CORONER’S Classic “Death Cult” Demo To Be Released On Vinyl and CD

Sunday, 21st July 2013

Swiss technical thrash legends CORONER will have their classic Death Cult demo released on vinyl and CD by No Remorse Records. This will be the first official re-release of Death Cult, a four-song demo which was originally recorded and issued in 1986 in a limited edition of 250 cassette tapes. Due in December, it will also include bonus material.

Originally part of the road crew for fellow countrymen CELTIC FROST, CORONER went on to become one of the most progressive extreme metal acts of the Eighties.

The connection between the Zurich band and CELTIC FROST was so strong, in fact, that CELTIC FROST frontman Tom G. Warrior offered to handle vocals for the emerging band’s demo. Warrior and CORONER entered Switzerland’s Magnetix studio on October 10, 1985, and nine days later they walked out with the impressive four-song 1986 release, Death Cult.

While subsequent bootlegged CDs included the bonus tracks of “Arrogance in Uniform” and “Hate, Fire, Blood”, the original four-track demo consisted of the following tracks: “Spectators of Sin”, “Spiral Dream”, “Aerial Combat” and “The Invincible”. (Only “Spiral Dream” would make it onto CORONER’s 1987 debut LP, R.I.P.)

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