ReviewsConceived by Hate/Akheron – Coalition of Death (Morbid Skulls Records)

Conceived by Hate/Akheron – Coalition of Death (Morbid Skulls Records)

This is what splits are all about. Take two bands that haven’t gotten a ton of exposure and combine them together to give listeners a taste of what they are all about. This split merges El Salvador’s Conceived by Hate and Columbia’s Akheron, and lets both dole out some punishment. While both bands specialize in thrash done the deathly way, they both put their own spin on the genre in their three original tracks and a cover.

Conceived by Hate take their thrash and combine it with an older death metal feel. The guitar tone gives it a heavy feel, and the vocals are low guttural barks. “Devotees of Death” starts the album with some frantic speed and killer, groovy riffs. “Embrace the Absurd” sees things slowing down ever so slightly, with more chugging groove taking over and allowing for some standout leadwork. But the band saves the best for last with their absolutely killer cover of Dissection’s “Thorns of Crimson Death,” giving the song a solid death/thrash influence and making it their own.

Akheron takes over for the rest of the album with their more old school sounding thrash with some Sepultura influence. Compared to Conceived by Hate, it’s a bit more melodic overall. Of the three original tracks, the most intriguing would be that of “In-Conformista,” which has a clean opening before moving into some breakneck thrash with some fantastic melodies. Akheron chose to cover The Misfits “Where Eagles Dare” to finish things out, which works as a more fun and light-hearted end to the festivities.

Those looking for some new death/thrash to check out will benefit from checking this one out. Both bands have a similar base but branch out into their own directions, unlike some splits where the bands feel too close in sound, and provide an interesting listen from start to finish.

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