FeaturesNow You Know: Conceived by Hate

Now You Know: Conceived by Hate

Formation: 2002
Location: El Salvador
Style: Old school death/thrash
Personnel: Carlos Basagoitia (Bass); Jorge Montesino (Guitar, Vocals); Rene Insane Vega (Guitar); Tulio Mata (Keyboards); Iosif Najarro (Drums); HellBastard (Vocals)
Latest Release: Coalition of Death split, 2015 (Morbid Skull Records)

It’s often nice to find bands outside of the usual geographic locales. Once such example is that of El Salvador’s Conceived by Hate. Bringing a more old-school vision of death/thrash without focusing too much on a vintage production and letting the combo of speed and groove do the trick has done fine for the band. Their most recent release, a split with Akheron, goes so far as to include a wicked Dissection cover as well. We contacted guitarist/vocalist Jorge Montesino, who also keeps himself busy running his own label (Morbid Skull Records) as well as two more bands! Despite his packed schedule, he was able to give us the skinny on all things Conceived by Hate.

Dead Rhetoric: How would you describe Conceived by Hate’s sound? Who are your biggest influences?

Jorge Montesino: Well I think it has always had a big death metal riffing style, at the beginning with more complex arrangements but on the “dev-olution” of the band I think its getting more and more to an old death metal style, it also has a thrash riffing style here and there. Another element are the keyboards that in some passages add ambient sound. Regarding influences I can speak only for myself and more than influences maybe I can tell that I have my preferences of styles. Of course, of which, or what kind of bands to follow and have a listen, I always keep listening to classic death metal albums from the ‘90s from big or underground bands.

Dead Rhetoric: Conceived by Hate was formed in the early 2000s and had a bit of a dormant period before releasing your first full-length in 2012. Any reason for the wait?

Montesino: Yes, it was because of lack of budget. I mean I had to begin saving money to purchase my own recording gear and also to study on my own how I could build my own recording studio, so that took a lot of time. Also, things were slow maybe because of the line-up [changes] but the main reason was because of lack of resources to record. Now that I have the recording studio and more gear then I can make things quicker and easier so I think it was worth all the effort.

Dead Rhetoric: You’ve done a few splits since your debut, including the most recent with Akheron. How do you choose who you’d like to do a split with?

Montesino: Well with Decesased it was something I wanted for years since they are one if not my favorite bands, but regarding Nuclear and Akheron, I think it was something natural – I just felt those guys were responsible enough to work together in a project like that and I think it all came out good.

Dead Rhetoric: What do you like best about the split format?

Montesino: In my opinion it’s an old way to get access to other bands fans and hope to gather some new fans for your band. I also think doing a combined effort makes it easier to put out releases since the costs are 50/50. In addition to this, I think it’s more of a collector release mainly when we talk about the vinyl format.

Dead Rhetoric: Do you intend to do more splits or are you looking to set up your second album at this point?

Montesino: Right now I am focused on composing and recording the second album so if we do another split it could be for a song that does not make it to the full-length but I am not expecting that in the near future. I have talked with some other good and big bands in the underground and they are willing to work together on a split effort, but I also have to think about the budget. Usually splits are more difficult to move so I am really concentrating in the second full-length.

Dead Rhetoric: You also own Morbid Skull Records. What made you decide that you wanted to create a record label?

Montesino: I think I just realized that instead of looking outside for something to spend his money to release my music I could try to do it myself and do not depend on others opinions or schedules. I know it is the hard way but sometimes it may be the only way that makes sense. Thanks to this decision I have been putting out more releases than I did in the first 10 years of the band so in a way I think the industry, or how things work in the underground, internationally and locally, forced me to make that decision and will keep working on it even-though it can get fucking busy most of the times. But if I do not do it no one will do it for me and do not get me wrong if there is a chance to do something together or to release something in a bigger label or any other label I will be always open to that. It would be a pleasure but currently it’s the only way I have to release the music of my bands.

Dead Rhetoric: Do you have any goals that you are looking to accomplish with the label?

Montesino: Not really, just trying to keep active and keep releasing the music from my bands and maybe from other bands in which I could trust. The main goal is to make it self-sustaining.

Dead Rhetoric: You are also in Morbid Stench and Disorder. How do you manage your time between the label as well as your bands?

Montesino: Yes, I also have those bands in which I need to work also. It is very time consuming and I really put a lot of effort and sacrifice on all this shit but its like breathing, I cannot stop. I have many ideas of music that sometimes I cannot do it with Conceived By Hate because of the style, or because of the music preferences other members have. Sometimes you move quicker with less members.

Dead Rhetoric: How would you describe the metal scene in El Salvador?

Montesino: In my humble opinion, depressing. I mean I’m not sure why people do not support local bands or concerts, I really do not know what the public wants, to be able to support local bands. I think that with the Internet there are younger and better musicians, more bands, more releases, and more people that seem to be into this, but at the end I also feel it lacks passion.

Dead Rhetoric: What’s the near future looking like for Conceived by Hate?

Montesino: I can speak for the short term. Conceived By Hate can expect more music, more releases and more promotion outside El Salvador. Hey brothers, thanks for the interview and thanks to all that took the time to read this, we will see you somewhere in time. Cheerz and hailz!

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