Ex-PESTILENCE Mainman Gives New Band A New Name

Friday, 18th July 2014

Former PESTILENCE guitarist/vocalist Patrik Mameli has done a quick name switcheroo of his new band, going from NECROMORPH to NEUROMOPRH. He states

“I was contacted by the guitar player Ulf from the German death/grind band NECROMORPH. He asked me if I would reconsider renaming my new project.
Of course, I was not aware of this band’s existence, otherwise I would have never named my project NECROMORPH. So peeps, not to go to far away from the word ‘morph,’ which has a lot of meaning to me, i will call it NEUROMORPH, which is even more powerful and covers the style It fits the new style even better! I’m happy with this change.”

Mameli recently announced that PESTILENCE was “no longer active in recording new material” and was “on a permanent hold” so that he could concentrate fully on NEUROMORPH. NEUROMORPH is described as a “death-jazz-fusion project featuring all-new and original members, including possibly Georg Majer on bass, in which Mameli will put down the eight-string and get reacquainted with his six-string Steinberger once more.

PESTILENCE’s last and presumably final album, Obsideo, was released last November via Candelight.

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