Soilwork – Relating to Abandonment

It’s no secret that for most of the staff at this site, Soilwork is a band that has always gained appreciation for their deep catalog and contributions to the heavy metal community. A new album always Read more […]

Hammer King – Savage Nobility

German act Hammer King have quickly established themselves as a current reliable force in the classic, traditional/power metal realm. Releasing five albums now in seven years, obvious ideas flow easily Read more […]

Idol Throne – Attack the Raven’s Blade

Newer bands often face an uphill climb to establish presence and credibility in a sea of releases, especially in the metal landscape. One act rising to that challenge is Midwestern quintet Idol Throne Read more […]

Edenbridge – All Paths Lead to Shangri-La

Symphonic metal veterans Edenbridge have a well-established discography and following as they close in on their 25th anniversary as a group in 2023. The eleventh studio album Shangri-La allows the quintet Read more […]

Nordic Union – Talent Personified

One of the highlights in the modern music era is the proliferation of talented musicians combining their skillsets to offer the public more recordings than ever before. Nordic Union started in 2016, putting Read more […]

Toxik – Heavier Yet Still Cynical

Just before online media consumption usurped the old-fashioned in print marketplace, this scribe used to be a co-editor for a few years in the late 90’s/early 2000’s at Snakepit magazine. Unearthing Read more […]

Jeff Wagner – Destination: Onward and Beyond

It’s been an honor to know music appreciator, journalist, and friend Jeff Wagner since the late teens as we both were contributors to Curious Goods fanzine during the late 80’s/early 90’s. He has Read more […]

July 2022 Rapid Fires

The July 2022 edition of Rapid Fires, our short review column, contains a wide array of bands, from blazing Australian death/thrash, symphonic power metal, progressive metal and everything in between. Read more […]

Tomb of Finland – Prepare for Entombment

Finnish metal encompasses a wide array of influences – the common thread throughout most of the bands is this purity and sensibility regarding the channeling of emotions through musical passages that Read more […]

Horizon Ignited – Flames Burning Bright

Many listeners within the melodic death metal community desire new blood to push the scene forward. For those who love a classic mix of the 1990’s early days with the finesse and energy of the present, Read more […]

Denied – Swirling in Madness

Many artists remember their final gigs before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the entertainment industry. In the case of heavy/thrash metal act Denied, they would play one show in March 2020 three months Read more […]

Among These Ashes – Breaking Free

Today’s marketplace makes it difficult to stand out in the heavy metal landscape – especially if you are fresh to the scene. Quality often wins out in the end – and that’s the case here for Michigan Read more […]

H.E.A.T. – Rising with Force

Proving that quality melodic hard rock and heavy metal doesn’t have any expiration date, H.E.A.T. are one of the premiere artists resurrecting the love of these styles over the past couple of decades. Read more […]

Farewell to Fear – Punching Through

Producing a cross-pollination of styles across the hard rock/metal spectrum that have influences that are old school as well as modern, Farewell to Fear draw upon their decades of experience as musicians Read more […]

Oceans of Slumber – Lessons in Folklore

Finding a way of developing one’s own style can be an ever-evolving process. With experience and confidence, Texas act Oceans of Slumber continue to march to their own creative muse – incorporating Read more […]

Origin – Ripping with Nostalgia

Masters at their brand of technical, extreme death metal, Origin show no signs of relenting in their quest to appease their faithful global following through the release of Chaosmos, the eighth and latest Read more […]

Krisiun – Hammer of the Messiah

Fresh off a Latin American tour and gearing up for another video shoot, these are active times for Krisiun. Their latest album Mortem Solis keeps this extreme death metal act sharp and vital – you know Read more […]

Battlelore – Awaiting the Shadows

In industry terms, a decade-long break from the studio could seem like an eternity to followers of a band. Finnish epic symphonic metal act Battlelore have awoken once again from that deep slumber with Read more […]

Hatriot – Luminous Shadows Ahead

Comfortable now in their latest incarnation, Hatriot feels its time to add different nuances to their thrash base for their fourth album The Vale of Shadows. Listeners can expect a bit more diverse angst Read more […]

Cleanbreak – Hustling for Glory

After establishing himself in the theatrical/classic metal mold through last year’s Durbin debut record The Beast Awakens, James Durbin returns with a band-fronted outing chock full of familiar, established Read more […]

Witchery – Painting Strokes of Evil

Celebrating 25 years together as a band, Witchery continues to stride forward in their amalgamation of blackened thrash and speed metal with traditional, old-school aspects. Their latest album Nightside Read more […]

Helsott – Validation Through Vindication

People struggle to position bands in specific categories. Record labels often find it’s easier to promote the latest and greatest thrash, death, doom, power, progressive, black, or folk metal act outside Read more […]

Battering Ram – Old School in Our Hearts

Straight ahead hard rock and heavy metal never loses its charm when done as well as you’ll hear with this Swedish band Battering Ram. Driving power chords, bluesy and gritty vocals, plus a swinging rhythm Read more […]

June 2022 Rapid Fires

The thick of the summer (and its never-ending heat) has brought another round of Rapid Fires, our short review column. There’s plenty to chew on this month, including: Blitzkrieg, Chaos Magic, Ironhawk, Read more […]

Wind Rose – A Rising Army

Anthems of dwarven power/ folk metal might that transport the listener into fantasy realms with Tolkien and Warhammer themes – that’s the platform that Italian quintet Wind Rose travel down since their Read more […]

Deep Sun – Living in a Dreamland

Focusing on an album of dream stories that are literal as well as allegorical and symbolic in sensibility, Swiss act Deep Sun embrace a love of symphonic metal/rock for this third album Dreamland – Behind Read more […]

Elephants in Paradise – Beware of Black Widows

Probably one of the quirkiest monikers in the music field, Elephants in Paradise are an Austrian act who develop a mix of alternative and progressive hard rock/metal, with pop, melodic, and modern sensibilities. Read more […]

Devil’s Train – Rock and Roll Family

Returning after a seven-year break from the recording studio with their third album Ashes & Bones, Devil’s Train showcases metal musicians developing material in more of a classic hard rock, bluesy/southern Read more […]

Seven Kingdoms – Peak Perseverance

US power metal bands struggle often to attain the respect and popularity of their European counterparts. One act consistently making inroads to change that perception from Florida has been Seven Kingdoms. Read more […]

Visions of Atlantis – Embracing Pirates

Austrian act Visions of Atlantis have come out of the pandemic resilient considering the tragic derailing of their 2020 North American tour opening for Dragonforce less than a week into March of that year. Read more […]