NewsPESTILENCE Releases Lyric Video For “Necro Morph”

PESTILENCE Releases Lyric Video For “Necro Morph”

Dutch extreme metal crew PESTILENCE has released the lyric video for “Necro Morph,” a song from their forthcoming seventh album Obsideo. Obsideo is set for a November 12 release via Candlelight Records, and was produced by mainman Patrick Mameli.

Obsideo, which means to besiege, features band mastermind Mameli and longtime partner, guitarist Patrick Uterwijk, with new German bassist George Maier and Dave Haley. Mameli notes: “PESTILENCE is chuffed to have Dave Haley in the lineup. Dave is one of the five best extreme drummers in the world, and his talent brings PESTILENCE to new levels that couldn’t be reached otherwise. Georg Maier is a young and talented bass player that will turn some heads. Both guys are really down to earth and real easy going. Of course, Patrick Uterwijk is my most respectable and long-going friend and musician.”

Obsideo track listing:

1. Obsideo
2. Soulrot
3. Transition
4. Necro Morph
5. Laniatus
6. Distress
7. Superconscious
8. Aura Negative
9. Saturation
10. Displaced


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