Light the Torch – Musicians and Best Friends

Frequently cited as a supergroup, the members of Light the Torch have been through a lot together. Legal battles over previous moniker Devil You Know, in addition to personal problems, such as guitarist Read more […]

Svn.Seeker – Means to an End (Self-Released)

Thankfully reaching out to this CT act through Instagram, Svn.Seeker (pronounced Sun.Seeker) have been together since 2017 and finally releases their debut EP in Means to an End. The four-piece contains Read more […]

This Ending – Needles of Rust (Black Lion Records)

Five years now removed from their third full-length, Garden of Death, the Swedish melodic death metal purists of This Ending are back with another round of the good stuff. And by good stuff, of course Read more […]

May 2021 Album of the Month – Sumo Cyco’s Initiation

Just squeezing through tough competition with Alluvial and Frozen Crown, Canadian act Sumo Cyco snag album of the month for their energetic and fun Initiation. An album that twists and turns, sticks in Read more […]

Alustrium – A Monument to Silence (Unique Leader)

Gaining some buzz a bit later on than other Pennsylvanian acts Rivers of Nihil and Black Crown Initiate, Alustrium made 2015’s A Tunnel to Eden an independent release worth seeking out for those into Read more […]

Graywitch – Rise of the Witch (Sleaszy Rider Records)

Greece and Cyprus are the homelands for this power metal outfit Graywitch – forming in October 2018 and releasing their debut full-length with Rise of the Witch. Those in the know when it comes to this Read more […]

Wanderer – Liberation from a Brutalist Existence (Entelodon Records)

Abrasive, crusty, and thick as hell. That’s one way to describe the Minnesota-based Wanderer on their corrosive debut, Liberation from a Brutalist Existence. Dipping their toes into a bit of everything Read more […]

Olorin – Through Shadow and Flame (Rafchild Records)

Those familiar with Lord of the Rings know Olorin as the old name of Gandalf the wizard. Well, it’s also the namesake for this Illinois doom metal band. Together since 2009, they’ve released a self-titled Read more […]

Terravoid – Ectogenesis (Liminal Spaces Distribution)

Sometimes the best projects or bands take time to ruminate before coalescing into proper form. Beginning in the mind of vocalist Oliver Palmquest from death metal band Phidion in 2009, a decade would pass Read more […]

Sunken State – Solace in Solitude (Self-Released)

South African act Sunken State bring with them a modern slant to groove, death, and thrash with their debut full-length, Solace in Solitude. Formed back in 2018, they have previously released an EP but Read more […]

Plaguestorm – Purifying Fire (Noble Demon)

It’s no secret that many writers of this site have a strong affinity for melodic death metal. Coming from the start of the scene in the 1990’s with the work of At the Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity Read more […]

Exsanguination – Spectral Hymns (Horror Pain Gore Death)

Next in line with Swedish death metal worship is that of Massachusetts’ Exsanguination. Their debut full-length, Spectral Hymns, does everything that you would expect a release like this to do. It Read more […]

Helloween – Pumpkins Aligned

Next to the classic lineups of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden coming back together during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the most welcome reunion metalheads clamored for globally took place a couple Read more […]

Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum (Nuclear Blast)

Unfortunately, at this point there’s not much that can be done to separate the issues surrounding Aggression Continuum from the music. With a series of events including a massive legal tie-up due to Read more […]

Flotsam and Jetsam – Blood in the Water (AFM Records)

Grasping attention from a second generation of thrash followers who weren’t born during the band’s initial ascension from Metal Blade to Elektra/MCA major label ranks, Flotsam and Jetsam prove their Read more […]

Kalah – Human (Self-Released)

Having already introduced themselves with their first EP only in February of this year, modern metal act Kalah strikes while the iron is still hot with this second 4 song offering. Clearly a very productive Read more […]

Silver Talon – Decadence and Decay (M-Theory Audio)

Garnering acclaim for their 2018 Becoming a Demon debut EP (this scribe was definitely impressed), Silver Talon signed with M-Theory Audio and unleashes their first full-length for Decadence and Decay. Read more […]

Path of Destiny – The Seed of All Evil (Apostasy)

German melodic death metal band Path of Destiny has been championing that old school feel for 10 years at this point, and The Seed of All Evil is their third album. Five years removed from Dreams in Splendid Read more […]

Crypta – Ultimate Echoes

Unleashing a fury of death metal with blackened, thrash, and melodic textures, Crypta arrives on the scene with quite an established legacy through previous work. Bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira and drummer Read more […]

Interloper – Search Party (Nuclear Blast)

Modern progressive act Interloper seem to have been putting the finishing touches on their debut album, Search Party, for what seems a minute. But it’s finally here, and the name seems appropriate, Read more […]

Mother of All – Age of the Solipsist (Black Lion Records)

A new Danish act, Mother of All is a death metal band that thrives on using different parts of the extreme scene to their advantage. Not something that’s particularly unheard of in this day and age, Read more […]

Desaster – Churches Without Saints (Metal Blade)

Although the albums come out more sporadically, German blackened/thrash outfit Desaster are reliable in terms of sheer quality release to release. Outside obligations growing deeper into adult lives explains Read more […]

Blazon Rite – Endless Halls of Golden Totem (Gates of Hell Records)

Musicians have been resourceful when getting around COVID-related restrictions – especially if you were planning to record a full-length in a proper studio, as Blazon Rite’s originally put on the docket Read more […]

Go Ahead and Die – Go Ahead and Die (Nuclear Blast)

Certainly, when the name Cavalera comes up it’s bound to pique the interest of a large amount of metal fans. A collaborative effort between Igor Amadeus Cavalera and his father Max, coupled with the Read more […]

Living Dead Girl – Dark yet Feminine

Headed up by Molly Rennick, Living Dead Girl is a new band that attempts to bridge two very different worlds. That of heavy metal and pop music. Their debut album, Exorcism, goes from heavy, driving Read more […]

Reject the Sickness – While Our World Dissolves (WormHoleDeath)

Driving home a musical cocktail of melodic death metal, thrash and metalcore, Belgian group Reject the Sickness whet this scribe’s appetite for their sound based on the previous 2019 EP The New Chapter. Read more […]

Fluids – Not Dark Yet (Hells Headbangers)

Carrying on the tradition of fuzzed up, barbaric, and filthy death metal (a la Mortician), Fluids return with their third effort in Not Dark Yet. With this old school type of goregrind assault, you don’t Read more […]

Crimson Dimension – Crimson Dimension (Spread Evil)

Blackened progressive metal is a moniker you don’t hear too often. Yet according to Finnish Crimson Dimension, this is what their self-titled debut EP contains. Or perhaps I should call it their debut Read more […]

Deadtide – The Rabbit Hole (Self-Released)

Having caught Deadtide a few times live at this point over the years, it’s been nice to see their growth within the melodic death metal spectrum. The New York/New Jersey-based act has always embraced Read more […]

Living Dead Girl – Exorcism (Self-Released)

It’s always a nice feeling to come across artists that are willing to stretch or completely breakdown genre boundaries and experiment a bit. While some may find Living Dead Girl to be a polarizing experience, Read more […]

Iron Jaws – Declaration of War (Pure Steel Records)

Intertwining a combination of heavy metal and speed influences from the 80’s, Iron Jaws from Italy are a five-piece outfit who have been producing their style since 2006. Issuing two albums to date with Read more […]