 2010. They had just released For Aeons Past, which set them up into the upper echelon to deliver modern melodic death metal that was sure to appeal Read more […]

GWAR – November 14, 2015 – The Palladium, Worcester, MA

In celebration of 30 years of total world domination, the intergalactic overlords known as GWAR invaded the Worcester Palladium in Massachusetts on Nov. 14. It’s always an entertaining spectacle for Read more […]

War Curse – Fighting For Honor

Delineating quality in the metal realm these days isn’t as simple as looking at the cover art or a label name anymore. Thanks to the internet, the power is in the hands of the consumer more than ever Read more […]

Shallow Ground – Embrace the Fury (Killer Metal Records)

Digging deeper into my new local CT scene, this journalist first took in Shallow Ground from Meriden at a thrash/death show in New Hampshire prior to moving – immediately picking up their debut album Read more […]

Mord ‘A’ Stigmata – Our Hearts Slow Down (Pagan Records)

It’s very possible the fertile extreme metal country that is Poland won’t be able to hold onto Mord ‘A’ Stigmata for much longer. Active since 2004, the Poles have held court in their own territory Read more […]