Graham Bonnet Band – Day Out in Nowhere (Frontiers Music)

Wednesday, 11th May 2022
Rating: 8.5 / 10

The desire to develop new material continues to fuel vocalist Graham Bonnet even in the twilight years of his long musical career. Hard to believe the man is 74 years young, possessing the multi-octave pipes of a man half his age, as well as using more of his lower/mid-range textures when necessary. Day Out in Nowhere is the third album for the Graham Bonnet Band – featuring a mix of his long-time musical compatriots plus additional notable special guest appearances that embrace all eras of the man’s career. Over the course of eleven tracks, you’ll hear melodic hard rock, heavy metal, and softer, emotive songs that encompass aspects of his work from Rainbow and MSG to Alcatrazz and beyond.

Guitarist Conrado Pesinato and bassist Beth-Ami Heavenstone serve as producers and co-songwriters with Graham, well-versed in positioning themselves into driving forces that allow for the diverse dynamics to shine based on feel, energy, and atmosphere. “Brave New World” contains a highway cruising vibe, specific bends along with Graham’s choir-like background vocal passages channeling the best of early Ozzy with his early Alcatrazz years – Roy Z laying down some thoughtful, burning leads. West Coast harmony aspects against early European rock vibes make the title track another standout, drummer Shane Gaalaas flexing his schooled ghost note presence seamlessly into the tight groove backbone. The heavier, straightforward “When We’re Asleep” features Mike and John Tempesta on guitar and drums, where Graham can execute a meaner spirit in the verses before rising to his normal high register comfort zone for the chorus. Ex-Rainbow/ current Deep Purple keyboardist Don Airey joins the party for the interestingly titled “It’s Just a Frickin’ Song” – channeling an empty paper into the lyrics for this arrangement, discussing various inspirations from the media while the keyboard hook swirls against a killer main guitar riff.

The record closes on a cinematic scope through the ballad “Suzy”, reaching back probably into the days of early radio/record buying for Graham, proving the man can be soulful in a calmer manner beyond his obvious hard rocking/metal tendencies. Quality reigns supreme, and the maturity of Day Out in Nowhere rewards all fans of the Graham Bonnet Band.

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