NewsCRADLE OF FILTH To Release Album In Celebration Of 20th Anniversary

CRADLE OF FILTH To Release Album In Celebration Of 20th Anniversary

Dani Filth, vocalist of British extreme metallers CRADLE OF FILTH has revealed subsequent plans for a forthcoming 20th anniversary release in April that “old-skoolers will absolutely love to bits.” Details forthcoming.

In February, CRADLE OF FILTH will embark on a 19-date European co-headlining tour with Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH.

Comments Dani: “We are very much looking forward to touring with BEHEMOTH et al, as I think the combined lineup for these momentous shows is definitely very killer.

“Prepare for some riotous shows immersed in such esteemed dark company, as CRADLE traverses an old-skool tour program set against a viscerally visual backdrop of nocturnal metal supremacy. In other words, be there or be squared. Pinhead-style!”

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh, the historic debut album from CRADLE OF FILTH on Cacophonous Records. To honor this momentous occasion, CRADLE OF FILTH is planning a whole smorgasbord of excitingstuff, including the first-ever CRADLE OF FILTH comic, the release of a career-spanning double disc best-of, and, of course, the subsequent touring.

The story for CRADLE OF FILTH’s upcoming adult comic book was scripted by the comic writer Kurt Amacker (with assistance from the band’s singer, Dani Filth). Several artists are in the process of mocking up some example pages for the prospective publishers. Dani previously stated about the project: “I am very excited about this venture, as it promises to be a very adult story woven straight from the CRADLE OF FILTH universe, featuring a liberated Oscar Wilde, the Demoness Lilith, nefarious sexual magickal practices and an errant Suffolk Lord who is in the unenviable process of being charged under 19th-century blasphemy laws, discovering himself engaged in a nightmarish occult netherworld.”

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