Krisiun – Mortem Solis (Century Media)

Friday, 5th August 2022
Rating: 8 / 10

Thirty-two years together as brothers (actual siblings, not figuratively speaking), Brazilian extreme death metal act Krisiun haven’t let a pandemic slow down the speedy brand of music that has been prevalent since the initial set of demo releases from the early 90’s leading to a debut album in 1995 with Black Force Domain. Worldwide touring solidified a fervent following, reaching a twelfth studio record for Mortem Solis, their first in four years. Many would believe that the passion or creative angles would be harder to grasp this deep into the trio’s career – but after spinning these ten tracks numerous times, it’s obvious that the aggressive rage and explosive sonic barrage present hasn’t lost any impact.

Intertwining mid-tempo/groovy passages against the normal speedy riffing and blasting tempos ensures Krisiun establishes distinctive hook-laden moments, as “Necronomical” achieves during the verses while the wilder tremolo-fueled runs and fierce lead break from Moyses Kolesne sends shivers through the atmosphere. At other times the low-tuned riffing plus triplet snare hits and pounding bass gives the band a bit of a left-field, progressive nature before ramping up the tempo to assaultive measures for “War Blood Hammer” – Alex Camargo’s raspy low roars equal to the task of matching the vicious musical nature present. Continually funneling those early devastation thrash/death influences from the past (Slayer, Morbid Angel, early Sepultura, even Vader) and putting their own twist on matters be it Max Kolesne’s unique snare/double kick hits for “Worm God” against some clean, circular guitar lines or the slightly modern attack put forth in “Serpent Messiah”, these gentlemen aren’t idling into their senior years with commercial aspirations of broader appeal. Midway through the record the instrumental “Dawn Sun Carnage” with it’s oriental/Middle Eastern textures plus supplemental instrumentation gives the listener an exotic reprieve across 93 seconds before the creepy, crawling riffs for “Temple of the Abattoir” launch another aural salvo sure to appease the underground hordes.

Keeping the production local at Family Mob Studios in São Paulo while handling the mastering off to Mark Lewis in Nashville, TN (Kataklysm, Deicide), Krisiun appeases the faithful who want their death metal sharp, heavy, and relentless – while also pushing some surprising groove or catchy runs in the mix. Mortem Solis should be another favorite in the long-running discography of this veteran death act.

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