RandomnessSeptember 2017 Album of the Month - Jag Panzer's The Deviant Chord

September 2017 Album of the Month – Jag Panzer’s The Deviant Chord

If there’s always one phrase that continually rallies the troops, it’s that “true heavy metal never dies.” Take the case of Jag Panzer, who has weathered the storm since the 1980s. Surviving the ’90s and getting into the 2000s with some strong material in their Century Media days. But don’t think that the best is behind Jag Panzer. The Deviant Chord sees them returning with full metal force – creativity and energy completely intact. Always inspiring to see an established act such as this not content to rest upon their laurels, but still hungry and ready to prove why they’ve been able to withstand the test of time.

An excerpt from Matt Coe’s 9.5/10 review, which posted on September 24, 2017:

Thankfully resurrecting once again as an active band following a brief hiatus after their last studio record in 2011 The Scourge of the Light, Jag Panzer stride with veteran resiliency into The Deviant Chord. Different factions of metalheads know of this traditional, power-oriented band: if you grew up in the 80’s (like this scribe), Ample Destruction remains a quintessential US classic, while their Century Media years of the 90’s and 2000’s delivered mighty albums such as The Fourth Judgement and Mechanized Warfare among others. These ten tracks feature nine original songs plus a metal remake of an early 1900’s Irish folk classic keeping the trademark melodies, harmonies, and versatile arrangements that prove the genre’s longevity and creativity have not run dry.

When it comes to singers in this genre, Harry ‘The Tyrant’ Conklin resides in that upper, Mount Rushmore class that contains Dio, Halford, and Dickinson. He handles the Irish classic “Foggy Dew” like a pro, challenging phonetics and words never a barrier, while soaring to the heavens with Dio/Halford grace, power, and fierceness during “Fire of Our Spirit”. His harmonization throughout allows the listener to experience just the vocal side on a multi-sensory template – beyond the constructs of the guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums.

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