Former 4ARM, TESTAMENT Members Hook Up In MESHIAAK

Monday, 21st July 2014

MESHIAAK, the new band featuring ex-4ARM frontman Danny Tomb, TERAMAZE guitarist Dean Wells and former TESTAMENT bassist Greg Christian have posted the video for “Alliance of Thieves,” a song from their debut album, which is due by end of year.

Regarding how MESHIAAK came together, Tomb told Loud magazine: “Dean Wells and I used to chat a lot about doing some kind of project together and had been talking about it for months prior to actually doing anything. Just so happens that the timing became right and things fell into place and we were able to seriously begin to look at it.

“I’ve known Greg Christian for a little while now and since touring with him and TESTAMENT we have always kept in touch. Again, it just so happened that the timing was right. I didn’t really expect him to commit to it, but he did. Since then, we’ve thrown a few tracks at him and he’s been laying down bass on some pre-production stuff.

“Unfortunately I can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet with who the drummer of the band is, I mean, we do have one, and yes, everybody knows who he is, but I just can’t give the name yet, you’ll just have to wait and see.”

Tomb also spoke about the songwriting process for the new band, telling Loud: “I’m a thrash head through and through, I grew up on it, and it’s in my blood. When I write music, it definitely comes through. That’s another reason why writing with Dean is so cool; it’s like everything goes to a different level and it all comes together so easily and effortlessly.

“What’s real exciting for me at the moment is for the first time ever, I’ve been able to write music with someone that can have an input or idea about riffs. I’ve never had that before, so it’s something very fresh and new for both of us. Before we started anything, I had a heap of material just sitting there, but since MESHIAAK started, we’ve worked on it all and changed or pulled it apart and put back together almost everything. I’m really looking forward to the end result.”

As for the origin of the MESHIAAK band name, Tomb said: “The pronunciation of the word is Meh-she-yuk. We’ve played on the spelling a little but it’s actually the Hebrew word for Messiah. Dean and I felt it had a strong appeal and we both share the same faith and beliefs in things, we both kind of felt it was fitting for us.”

Based in Australia, MESHIAAK promises to tour nationally and internationally upon the completion and release of its debut album.

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