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September 2014 Album of the Month: Black Crown Initiate’s The Wreckage of Stars

In one of our closest staff votes of the last few months, it was Pennsylvania’s progressive death metal upstarts Black Crown Initiate edging out Sanctuary’s excellent comeback The Year the Sun Died. But rightfully so, as The Wreckage of Stars is a most impressive album. Solidifying Black Crown Initiate as more than a mere “buzz band” from last year’s Song of the Crippled Bull EP, the album brings together a slew of varied metal influences without wearing them on their sleeves to create something fresh and inventive. An emotional album, whether in beauty or in rage, Black Crown Initiate knows how to connect with its audience in masterful ways. Bound to end up on many a year-end list, The Wreckage of Stars should take BCI to the next level. There’s a reason there has been so much coverage of this band lately; listen and find out for yourself.

An exerpt from Kyle McGinn’s 10/10 review, which posted September 7, 2014:

There is nary a wasted note to be found on The Wreckage of Stars. Everything seems to have its rightful place and purpose, and the production is suitably wicked (particularly with a pair of headphones).

Even more dynamic than Song of the Crippled Bull, The Wreckage of Stars ebbs and flows in ways that few albums can. Full of spine-tingling moments throughout, Black Crown Initiate have fully delivered on the promise of their EP and established themselves as one of heavy metal’s premier acts. A band capable of taking their influences and crafting a unique and widely palatable mix of extreme metal doesn’t come around everyday and the level of buzz the band is generated is for good reason. Black Crown Initiate is the future of heavy metal and The Wreckage of Stars is a mandatory listen.

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