Cynthesis – ReEvolution (Sensory)

Tuesday, 28th May 2013
Rating: 8.5/10

The second part of a dystopian album trilogy, ReEvolution is the follow up to 2011’s DeEvolution from California progressive metal outfit Cynthesis. For those of you in the know, this quartet features three members of extreme progressive metal outfit Zero Hour – guitarist Jasun Tipton, his twin bass playing brother Troy Tipton, and original vocalist Erik Rosvold, joined by Enchant drummer Sean Flanagan.

A challenge within the genre of progressive metal is where do musicians push the limits of the listener and when do you hold back for the sake of developing retainable riffs, chord progressions, and song arrangements? ReEvolution appears to maintain more traits from the latter platform, as the playing within “The Grand Façade” at 7:48 has echoing/circling guitar lines and softer keyboard strains until the final two minutes where Jasun turns on the semi-poly rhythmic aggressive guitar charm, as Rosvold’s multi-octave delivery brings to mind classic Dream Theater circa Awake-meets-Redemption.

Elsewhere, the shorter constructs like “A Most Trivial Pursuit” and “The Noble Lie” serve as respite or quieter terrain where the musicians of Cynthesis can explore reflective, introspective elements- be it cleaner, precise, or atmospheric. On the other hand, the 13:30 closer “Release the Deity” may begin in the same new age softness but soon the guitar/bass harmonies rev up the arrangement and the back and forth clean/ aggressive progressive metal volley match continues, as Rosvold delivers another memorable emotional vocal- dramatic, sustainable, and everything you want in a progressive metal singer.

Cynthesis prove you do not have to be overtly technical to amaze the listener. Create colors within the space provided and you’ll make a lasting impact. I’ll be waiting with anticipation for the trilogy’s concluding salvo.

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