MACHINE HEAD’s Robb Flynn Remembers 2003’s “Through The Ashes Of Empires” Part VI

Thursday, 28th November 2013

MACHINE HEAD vocalist and guitarist Robb Flynn has posted the sixth entry talking about the 10th Anniversary of Through The Ashes of Empires in his General Journals. An excerpt follows:

In September of 2003 (MH drummer) Dave McClain got married.

At the wedding reception in Arizona, when festivities were over, my wife and I went back to our room and had wild, drunken, slobbery sex. In October, right before the record came out in Europe, we found out she was pregnant.

It was good news.

We had been trying for about 5 months, though we had taken a break over the summer so we could wakeboard (Genevra is a ridiculously good wakeboarder). But as soon as the summer was over we started ‘trying’ again (basically not using the ‘pull out’ method) and at the reception it worked!

Like so many other couples, we had put off having kids for a while, waiting til ‘the time was right,’ til we had ‘enough money,’ and all the typical excuses people say why they wait to have kids. But we weren’t going to wait anymore. Whether we had money or not, if Machine Head was signed or not, we weren’t going to plan anymore, however the cards fell we would make it work.

I told the guys in the band and while I think there was some apprehension and concern if I could still commit, most were congratulatory.

Little did I realize that that would be the last wild, drunken, slobbery sex I had for years, AGH!!”

To read the rest of the entry, visit this location.

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