TÝR Premiers “Lay Of Our Love” Video Featuring Liv Kristine

Thursday, 30th January 2014

TÝR has unveiled their latest music video, “The Lay of Our Love,” from their most recent album, Valkyrja. The song features a vocal duet with LEAVES’ EYES vocalist Liv Kristine, who joins Heri Joensen and the rest of the band in this new clip. The video was produced by Stanimir Lukic, directed by Ivan Colic.

Valkyrja is a concept album with a story line based loosely around an anonymous Viking age warrior who leaves his woman and goes off to impress the Valkyrie on the battlefield so that she may bring him to Valhalla, or to Fólkvangr, the home of Freyja — the goddess associated with love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, sorcery, war, and death. One can say the album is also indirectly about women and how they affect men and what men will do to impress and obtain women.

Týr will be joining CHILDREN OF BODOM on their Halo Of Blood Over North America tour, which kicks off February 14 in Quebec City.

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