HATE Bassist Died of Heart Rhythm Disturbances

Saturday, 13th April 2013

HATE bassist Slawomir “Mortifer” Archangielskij passed away in his sleep the morning of April 6. The band has posted the following update on the cause of his death:

“Last night our friend’s body arrived in Warsaw. Autopsy report determines one cause of death – heart rhythm disturbances (Herzrythmusstörung). It is also known that Slawek suffered from asthma and had problems with breathing whilst asleep (obstructive sleep apnea). His family would like to thank everybody who helps and supports them in this tragic moment with the following words:

‘We would like to thank for sympathy, love and any kind of support that we have been given by Slawek’s friends from the bands Hate, Naumachia and Saltus. We also would like to thank the band Hypocrisy for their attitude and support which is very much appreciated. Great thanks to all kind people in Poland and all over the world whose moving goodwill helps us so much in this hard moment.

We inform that the last farewell to Slawek will take place on April 16th in Cmentarz Pó?nocny (Wólka W?glowa) at 11.30 in hall B. Between 12.15 and 12.45 S?awek’s body will be shown in the Farewell Hall. His ashes will be buried on April 17th at Czerniakowski Cemetary in Sadyba (Warsaw).”

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