April 2021 Album of the Month – Cannibal Corpse’s Violence Unimagined

Sunday, 16th May 2021

This far into their career, it would be easy (and even understandable) for death metal champs Cannibal Corpse just to continue rehashing the formula an churning out more material for touring. Instead, they continue to strike with a youthful fury and energy that maintains their position as the rightful kings of extremity. Violence Unimagined is utterly vicious, and the insertion of long-time collaborator Erik Rutan into the fold as new guitarist has given the act an even deadlier spark of inspiration.

An excerpt from Kyle McGinn’s 9/10 review, which posted on April 7, 2021:

A perpetual benchmark for brutality in the metal scene, Cannibal Corpse are still without a doubt the most instantly recognizable in extreme music. The band has weathered plenty of storms throughout their career, and the latest has turned out to be quite the blessing with Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) coming on board as the band’s newest guitarist – someone who has been involved with the band directly for 15 years at this point. Between varied tweaks to the formula and Rutan’s entry, the end result of Violence Unimagined is that of the strongest Corpse album in recent memory.

Hard to believe at times that this is the fifteenth album from Cannibal Corpse. While Violence Unimagined is in no way a significant departure from previous efforts, it’s definitely one of the most polished and decidedly memorable albums from the band in quite some time. Sure to be a fan favorite, and yet one more reason why Cannibal Corpse retains their crown as the kings of death metal.

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