February 2019 Album of the Month: Beast in Black’s From Hell with Love

Wednesday, 13th March 2019

Sometimes, there’s just something to be said for how enticingly hook-y an album is. Beast in Black’s second album comes with an overload of fun, over-the-top power metal with plenty of ’80s flair without it going too far into the pop-music zone. From Hell with Love hits things out of the park with the attention to songwriting and making each song as gratifying for the listener as possible. The infectious nature of the material is consistently joyous, engaging, and sure to make many raise their their fists to the sky in glory.

An excerpt from Matt Coe’s 8/10 review, which posted on February 3, 2019:

Establishing themselves in 2017 with Berserker, Beast in Black feel the slate is now clean to delve into what they do best. Combining a rich love of melodic power metal with 80’s and dance/keyboard style aspects along with a healthy dose of cartoon/anime affinity, it’s this multi-layered synthesized approach that has been gaining steam worldwide. Founder/main songwriter Anton Kabanen and the rest of the quintet on From Hell with Love incorporate these influences into a catchy, explosive cocktail that should gain headbanging, fist waving approval immediately and consistently for those who yearn for hooks, melodies, and singalong choruses.

Beast in Black keep these songs moving at a radio-friendly clip – delivering 11 songs in 43 minutes. Aware of the fact that what they are doing may receive just criticism for its overt reference points and inspiration launching points throughout, it’s the way that Beast in Black incorporate their influences that makes this downright irresistible and uplifting if you are a follower of most power metal or enjoy the 80’s/anime passions.

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