Dead Week in Review July 6 – 12, 2014

Saturday, 12th July 2014

Many a tech-death fan is probably moping right now, mourning the departure of two key members of Obscura. Currently auditioning replacements, those are going to be some rather large shoes to fill, given the pedigree of Grossmann and Muenzner. The (metal) world cautiously awaits to see what the future will bring there as well as with Grossmann’s Alkaloid. – Kyle McGinn

General Housekeeping
Allegaeon’s Elements of the Infinite is our June Album of the Month.

Trainwreck Architect brings us an update on part II of their summer tour blog.

Caught in the act: Agalloch and Jex Thoth in Toronto

Vocalist Jason Keyser checks in to discuss Omnipresent and all things Origin.

David E. Gehlke chats up Arkan’s Foued Moukid about new album Sofia and the band’s background.

Get to know Toronto’s Shotgun Cure.

Empire Auriga’s futuristic, doomy black metal may have you floating off into space. The band their latest, Ascending the Solar Throne.

According to Bridget Erickson, Mutilation Rites’ Harbinger may “cause cardiac arrest.”

King of Asgard’s Karg delivers some solid Viking metal.

Keitzer produce some vicious death grind on their fifth album, The Last Defence.

Death metal dudes in The Dagger take a stab at retro rock with their self-titled debut.

Power/progressive band Crosswind delivers the goods on Vicious Dominion.

Judas Priest’s anticipated Redeemer of Souls falls a bit short of classic status.

Pro wrestler Ultramantis Black leaves the ring to deliver the enjoyable ULTRAMANTIS BLACK.

Mid 90’s black metal fanatics would do well to check out Taatsi’s Among the Trees.

The news in ten
1. Obscura splits with guitarist; drummer.
2. Scott Ian releasing I’m The Man autobiography in October
3. Mastodon join forces with Gojira and Kvelertak for fall US tour.
4. Ensiferum to hit the studio this fall.
5. Eluveitie streams new song “The Call of the Mountains.”
6. Decapitated set September release date for Blood Mantra
7. Peaceville Records launches first podcast with Darkthrone’s Fenriz.
8. Varg Vikernes found guilty of hate crime in France.
9. Novembers Doom’s Bled White now streaming.
10. Iron Maiden’s 3-year “Maiden England” tour wraps in Knebworth.

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