June 2015 Album of the Month: Disarmonia Mundi’s Cold Inferno

Friday, 3rd July 2015

A rather tight battle between Unleash the Archers, Helloween, and Disarmonia Mundi saw the Italian elodic death metal band just eek past the competition for a number of strong June releases. Disarmonia Mundi’s last output was back in 2009 (not counting the 2011 re-issue of Mind Tricks), so perhaps it’s that 6 year starvation for new material that put it out in front. Regardless, Cold Inferno was a dose of melodic death long-time fans had been craving. DM’s unique approach of applying frantic speed and heavily layered guitar melodies just hits a certain sweet spot that other like-minded bands just can’t pull off.

An excerpt from Kyle McGinn’s 9.5/10 review, which posted June 7, 2015:

Cold Inferno is the first DM release in six years, and long story short – it delivers. A whirlwind of layered melodic riffs moving at frantic speeds guide each track and then dip in for an infectious chorus. This is fast, heavy, and intense when it wants to be, in stark contrast to many melodic death bands that err on the side of caution and mid-tempo riffing. What makes it work is that there is a sense of immediacy given by the hooky choruses that reel you in, yet as you continue to listen to each track, you’ll hear something that you didn’t notice before in the faster sections within the densely layered melodies that will make you continue to return to the album.

…Cold Inferno confirms Disarmonia Mundi’s status as the most under-rated melodic death metal band going. Many tend to ignore/have not heard of the band due to their “studio-only” status, but there’s a core of die-hards that will wait the band out, yearning for their next release.

Read the full review HERE.

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