NewsKATAKLYSM: Three More Music Videos Streaming

KATAKLYSM: Three More Music Videos Streaming

In an unprecedented event in extreme metal Canadian powerhouse, KATAKLYSM, will release 10 music videos over the next 10 days leading up to the release of their new album, Of Ghosts And Gods. The band has now released video clips for the track “Soul Destroyer”, “Vindication,” and “Thy Serpent Tongue,” which may be streamed below.

Comments vocalist Maurizio Iacono: “‘Soul Destroyer’ was written after we spent time in South Africa the first time. We met a person who worked for the preservation of wildlife in Africa and told us the horrific things done to wildlife in order to profit from their deaths. ‘Vindication’ is about staying true to yourself and waiting whatever time it takes to be proven right. Because deep down, you know your own truth and the world doesn’t, but will judge you anyhow. ’Thy Serpents Tongue’ is a song about someone who keeps feeding on your goodness and in the end betrays you.”

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