The Browning – Hypernova (Earache/Century Media)

Friday, 6th December 2013
Rating: 5.5/10

Is it wrong to say that “electronicacore” is more interesting than plain old deathcore? Are we going to start pining for metal-on-electronic unions like in 1997 when all sorts of bands hooked up for the Spawn soundtrack? Are you impressed that DR remembers such a point in time? Isn’t it really annoying when a lead-in is all questions? Maybe the only time it has worked is when the New York Times absolutely obliterated Guy Fieri’s restaurant, right? (Has anyone ever sampled Donkey Sauce?) That was the last question, promise.

Hypernova happens to be the second offering from Texas-based The Browning, who unfortunately because of their union with Earache, make us think of former Morbid Angel/Nocturnus drummer Mike Browning. Alas, they’re separate entities. But on display here is the predictable deathcore stop-start staccato formula, simply slathered up with electronics. One would say this approach is unique, but most will find The Browning’s ideas to be tedious and quite bland, which is where most of the album falls. The beatdowns they use have been already run into the ground, so the slightly different spin evoked on “Save the World” or “Industry” might have legs, if only for a short moment. And let’s not even delve into the whiny/auto-tuned clean vocals on “Fifth Kind.” Meh to the max.

The marriage of electronic elements and metal has always been shaky at best, so taking what is clearly the most despised form of metal going and blending it with futuristic keyboard patches isn’t going to earn The Browning any amount of new fans at the present time. What it should do, though, is put the band in contention to play some rave parties. Who knows, perhaps Guy Fieri’s restaurant could cater, eh? (Do they have catering at raves?)

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