Therion – The Leviathan Approaches

A band that has always moved forward to the beat of their own drum, Therion has built up quite a discography over the 30+ years they have been around for. Evolving and twisting their sound, and challenging Read more […]

Warside – The Enemy Inside (Self-Released)

French death metal act Warside bring out their first release in the form of this explosive, 20-minute release The Enemy Inside. Full throttle death metal is something best doled out in a short span of Read more […]

Mechina – Siege (Self-Released)

Everyone’s favorite January 1st release band, Mechina have once again delivered a new dish for fans to enjoy. 2019’s Telesterion came across as a bit of a disappointment, marred by a sound that was Read more […]

Therion — Leviathan (Nuclear Blast)

Love ’em or loathe ’em, Swedish symphonic/operatic metal band Therion has always done things outside of the box. The band has successfully carved out its own niche within the metal world since its Read more […]

Ritualist – An Audience of Desolation (Self-Released)

Oftentimes in the world of Bandcamp, for this scribe, it’s a matter of noticing the artwork that ends up being a factor in giving an album a click to listen to it or not. In the case of An Audience Read more […]

Black & Damned – Heavenly Creatures (Rock of Angels Records)

When it comes to traditional forms of heavy metal, Germany continues to be a shining beacon for domestic acts showcasing their talent. The debut record Heavenly Creatures from Black & Damned features twelve Read more […]

Warning Sign – Collateral Damage (Self-Released)

Many artists are using this downtime for COVID-19 to hunker down and become more productive with their recordings. A fruitful bounty of material pays dividends for Canada’s Warning Sign – who last Read more […]

Dismal – Isolate (Self-Released)

In 2018, Dismal released their latest EP, When Light Left Us, and it marked some significant shifts. The first under the name Dismal (they were previously called Burn the Empire), it tweaked their death Read more […]

Colossus – Degenesis (Comatose)

There’s something to be said for brutal death metal bands that know exactly how to trim the fat to deliver a pulverizingly lean attack. Colossus manages to do this on their first go-round with Degenesis, Read more […]

Infected Humans – Unexpected Traumatic Experiences (Gore House)

Yep, this is another case of knowing exactly what you are going to get under the hood just by looking at the grotesque cover art. Infected Humans is an Ecuadorian brutal death metal band that sounds just Read more […]

Winterage – The Inheritance of Beauty (Scarlet Records)

When combining terms for specific metal bands these days, horizons can be limitless. Especially when ‘symphonic’ is added to an already adventurous and energetic style as power metal. Securing a deal Read more […]

Eximperitus – Sahrartu (Willowtip)

Probably known more in some circles for the excruciatingly long name of the band and indecipherable logo, Eximperitus has made the jump onto a larger label with Willowtip Records providing a home for their Read more […]

Stellar Death – Light Breaking Through

For whatever the case may be, space and heavy metal can make some excellent bedfellows. The vastness of it, the darkness surrounding it, or the intriguing phenomena that occurs throughout it. It can Read more […]

Olÿphant – Destinies of the Soul (Self-Released)

Combining an array of progressive, atmospheric, traditional, doom, and thrash influences, Massachusetts band Olÿphant ensures the listener will never be bored song to song when taking in any of their Read more […]

Altered Dead – Returned to Life (Memento Mori)

Canadian two-piece death metal act Altered Dead are back after 2016’s self-titled debut with their second effort, Returned to Life. The first thing that stands out here is the ugly, cosmic, and otherworldly Read more […]

Voodoo Circle – Locked & Loaded (AFM Records)

Reuniting with the Broken Heart Syndrome lineup of Voodoo Circle from 2011, Locked & Loaded keeps guitarist Alex Beyrodt (Primal Fear) firmly exploring his 70’s/80’s bluesy melodic hard rock influences Read more […]

Comatose – A Way Back (Transcending Records)

A group comprised of members of Amiensus, Chrome Waves, and Fail to Decay tackling dreary atmospheric rock/shozegaze with some ‘90s grunge influences to boot, A Way Back is a bit of a different album Read more […]

Nervosa – Swirling in Chaos

Maintaining proper vision and focus when you’ve established a dedicated fanbase can be difficult when there are significant lineup changes. Brazilian thrash band Nervosa has expanded to a four-piece Read more […]

January 2021 Rapid Fires

A new year and a fresh start as always, we at Dead Rhetoric look forward to what 2021 will deliver us in terms of new metal music to enjoy. The bar has been set quite high, but we’re sure this year will Read more […]

Phantom Elite – Titanium (Frontiers)

A few years back, Phantom Elite was a band that came out of nowhere and totally impressed with their modern metal debut, Wasteland. Despite some symphonic metal undercurrents, the sound they aimed for Read more […]

Conviction – Conviction (Argonauta Records)

Originating as a one-man outfit and expanding into a full band, French act Conviction live for the old school doom metal movement on this self-titled debut album. Olivier Verron handled all the duties Read more […]

FireForce – Rage of War (Rock of Angels Records)

Touring does wonders for certain musicians. While on tour with Nightmare a few years back, Belgian power metal act FireForce made quite the impression for Nightmare guitarist Matt Asselberghs – enough Read more […]

Asphyx – Necroceros (Century Media)

Not exactly an act in need of an introduction, Asphyx have been championing death metal for over 30 years to date. With some certified classics in their back catalog, as well as their combination of hard-hitting Read more […]

Iron Mask – The Masters Return

Guitarist Dushan Petrossi adheres to a strong creative attitude and subsequent consistent release schedule for two acts. Distributing his love for melodic, power, speed, and neoclassical metal, both Magic Read more […]

Coldun – Grand Sun Ritual (Self-Released)

Initiating in 2006 as a solo project, Coldun has grown into a full group with long-time musicians who are top-notch in their field. Releasing two previous full-lengths with 2007’s Necessariis? Dubiis? Read more […]

Dark Zodiak – Ophiuchus: The Thirteenth Sign of Zodiac (Self-Released)

With a ten year history behind them at this point, Germany’s Dark Zodiak has released two previous full-length efforts to their name. Ophiuchus: The Thirteenth Sign of Zodiac is their third release, Read more […]

Spellmaster – Unearthed Arcana (Self-Released)

Mystery and fantasy collide for this unknown trio of musicians coming together as Spellmaster. Inspiration coming from the original role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, Gwydion the Bearded, Molasar of Read more […]

Be the Wolf – Torino (Scarlet Records)

Most bands follow a specific creative arc – slowly shedding their cocoon of influences to capture their own style or sense of direction. Ten years in, Italian power trio Be the Wolf arrive at their fourth Read more […]

Song Premiere: Revulsion’s “Lihaan Sidottu Kirja”

We are happy to partner up with Transcending Obscurity Records to share a new track from the upcoming self-titled album from Revulsion. The first full-length effort from the long-running Finnish band Read more […]

Alta Reign – Mother’s Day (Rat Pak Records)

Featuring ex-Savatage/current Trans-Siberian Orchestra drummer Jeff Plate and fellow TSO keyboardist Jane Mangini, Alta Reign is the culmination of an initial genesis thirty years ago finally coming to Read more […]

Airborn – Lizard Secrets: Part Two – Age of Wonder (Fighter Records)

Continuing the second of a three-part trilogy of albums that started in 2018 with Lizard Secrets Part One: Land of the Living, Airborn have returned with Part Two: Age of Wonder. Beginning 2020 in one Read more […]