ReviewsEndstille - Verfuhrer (Regain Records)

Endstille – Verfuhrer (Regain Records)

Lots of blasting here, almost too much, even for an album with nine songs. Being one-dimensional is not necessarily a band thing in black metal, but with variety not being Endstille’s forte, Verfuhrer bogs down pretty quickly. The Germans did make some headway with last year’s mostly enjoyable Endstille’s Reich, yet it came almost as fast as it went. One has to think the same fate will befall Verfuhrer.

There’s a prominent Gorgoroth influence (think the more extreme moments onIncipit Satan) that gives Endstille a familiar touch. Just reference the whirling riffage on “…Of Disorder” and the idea is solidified. Some choppy, note-dense, standardized black metal riffage makes up the core of the album, set to the tune never-ending blast beats. One of the exceptions to this is “Hate Me…God?” which reeks of classic Gorgoroth and could be the best song here.

Beyond that, Endstille doesn’t go out of its way to separate any of its songs. Sure, there may be more than a few good ideas behind most of these jams, but in this day and age where we’ve heard every variation of blast-attack black metal, it’s just not going to cut it.

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