Isiliel – Living for Tomorrow

Himari Tsukishiro has spent nearly a decade as an idol in Japan. She wasn’t one to dream about being an idol growing up, but came across it when mulling over what she wanted to do with her life. “I Read more […]

A Dark Reborn – Circling the Last Echo

Always on the prowl for new artists at this site that explore our favorite genres, A Dark Reborn is melodic death metal band from Spain that also inject a mix of modern, pop, and alternative influences Read more […]

Michael Catton – Testament to Talent

Finally venturing into a solo career after establishing himself as a premiere vocalist with the Danish heavy rock act Tainted Lady, singer Michael Catton surrounded himself with a great set of musicians Read more […]

Angra – Evolution in Cycles

Photo: Marco Hermes When it comes to developing a unique brand of melodic power/progressive metal, no one can dispute the impact of Angra on a global scale. Making a strong impact out of the gate through Read more […]

Ignescent – Sparking Inspiration

Merging the idea of spreading a more positive message within heavier music is something we are finally beginning to see more of. Nothing particularly wrong with some doom & gloom, but injecting some Read more […]

An Introductory Guide to the Burgeoning Kawaii Metal and Alt Idol Scene

You may have seen more features here regularly from acts originating from Japan, such as Hanabie., PassCode (featured above), Broken by the Scream, and of course, Babymetal (whom I assume you already know Read more […]

Icarus Witch – Enjoying the Ride

Photo: Aubrianna Myers Thoroughly enjoying a twenty-year career, Icarus Witch continual stretch their creative muse this deep into their career with their first concept album in No Devil Lived On. The Read more […]

Elm Street – Metal Is Always the Way

Photo: Peter Coulson First becoming aware of this Australian band through an opening slot appearance on a Skull Fist North American tour back in 2015, Elm Street are back again for their third full-length Read more […]

Temple Balls – Prepare For An Avalanche

The Scandinavian heavy music scene has a plethora of great artists in a variety of styles – including a love for hook-laden melodic hard rock/metal. One of the many bands showcasing their talent in this Read more […]

Serenity – Following The Passion

Photo: Matthias Schwaighofer The latest album from Austrian symphonic power/progressive metal act Serenity is Nemesis AD – another conceptual record covering the history of German painter, printmaker, Read more […]

Dying Wish – Building a Community

Coming hot off the much-deserved buzz that encompassed their debut, Fragments of a Bitter Memory, Dying Wish returns in 2023 with their follow-up Symptoms of Survival. An album that seems to build upon Read more […]

Sorcerer – Shining Like a Morning Star

When it comes to epic doom metal over the past decade, there hasn’t been a better run of studio records for this scribe’s money than Sorcerer. Since resurrecting themselves in 2010, we are now on a Read more […]

Temperance – Awaiting Hermitage

Italian band Temperance have come a long way since there inception a decade ago. Blending together a mix of melodic heavy/power metal with progressive and symphonic elements, they now arrive at their most Read more […]

Doro – Strong and Proud

It’s always a pleasure to get the chance to engage with a lot of the early heroes of heavy metal that are setting the bar high with their work even as they approach 40 years in the business. That’s Read more […]

Cirith Ungol – The Fire Inside

Photo: Peter Beste When it comes to epic-oriented traditional heavy metal with elements of old school doom or NWOBHM influences, one veteran act that has always been held in cult status (or esteem) Read more […]

Prong – At a Breaking Point

Photo: Nathaniel Shannon When you think of gritty, cold anthems full of force and vigor, Prong has been one of the benchmark acts when it comes to heavy, groove-oriented metal through the decades. Incorporating Read more […]

War Curse – Time for Confession

Photo: Brian Vogel It’s always a joy to catch up with musicians you’ve developed good friendships with over the years – especially when you are able to watch the development of their craft as Read more […]

Svalbard – Lifting the Mask

Known for their socio-politically charged lyrics in their particular version of post-metal, Svalbard is taking things a bit more personally with their latest album, The Weight of the Mask. An album that Read more […]

Sylosis – Look for the Signs

When it comes to steady UK modern metal that contains equal parts intricacy and musical enticement with solid hooks, melodies, and retainable songs which traverse aspects of metalcore, death metal, and Read more […]

Ice Giant – Altering the State of Galaxies

Photo credit: Matty Thrash Photography Although Ice Giant has technically been a band since 2015 and put out their debut in 2017, the band has gone through some transitions, both with their members Read more […]

Hanabie. – Rising Superstars

It’s a cool and rainy fall day in New York City. Outside the Gramercy Theater, fans like up hours ahead of doors, weathering the storm in hopes of securing a prime spot inside the venue to see a Japanese Read more […]

Michael Abdow – Emerging from the Ether

Guitarist Michael Abdow has been a part of the music scene in a variety of capacities for a few decades. As of late, you may have heard his work on record with outfits like Pyramid, Fates Warning, or Ray Read more […]

Blame Zeus – Be Strong and Be Faithful

Active since November 2010, Blame Zeus hails from Portugal – a five-piece act that incorporates diverse influences across the alternative metal, rock, soul, and progressive lines. Consistently evolving Read more […]

Nervosa – Ready for Jailbreak

Photo by: Greogory Dourtounis When it comes to deadly thrash, most know the potent sound of Nervosa. Even as the lineups have shifted over the course of the past two albums, the steady force of guitarist Read more […]

Conquer Divide – Burning Brightly

It’s a busy Friday evening in Manhattan. After some hit-or-miss texting on both our ends between myself and vocalist Kiarely Castillo, we finally meet up in the front of the Palladium Times Square, so Read more […]

Carnifex – The Economy of Motion

Reliable headliners in the deathcore scene, California act Carnifex continually strive to establish new elements into a sound that has carried them since the mid-2000’s. Their latest album Necromanteum Read more […]

Scorched Moon – Forever Seeking Dawn

Photo credit: Magenta Skull Photography Earlier this year, I had the honor of reviewing Scorched Moon’s debut album Obsidia, and anyone that has heard it has been immediately gripped by this very Read more […]

Skull & Crossbones – Under Tyrant’s Rule

Photo: Michael Vetter The power, the strength, the might of Teutonic heavy metal. It’s been a part of the genre for decades – no matter what feels trendy, there’s nothing quite like the sound Read more […]

Primordial – The End Is Near

Photo: Fergal Flannery With over thirty years invested as a group, Irish veterans Primordial are a reliable force when it comes to Celtic folk/black metal. Epic songwriting, cultural aural tapestry, Read more […]

Mercenary – Forward Momentum in the End Times

Photo: Lucas Peter Bunk When it comes to a strong musical blend of melodic death, groove, and power metal, Mercenary seem to check all the boxes of creative flow throughout their long history. Even Read more […]