RandomnessSeptember 2016 Album of the Month: Allegaeon's Proponent for Sentience

September 2016 Album of the Month: Allegaeon’s Proponent for Sentience

It’s not often that we give 10/10’s at Dead Rhetoric. So it’s without much surprise or fanfare that Allegaeon’s latest opus, Proponent for Sentience was chosen as our album of the month (though admittedly with some stiff competition from Insomnium’s Winter’s Gate). Allegaeon’s fourth album not only sees the introduction of new vocalist Riley McShane, but the entire band stepping things up a notch from the already excellent Elements of the Infinite. Memorable riffs, staggering leads, and death metal majesty reign supreme over a 72-minute runtime that never becomes self-indulgent or excessive. Allegaeon have worked their way to the forefront of the scene, and Proponent for Sentience shows them capable of dominating it.

An excerpt from Kyle McGinn’s 10/10 review, which posted on September 1, 2016:

Some notable changes have helped Allegaeon’s next step in evolution from the already excellent Elements of the Infinite. The Allegaeon unit is almost completely intact from Elements (except vocally, but we’ll get to that), and this makes for a much larger jump in terms of dynamics and songwriting. Guitarists Greg Burgess and Michael Stancel have dreamed up some absolutely gorgeous melodies, and the band shows a more progressive pathway than previously exhibited. Just check out the classical acoustic guitar that bookends “Gray Matter Mechanics” or the dreamy, soaring melodies of “Of Mind and Matrix” that add some chill-inducing ethereal moments to an otherwise frenetic track. Gentle acoustic moments are written in to other tracks, such as “The Arbiters” or “Terrathaw and the Quake,” while tracks like “All Hail Science” and “The Arbiters” show the band’s more abrasive side is still quite intact. The orchestration (again from Joe Ferris) takes the band to even greater heights, as evidenced quickly with the opening cut “Proponent for Sentience – The Conception,” but also bringing a more urgent tone to thrashier cuts like “Demons of an Intricate Design.”

Written in a way that is accessible to newer fans, yet contains the technical wonders that many deep in the scene yearn for, Proponent for Sentience is a rich listen that all extreme metal fans can appreciate and enjoy. Sweeping orchestrations, breath-taking hooks, adrenaline-fueled riffs, stunning leads, and diverse vocals…Allegaeon has done it all. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a stronger album this year.

Read the entire review HERE, and check out the full album on the Bandcamp widget below.

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