Dead Week in Review: January 26 – February 1, 2014

Saturday, 1st February 2014

The oft-repeated company line of “We can’t top Slaughter of the Soul” seems a bit moot now that At the Gates have bit the bullet and have decided to make a new studio album. But unlike Carcass, At the Gates don’t have the benefit of following-up a lukewarm album like Carcass did with Swansong, so coming up with the successor to the aforementioned Slaughter of the Soul might prove to be tough sledding for the band. Just ponder all of the metalcore acts who stole riffs from the album…they’re innumerable. And the Gothenburg sound so closely associated with ATG has since had its day. But, one can’t help but be awfully curious for what the Swedes come up with… – David E. Gehlke

General housekeeping
A giveaway for German melodic metallers Human Fortress was launched this week. Check it out at this location.

Our vintage video pick of the week: Sentenced’s “Noose.”

Oak Pantheon is a band you might have missed. Agalloch revelers rejoice.

Twelve short reviews, nice and tidy in our January 2014 Rapid Fires column.

Get to know Chicago extremists Immortal Bird, and find out the meaning behind their unique name.

Swedish death metal outfit Cursed 13 have a new album in the form of Triumf, their first ever, to be precise. Read about the band (and album) here.

California’s Exmortus caught up with our own Matt Coe to wax on their new Slave to the Sword album, and much more.

A Capella metal’s top-rung (and only) entry Van Canto have a new album by way of Dawn of the Brave, which we always want to call Glory of the Brave. ‘Tis not Hammerfall.

Backed by Fenriz and sounding a lot like fellow countrymen Cauldron, Skull Fist make their entry upon the scene with Chasing the Dream.

Long-running Ohio Satanic death metal outfit Acheron find themselves in no-man’s land with Kult des Hasses.

Esoterica’s bleak BM approach scores high marks via their Aseity debut.

Yet another Septicflesh reissue, this time it’s 1998’s A Fallen Temple getting the reboot.

Norwegian rockers Wolves Like Us don’t spare atmosphere and “soul” on Black Soul Choir.

Angry Czechs playing high-quality black metal. That would be Horizon Ablaze on Dødsverk.

A black metal pairing to fawn over: Drudkh and Winterfylleth team up for the Thousands of Moons Ago/The Gates split EP.

Swedish dark metal brood Lake of Tears pull off the rare feat of coming up with a live album worth checking out in the form of By the Black Sea.

The news in ten
1. Darkane releases video for “Mechanically Divine.”
2. Jeff Hanneman would have turned 50 on January 31.
3. Tyr premiers the video for “Lay of our Love.” Liv Kristine drops by, too.
4. Ex-Morbid Angel frontman Steve Tucker and his new band, Warfather, stream their Orchestrating the Apocalypse debut in full.
5. Septicflesh completes tracking for their new album, due sometime spring/early summer.
6. Sanctuary taps Zeuss to produce new album.
7. Behemoth release the lyric video for “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer.”
8. Edguy to release Space Police: Defenders of the Crown in April.
9. Nick Menza claims Dave Mustaine “blew him off” at NAMM.
10. At the Gates signs with Century Media; new studio album coming later this year.

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