Order to Ruin – Return to Ceyrior VII (Self-Released)

Thursday, 1st February 2018
Rating: 7.5/10

A band that has been quite consistent in their melodic death songwriting, Order to Ruin have managed to put out a new release every year since 2012. With Return to Ceyrior VII being well, their seventh full-length, one would think that they would start having some slowdown but Order to Ruin maintain their previous high bar. The Gothenburg by way of Germany vibe is still strong, and sure to please fans.

Those familiar with the band’s back catalog at this point will find little surprise when Return hits the speakers. Old fashioned melodeath a la Gates of Ishtar or early Dark Tranquillity is the name of the game here, and all the quintessential boxes have been checked. Thick and chunky guitars reverberate with a slight hint of buzzsaw to keep them firmly placed at the heavier end of the genre, despite some rather frequent ear-pleasing guitar melodies in each track. Fret not those in fear of clean vocals either, as the harsh vocals solely rule the landscape and allow the glowing guitarwork to be the standout piece. “The Bearing of Time” and the title track both utilize some raise your fist-worthy melodies, while those looking for some spitfire riffs will not be disappointed by the frantic “Mary-Jane.” As an added bonus, despite the buzzing guitars, there’s still room for some bass to make it’s appearance known – something sorely lacking in this subgenre most of the time.

More of a ‘polishing of what works’ for the band as opposed to an evolution, Order to Ruin still supply plenty of thrills for old guard melodeath enthusiasts. They know what works for them, and continue to refine the edges and hone songwriting chops. Order to Ruin grasp all you want in a melodic death metal – a surge of aggression with an equal helping of melody.

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