Municipal Waste – Massive Aggressive (Earache Records)

Saturday, 16th March 2013
Rating: 8/10

Hailing from Virginia, Municipal Waste epitomize a love of crossover thrash and partying- gaining large number of accolades for their energetic, fun loving live antics. Massive Aggressive hits the streets as their fourth full length platter, yet the 13 songs fly across like Reign in Blood in less than 29 minutes from beginning to end. At least you can take in the entire album on an average commute to run errands or gain multiple plays traveling to and from your hectic work commute, right?

Frontman Tony Foresta unleashes his verbal assault through “Massive Aggressive” and “The Wrath of the Severed Head” as if a herd of stampeding buffalo would trample his vocal chords within the next 5 seconds, so he grabs the microphone and roars out the words at Nuclear Assault/ S.O.D. paces. Guitarist Ryan Waste gains double duty with his bar chords and quick lick harmonic transitions, while still giving the fans riff thrills during highlights like “Shredded Offering” and “Media Skeptic” that combine old school punk and hardcore tendencies with their thrash style.

When they do slow down, it’s with a sense of humor such as the cowbell accents from drummer Dave Witte on “Horny for Blood” that should ensure large pit pandemonium or the ever present gang vocals through “Wrong Answer” which enroll the audience in a call back and forth participation response.

Municipal Waste will not drag out parts, place unnecessary eight bar solos in these songs or write material for the sake of gaining commercialacceptability. They love Vio-lence, Exodus, D.R.I. and the aforementioned New York crossover movement- which keeps them in a place all of their own for the current scene.

I wonder though if Municipal Waste will be able to play “Mech-Cannibal” or “Upside Down Church” 20 years from now? In the meantime, crack open your favorite liquid courage and imbibe in this tasty crossover effort.

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