Darklon – The Redeemer (No Remorse Records)

Friday, 19th May 2023
Rating: 8.5 / 10

If there’s a specific country perfect for epic heavy/power metal to develop from, that would be Greece. The history/mythology base alone ideal for lyrical content – inspiring musicians to craft sturdy riffs, upper register melodies, and tempos that match that majestic atmosphere. Darklon comes from Athens, arising in 2017 through guitarist D.K. Kras and drummer Sevan Barsam. After issuing their debut album Rise From Death in 2019, lineup changes occurred including the addition of current Omen vocalist Nikos Migus A. and bassist Savvas Glykis. The follow-up The Redeemer showcases their second set of material, an eight-song platter well-versed in the rich US metal platform that many younger musicians still find influential from the classic 80’s heritage.

After narration bellowing words from the heavens, the steady power march of the title track kicks in, bass parts from the Omen/Iron Maiden school allow the epic guitars, thunderous drums, plus gritty to soaring vocals/ gang background supplementation to command center stage attention. The stop/start volleys throughout “I Am Death” give off an early Jag Panzer meets Savatage vibe, Nikos’ natural range aligning with aspects of David DeFeis / Virgin Steele during his 80’s/90’s prime. Imagine swords clashing as these musicians provide that battle ready soundtrack material – “Iron Glory” and “The Downfall” anthems of different tempos tailored for massive headbanging, devil horns salutations. Unison guitar/bass syncopation elevates specific passages to those cultural/sing-along-oriented movements, while the lead breaks from D.K. also showcases his obvious fluid/technical prowess yet never forsaking the front and center potent hooks. The record ends with “Way Back Home” – the mountain top melodies as well as Egyptian-flavored chord progressions giving the rhythm section some tasty progressive moments in transitional/ instrumental sequences to captivate as a stellar end to a tight, 34 minutes and change record.

Already familiar with performing at the specialized festivals across Germany and Greece, Darklon are a promising act for those that love epic heavy metal performed with power / focus on The Redeemer. If records like Battle Cry or Ample Destruction still fuel your metal hearts, this would be a wise addition to expand your appreciation for the genre.

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