Solarus – Triumph Through Tragedy

Canada has an immense multitude of talent across the metal spectrum – Solarus being one of the best acts when you want soaring melodic power metal with progressive, modern, and symphonic aspects. Continuing Read more […]

Wilderun – New Horizons Ahead

A lot to discuss with Wilderun since the last time we spoke with them before the release of their previous album, Veil of Imagination.  Since that time, the band has been signed by Century Media Records Read more […]

Eternity’s End – As Embers Fade

Taking power/progressive metal to intricate levels of neoclassical / shred measures, Eternity’s End arrive at their third album for Embers of War. Combining a love of fantasy, science fiction, and horror Read more […]

December 2021 Rapid Fires

And so we’ve reached the end of yet another year. One that has been a year of continued lockdowns and health precautions, but at least at this point we are beginning to get somewhat back into the swing Read more […]

Infected Rain and Heidi Shepherd – Emerging from Chaos

With a successful fall US tour in the rearview, things haven’t ended for the pairing of Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd and Infected Rain.  Just recently, a video was released for “The Realm of Chaos,” Read more […]

Victory – Cutting Right to the Bone

A steady staple of the melodic hard rock/heavy metal scene during the late 1980’s, German act Victory made a mark through stellar records like Culture Killed the Native and Temples of Gold. Although Read more […]

Matt Coe Best-of 2021

The emotional and personal climate of 2021 still hung low due to the swirling impact of COVID-19. Even with vaccines available, the ability for bands to play live was sparse at least in the first half Read more […]

David E. Gehlke Best-of 2021

While it was a pleasure to see live shows return in 2021, the real bread-and-better of 2021 came via album releases. The glut of new LPs brought forth a near-dizzying array of worthy selections. Therefore, Read more […]

Katarina McGinn Best-of 2021

2021 has been quite an impactful year, to say the least!  We don’t talk to much about our personal lives here at DR, mostly because it doesn’t seem all that relevant in terms of delivering heavy metal Read more […]

Eldritch – An Open Diary

Veterans of the power/progressive metal scene, Eldritch return for their 12th studio album with EOS. Reuniting with keyboardist Oleg Smirnoff, the record has a lot of the creative bite and spirit of those Read more […]

Persona – The Animal Within

Lots to discuss with symphonic turned modern metal act Persona.  Starting out in Tunisia, they released two albums and then moved over to Germany and reformed the band (outside of three core members) Read more […]

Eyes Wide Open – Life and Death Experiences

Eyes Wide Open have been playing energetic and emotional Swedish metal (melodic death/metalcore/take your pick) for over 10 years to date.  Their latest release, Through Life and Death, sees them poised Read more […]

Temperance – Breaking the Rules

Italian act Temperance positions themselves as a creative beacon for those who love a variety of heavy metal styles. Incorporating influences from the power, symphonic, and modern landscapes – their Read more […]

SkeleToon – Revenge of the Power Metal Nerds

Those who remember the 80’s/90’s power metal scene can think of the influx of bands who took Helloween to another dimension in terms of 16th notes, uplifting melodies, spirited harmonies, and this Read more […]

Pathology – A Tale of Rebirth

A long-standing brutal death metal band, Pathology has undergone plenty of line-up changes over its existence.  But currently, the line-up since 2018 has been working hard to push the band to the next Read more […]

November 2021 Rapid Fires

By the next time we have to write one of these Rapid Fire columns, we will have wrapped up all of the best albums of the year for 2021.  Crazy to think how incredibly fast this year has gone in hindsight, Read more […]

Unleashed – The Way of Life

Pioneers in the Swedish death metal movement for over thirty-two years, Unleashed are a steady, reliable presence when it comes to their output. No Sign of Life is the fourteenth studio album, and fifth Read more […]

Swallow the Sun – Blooming in Misery

Consistently bringing some of the most gloomy and sorrow-filled musical landscapes to the metal world, Swallow the Sun aren’t a band to sing about happy topics.  But their ability to make riveting and Read more […]

Hypocrisy – Worship and Devotion

With a history spanning 30 years at this point, Hypocrisy stand as a veteran force within death metal.  Masters of being able to craft aggressive, full-on death metal with copious melodies and memorable Read more […]

NorthTale – An Eternal Warning

Establishing himself as a journeyman guitarist sharing the stage with bands like Cellador, Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Circle II Circle, and U.D.O. among others, guitarist Bill Hudson felt it was Read more […]

Beast In Black – A Cyberpunk Connection

Elevating themselves quickly as favorites in the melodic power metal field, Beast in Black issues a third album with Dark Connection that features a lot of affinity for 80’s sci-fi/cyberpunk movies as Read more […]

Exodus – Let the Beatings Continue

Outside of the big four of thrash, many will place Exodus on that pinnacle tier for their contributions to the movement in terms of discography, energy, aggression, and overall blistering live performances. Read more […]

Fathom Farewell – Beware of Kraken

Encompassing an array of influences across the metalcore and modern/alternative rock landscape, Boston based act Fathom Farewell have been making an impression not only across the New England scene but Read more […]

Obscura – Colliding Stars

A beacon of the progressive, technical death metal scene, Obscura are about to present their fifth album to the world in the form of A Valediction.  Lots of new stuff this time around, such as a new label, Read more […]

Bonded – March into Blackness

Thrash has accelerated from its Bay Area roots during the early 1980’s into worldwide acclaim. German thrash has also been a steady staple in the scene: Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction well-known for Read more […]

U.D.O. – The Tank Rolls On

Even a global pandemic couldn’t slow down veteran vocalist Udo Dirkschneider. He worked on releases with an orchestra for We Are One, released a three song EP featuring some of his old Accept bandmates Read more […]

Omnium Gatherum – Shining a Light on Origins

Finnish melodic death metal band Omnium Gatherum recently celebrated 25 years of existence, and what better way to show it than with a brand new album.  Origins is the latest in their catalog, with the Read more […]

Kryptos – Danger on the Rampage

Delivering a classic heavy metal style with vicious vocals, Kryptos help put India on the map with their strong discography over the years. Their previous album Afterburner from 2019 gained many accolades, Read more […]

October 2021 Rapid Fires

The last big metal rush of the year is upon us in October!  Those last-minute ‘shake up the top albums of the year’ types.  Along with the ‘big uns,’ there’s plenty of other releases that would otherwise Read more […]

Be’lakor – A Journey through Song

Navigating the melodic death metal waters for over 15 years at this point, Australia’s Be’lakor have gone from more of a ‘cult status’ band to one of the flagbearers for the genre’s classic sound.  Read more […]