ReviewsOrder to Ruin – Where Future Shadows Unfold (Self-Released)

Order to Ruin – Where Future Shadows Unfold (Self-Released)

Anyone who tends to follow this website is aware that much of our collective staff has a bit of a sweet tooth for melodic death metal. Not necessarily of the most modern variety, but the old school and melody-driven material that used to come straight from the heart of Gothenburg. The Germans of Order to Ruin have certainly done their homework when it comes to the sound, as heard on their latest album, Where Future Shadows Unfold.

While the usual name-checks apply (At the Gates, In Flames), Order to Ruin do tend to stick towards the heavier end of the spectrum and give themselves some breathing room. Lots of intensity flows through (one could site a Hypocrisy vibe perhaps), but that doesn’t stop some jaw-dropping melodies, as quickly evidenced by “The Locust and the Lancer” erupting with a real showstopper that feels very Gothenburg yet not in an overdone way. Some other highlights include the thrashing “Crossworld,” more death metal infused closer “Lifeless Invaders,” and title-track, which has a great acoustic interlude in the middle. The heavier edge, some light tremolo picking (see “Human Devastation”), and bountiful melodies assure that Order to Ruin will keep your interest from start to finish.

Where Future Shadows Unfold takes plenty of familiar influences and sounds, yet there’s something genuinely interesting and exciting about their sound. Melodic death metal done right can be a thing of great aggression and beauty, and Order to Ruin have nailed that dynamic. This is one that should find equal appeal with melodic death metal and Swedish death metal fans.

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