NewsConceived by Hate's Jorge Montesino: What I'm Listening To

Conceived by Hate’s Jorge Montesino: What I’m Listening To

20 years ago I remember exchanging letters with my cousin and we always used to add at the end the Play List we had by that moment, it was interesting to see what new bands you could find on others play list so I could check it out later. I remember listening to music from 5 to 7 hours per day but unfortunately now I have less free time for listen to music so I am more picky on choosing which stuff to check out. I have always been in love with Death Metal so I always try to track the emerging bands that have that old school vibe. Lately I have been listening to the following stuff:

DWELL Vermin and Ashes: A young band formed in 2013 from Denmark with a dense doom/death metal style, I really recommend it since normally doom stuff used to be boring so I need little ouch of spicy violence on it to make it interesting and this band has it.

TRIPTYKON Melana Chasmata: The man behind this band needs no introduction, I know is not Celtic Frost but I really love the dark ambient the songs give, also with little signs of industrial influences maybe for the distortion which I think the bass has in some parts, I really love “Aurorae” they just nailed it.

VAMPIRE Vampire: This is another young band formed in 2012 from Sweden, they just released their first album with better production but somehow I cannot stop listening from time to time this first demo tape.

MORBUS CHRON Sweven: Another band from Sweden formed in 2010 that plays an old school death metal with a progressive and non-standard riffing, it reminds me to some kind of Coroner and Atheist but with more Death vibes, this album is fucking amazing.

TRIBULATION The Horror: Yes, once again another band from the Swedish Death Metal Brigades, this was their first full length back in 2009 and for me is one of the strongest death/black albums in the last decade, I am still saving money to purchase the LP edition.

SOULBURN The Suffocating Darkness: Death metal from The Netherlands never miss my salad, this is the return of this great band from the 90s, this is pure fucking death/doom/black metal.

The list goes on for some more albums from bands like THE DEVIL’s BLOOD, DEATHCULT, BÖLZER, DISSECTION, WATAIN but I think these are the ones have been crushing my brain lately.

Conceived by Hate’s latest release, a split with Akheron entitled Coalition of Death, was released March 2015. You can check out a teaser below.

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