Crowbar – Comfortable Below Zero

Epitomizing a slower, heavier form of metal since the early 1990’s, Crowbar continue to be unyielding in their quest for satisfying their legions of followers record after record. Their newest platter Read more […]

Serious Black – Vengeance Is Personal

Channeling a series of personal events and lineup shifts into a potent fifth album Vengeance Is Mine, Serious Black faces their biggest challenge to date as Urban Breed steps away from the band, allowing Read more […]

Saxon – Seizing the Day

Steady veterans of classic heavy metal, Saxon show no signs of slowing down on the recording or touring fronts. Carpe Diem is the 23rd studio album, chock full of powerful anthems that make listeners scream, Read more […]

Hammerfall – The Dawn Beckons

When everyone moved on from heavy metal in the early to middle part of the 1990’s, an outfit from Sweden set their sights on keeping the flame burning for the traditional, classic style known as Hammerfall. Read more […]

Dissentience – All About Heavy

Continuing to push elements of death, thrash, groove, and melody in their style of metal, Dissentience aims for a sound that goes where their creativity wants to take them – naturally encompassing and Read more […]

Spirits of Fire – Enjoying the Roots of Metal

As a musician Chris Caffery has achieved acclaim and respect for his body of work since the 1980’s. Fortunate to be a touring guitarist/keyboardist for Savatage as a teenager on the Hall of the Mountain Read more […]

Napalm Death -Spectrum of Extremity

An absolute pillar in the extreme community, Napalm Death has a long history of being at the forefront of heavy metal.  They have been a force that also was never content to simply retread the same sonic Read more […]

Silverlane – Arising like Leviathan

Originally known as The Rising Force from 1996-2005 before having to change names for obvious reasons, Silverlane have been out of the spotlight since releasing their second album Above the Others in 2010. Read more […]

Voivod – Anarchy Reigns

Visionaries setting the bar high from Canada, Voivod have seen a resurgent interest in their brand of avantgarde heavy metal. Evolving from a thrash base, these gentlemen have never been afraid to embrace Read more […]

Immolation – Haunting and Pummeling

New York death metal mainstays Immolation have championed the sound for over 30 years at this point, providing a unique voice within the extreme music landscape.  With an identifiable sound that has influenced Read more […]

Ilium – Lead with Power

Twenty years in the books for Australian outfit Ilium – featuring guitarist Jason Hodges and guitarist, bassist, keyboardist Adam Smith, along with a strong guest support cast that includes at this time Read more […]

Allegaeon – Always Learning, Always Growing

After 5 albums that have had a very solid science backing behind them, lyrically, Allegaeon is trying things a bit differently for their sixth album, Damnum.  With a shift away from direct science-y lyrics Read more […]

Silent Skies – Hard Hitting Emotions

Silent Skies, composed of Vikram Shankar and Tom Englund, released a beautiful album in the form of Satellites back in 2020.  While not metallic in the least, focusing on gentle, melancholic piano and Read more […]

Warzaw – Sending Their Regards

Bringing the spirit, attitude, and fun of classic heavy metal/hard rock to the underground, Warzaw are a quartet of Norwegian musicians that seek to deliver material that makes you smile, headbang, and Read more […]

Battle Beast – Breaking the Rules

One of modern metal’s more upbeat and entertaining offerings, Battle Beast deliver solid material that makes you want to raise a fist, sing a long with a chorus, and move around a bit.  It’s a formula Read more […]

Kandia – A Fresh Start

Having a past that dates back to 2007, the husband and wife combination of Nya Cruz and André Da Cruz of Kandia have provided a unique musical landscape that merged together grooves with more ethereal Read more […]

Shield of Wings – Unfinished Abstractions

Always seeking out more gems in the independent metal scene, we welcome the opportunity to take in Midwest act Shield of Wings. Incorporating a symphonic metal base with aspects of melodic, folk, and death Read more […]

Wreck-Defy – Cannons of Catharsis

Wasting no time getting down to business, the fourth Wreck-Defy album The World Enslaved is another solid hour-long record full of tasty thrash, filled with melodies, hooks, and slightly progressive/technical Read more […]

Venom Prison – Music That Resonates

One of the more notable bands to come up in the more recent years with some absolutely devastating records is that of Venom Prison. They have merged a hardcore/punk ethos successfully with the bludgeoning Read more […]

SETYØURSAILS – A Personal Nightfall

A fairly new act from Germany, SETYØURSAILS manages to make some waves because of their combination of vicious metal energy with more melodic injections that can lean into some pop flavors.  It’s a delicate Read more […]

January 2022 Rapid Fires

Officially into 2022, after yet another long year.  Shows are back, sort of at least, and music keeps churning out all over the place.  Eager to see if the quality matches the quantity, but as it usually Read more […]

Memory Garden – Distrust of the Messenger

Epic doom as a genre already has a cult-like status and following across the globe. Add in some melodic and old school power touches, and you have the makings of Memory Garden. Together now for almost Read more […]

Age of Athena – Welcome to Oblivion

New acts pop out of the woodwork each and every day, but it’s rare to find an act that immediately finds it’s own sound and embraces that direction.  Age of Athena are a new act that manages to combine Read more […]

Power Paladin – Riding the Quest for Steel

Aiming to strike at the hearts of all who love fantasy, magic, and power metal, Power Paladin seemingly have come out of nowhere and made a decent impact to start the year in their debut album With the Read more […]

Psychoprism – Letting Opportunity Knock

Five years after their debut album Creation, Psychoprism returns with another stellar neoclassical-fueled power/progressive metal offering for R.I.S.E. (short for Resistance in Systematic Evolution). Expect Read more […]

Shot Down Twice – Energy Injection

Fusing together a killer blend of classic hard rock with bluesy, metal, and groove-oriented aspects is Canadian act Shot Down Twice. Releasing their second, self-titled EP, one can expect a musical stew Read more […]

Kissin’ Dynamite – Lovin’ the Road

Embracing a fun-loving sound that contains lots of 80’s melodic hard rock/metal traditions, Kissin’ Dynamite are one of the younger bands from Germany that have ascended the ranks for prime-time touring Read more […]

Manimal – All About Honesty

Conveying a tough as nails attitude and presentation, Swedish group Manimal aims to appease the ardent heavy metal followers who enjoy traditional and power aspects put into a modern production and tonality Read more […]

Solarus – Triumph Through Tragedy

Canada has an immense multitude of talent across the metal spectrum – Solarus being one of the best acts when you want soaring melodic power metal with progressive, modern, and symphonic aspects. Continuing Read more […]

Wilderun – New Horizons Ahead

A lot to discuss with Wilderun since the last time we spoke with them before the release of their previous album, Veil of Imagination.  Since that time, the band has been signed by Century Media Records Read more […]