Dead Week in Review: November 24 – November 30, 2013

Saturday, 30th November 2013

As of this writing, it appears there have been no fatalities from the Black Friday shopper rush, so chalk that up for a win in the humanity column. It’s certainly hilarious to watch people get into fights over parking spaces, blenders, and a spot in line, all in the name of getting a good deal. Too bad none of these folks are shopping for music…TVs, game consoles, and whatever passing fancy that has kids excited are probably the must-have gifts of the year. But, they can have the mindless possessions…we’ll take our metal. – David E. Gehlke

General houseekeeping
More giveaways to get your paws on: A Breach of Silence and Disfigurement. You know the drill.

Live shots of Demonic Christ in Toronto.

We are streaming “Fearless,”  a new song from Costa Rican melodic death metal upstarts Sight of Emptiness.

The Vision Bleak gave the good word on their new Witching Hour album.

Pepe Hansen from Hatesphere was kind enough to give a track-by-track breakdown of the band’s new album, Murderlust.

Up-and-coming PA death metallers Rivers of Nihil spoke to our own Kyle McGinn. Best quote: “Fuck outta here homeboy.”

Satyr of the mighty Satyricon spoke about the band’s new self-titled album, wine-making, and not making Nemesis Divina Part II.

Danish veteran thrashers Artillery hit ’em hard with Legions.

The Borknagar duo of Oystein G. Brun and Vintersorg are back with the third Cronian album, Erathems.

Don’t sleep on newbies Ovid’s Withering, whose Scryers of the Ibis album is a winner.

The aforementioned Disfigurement put on a 90’s death metal show with Soul Rot.

Deicide appear to be somewhat back on track with In the Minds of Evil.

German black metallers Endstille come across as workmanlike on Kapitulation 2013.

Whores. whip a storm on Clean.

Dream Theater’s Live at Luna Park is the band’s first visual release with drummer Mike Mangini.

The reissue of Yob’s Catharsis is worth investigating.

German doomsters Mountain Throne make a good first impression with Stormcoven.

The news in ten
1. Iron Maiden LLC is one of the fastest growing music firms in the U.K.
2. Avatarium releases the video for “Boneflower.”
3. A German rapper is accused of stealing Dimmu Borgir’s music.
4. Grand Magus issues a trailer for their forthcoming Triumph and Power album.
5. While Heaven Wept post an update on their new album.
6. The Gregor Mackintosh (Paradise Lost)-led Vallenfyre is slated to hit the studio in January.
7. The first round of acts are confirmed for the 2014 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.
8. Entrails begin work on their new album.
9. Scott Ian’s autobiography to receive release via De Capo Press.
10. Metallica posts a rare EPK from Garage Inc.

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