ARKAN Releases “Hayati” Video

Thursday, 18th September 2014

French Oriental metal band ARKAN have posted the video for “Hayati,” a song from their 2014 album, Sofia. The album was released in May via Season of Mist Records.

Over its ten years and several releases, Parisian metal band ARKAN has matured into a heavy, subtle and melancholic group. Their metal is tempered by Arabic percussion, ancient oriental string instruments, and the ethnic sounds of Algeria and Morocco. Through it all the dark warmth of Sarah Layssac’s vocals sing a heartfelt tribute to a life lost early. Sofia is a deeply emotional, modern metal record whose secrets reveal themselves to those who listen carefully.

Sofia track listing:

1. Hayati
2. My Reverence
3. March of Sorrow
4. Leaving Us
5. Soiled Dreams
6. Deafening Silence
7. Endless Way
8. Wingless Angels
9. Beauty Asleep
10. Scar of Sadness
11. Cold Night’s Dream
12. Dark Epilogue

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