MACHINE HEAD: Los Angeles And San Francisco Shows To Be Filmed For Live DVD

Sunday, 15th February 2015

Bay Area modern metal outfit MACHINE HEAD will film their upcoming shows in Los Angeles (Friday, February 20 at The Regent) and San Francisco (Saturday, February 21 at The Regency Ballroom) will be filmed for a new live DVD.

Says the band: “To commemorate the success of [MACHINE HEAD’s latest album] Bloodstone & Diamonds as well as the unquestionable success of our ‘An Evening With Machine Head’ tour dates, we want to document the crazy, insane, over-the-top fans we have and show the world what the ‘Head Cases of America’ are like, and what better place to do it than our home state of California!!!

“Help spread the word, Head Cases!! We want Banana-Men to come out, Spidermen to come out, Darth Raider and the Raider Nation in full regalia!! We want this DVD to be a ‘Heavy Metal Mardi Gras’!!! (Complete with 24-hour drinking sessions!!)

“Make sure to take an Über and catch the band that has inspired a thousand DUIs!!!Let’s rage, Kalifornia!!!!”

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