NewsCAULDRON Releases Video For "No Return/In Ruin"

CAULDRON Releases Video For “No Return/In Ruin”

Toronto, Ontario, Canada metallers CAULDRON have released the video for “No Return/In Ruin” which comes from their their fourth studio album, In Ruin, which is due on January 8 via The End Records. High Roller Records will make the album available in Europe on January 29.

The cover artwork for “In Ruin” can be seen below. Comments CAULDRON’s Jason Decay: “We wanted a basic, straight-to-the-point cover without going totally METALLICA ‘Black’ album; something that catches your eye when flipping through the record bin.

“I saw a decrepit and eerie looking statue hovering in a doorway upon the ‘In Ruin’ title. We expressed this to our friend Squid (who did the artwork), and I guess you could say it’s a cross between ‘Poltergeist’, ‘Alice In Hell’ and ‘Intravenus De Milo’?!”

For the album, the trio returned to the Lincoln County Social Club recording studio in Toronto, where they recorded two of their previous albums, Burning Fortune (2011) and Tomorrow’s Lost (2012).

Co-produced by Chris Stringer (RUSH, TIMBER TIMBRE), “In Ruin”, scheduled for an early 2016 release, is sure to deliver more riffs, more attitude and more modern heavy metal classics while laying waste to all of the genre’s imitators.

In Ruin track listing:

1. No Return / In Ruin
2. Empress
3. Burning At Both Ends
4. Hold Your Fire
5. Come Not Here
6. Santa Mira
7. Corridors Of Dust
8. Delusive Serenade
9. Outrance

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