Dawn of Extinction – From Tears to Vengeance (Art Gates Records)

Monday, 20th March 2023
Rating: 8 / 10

Familial bonds got the ball rolling with brothers Cristian and Daniel Juárez starting up Dawn of Extinction in 2014. The two guitarists developed an interest in multiple genres across the thrash, death and metalcore spectrum – expanding to a quartet with bassist Marcos Morales and drummer Alexis Gálvez. Releasing a demo, full-length, and EP over the next four years, they’ve signed with Art Gates Records on this new effort From Tears to Vengeance, the latest six-song EP. It’s evident immediately that the foursome possesses an explosive sound that contains catchy twin guitar harmonies, dual growl/clean vocal angles, plus the versatility in tempo/rhythm section work to allow many heavy music followers the chance to appreciate this material.

The chugging nature against tremolo-fueled/twin gallop harmonies that bursts forth through opener “Beyond the Fear” considers influences from a mix of American/European contemporary acts who’ve reached headlining / upper festival bill status – while Cristian’s main vocal presence (along with Marcos/Daniel background assists) contains the deep roars/screams and catchy clean choruses to hook listeners instantly. Aspects of In Flames meets Metallica/ Iron Maiden influences in a semi-metalcore context for “Rise From Oblivion”, the stunted transition/squeals midway through shifting into a stellar lead break section that is delightful in its melodic meets tapping/shred activities. Although most of the songs sit in the five-minute and change timeframe, these musicians pull out the all guns blazing thrash mechanics with gang vocals, rapid fire rhythms, and heads down drumming on the 2:49 appropriately titled “Haters”. By the time the shapeshifting title track concludes (featuring a bevy of tremolo runs, blast beats, and more clean vocal harmonies next to its thrash, death, and metalcore riffs), you won’t leave battered or bruised but probably wanting a few more songs to savor.

Sitting in that spectrum of artists that are reliable for intensity, aggression, yet musically sharp and adept at throwing multiple sub-genres seamlessly into the mix, Dawn of Extinction through From Tears to Vengeance could be another act that attracts people into Trivium, Arch Enemy, Machine Head or similar contemporary outfits that capture a youthful exuberance for the genre.

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