March 2021 Album of the Month: Orden Ogan’s Final Days

Thursday, 15th April 2021

Continuing to reach higher and higher with each album, Orden Ogan have really nailed it with their latest in Final Days. Massive hooks to sink into, addictive melodies and harmonies, and some straight up fun to be had with this German act. A nice balance of heaviness to it all too. The type of release that should draw in a wider crowd than just the power metal folks, provided they give it go.

An excerpt from Matt Coe’s 9.5/10 review, which posted on March 21, 2021:

Elevating to headline status across Europe, moving up the billing of prominent festivals, hitting the conventional record charts in multiple countries – all are signs that what you are doing in terms of songwriting, style, and substance connects. Final Days as the seventh Orden Ogan album takes what has worked for the band in terms of vocal choirs and stirring anthems and pushes the versatility even further – creating ten more tracks that champion memorable, emotionally connective songs that make sense part to part, allowing the listener to engage deeper and deeper with the hooks, harmonies, and outside embellishing moments.

Orden Ogan are the heir apparent to what started from the roots of Helloween, Running Wild, and Blind Guardian – developing their own trademarks and becoming one of the best, most consistent German metal bands in today’s scene. Final Days is a logical successor to Gunman – and for my money the best full-length to date for the band.

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