Dead Rhetoric Halfway Through 2021 Best-of

Still here and finally starting to show some emergence from quarantine, things started a bit slowly in 2021 but it seems that a bit of turn around is in order. Releases come fast and furious, as the down Read more […]

Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – Frame of Heart

Best known for his decades of work in Stratovarius, Timo Tolkki has been writing and recording a series of albums under the Avalon umbrella since 2013. Originally developing as a trilogy, Frontiers Music Read more […]

Hiraes – Solitary Beginnings

After long-running act Dawn of Disease called it quits, four of the members (Lukas Kerk, Oliver Kirchner, Christian Wösten and Mathias Blässe) merged together with vocalist Britta Görtz (Critical Mass) Read more […]

Silver Talon – Delve into Decadence

Forming out of the remnants of Spellcaster, Silver Talon is a group of musicians who approach the heavy metal style with a darker, power/progressive slant. Signing with M-Theory Audio following their self-released Read more […]

The Absence – Dig out the Coffins

Still doing their thing, now for almost 20 years and five albums, the vicious death metal of The Absence has its addictive qualities. The aggressive melodies and catchy hooks keep you right into it, helping Read more […]

Powerwolf – An Infectious Call

When looking at bands over the last fifteen plus years that have captured solid followings and vaulted up the prestigious international festival lineup programs, especially within the metal realm most Read more […]

Vatican – Metalcore’s Answer to Video Game Boss Music

Recently signing with UNFD, Georgia’s Vatican released a two-song single Become a New God to give fans a taste of new material, as well as give new vocalist Mike Sugars a proper introduction. A massively Read more […]

Lycanthro – Fighting the Good Fight

Ottawa, Canada may not be as well-revered as a metal hotspot compared to Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, but its home to upstart act Lycanthro. The quartet have carved out a power metal style that dips Read more […]

Hannes Grossmann – Away from the Light

A name at this point rather known to many within the extreme metal scene, Hannes Grossmann has been a part of many influential acts, from Necrophagist and Obscura to Alkaloid and more – not even including Read more […]

June 2021 Rapid Fires

Summer is so close it can be tasted, and the promise of leaving the house this year is much higher. So be it metal or no, it’ll be nice to get into the sun and get plenty of fresh air – be it some live Read more […]

Light the Torch – Musicians and Best Friends

Frequently cited as a supergroup, the members of Light the Torch have been through a lot together. Legal battles over previous moniker Devil You Know, in addition to personal problems, such as guitarist Read more […]

Pharaoh – Rise and Ride

Active since the late 90’s, Pharaoh developed their power metal sound during a period when that style fell out of favor outside of the diehards, bands struggling to gain a foothold in the United States Read more […]

Helloween – Pumpkins Aligned

Next to the classic lineups of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden coming back together during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the most welcome reunion metalheads clamored for globally took place a couple Read more […]

Crypta – Ultimate Echoes

Unleashing a fury of death metal with blackened, thrash, and melodic textures, Crypta arrives on the scene with quite an established legacy through previous work. Bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira and drummer Read more […]

Living Dead Girl – Dark yet Feminine

Headed up by Molly Rennick, Living Dead Girl is a new band that attempts to bridge two very different worlds. That of heavy metal and pop music. Their debut album, Exorcism, goes from heavy, driving Read more […]

Fear Factory – Continuing to Disrupt the System

After a massive, years-long battle to settle the Fear Factory name, the band’s latest release Aggression Continuum is finally going to see the light of day. Even that hasn’t been without its setbacks Read more […]

Stormruler – Burning Souls

Sometimes an album just happens to meet its audience by sheer happenstance. St Louis-based Stormruler put out their debut effort with no fuss only to be quickly snatched up by Napalm Records. Said album, Read more […]

Herman Frank – Unique Voice

Guitarist Herman Frank continues to crank out his brand of straight-ahead heavy metal with power and energy of men half his age (he’s in his early 60’s). Two for a Lie is the fifth album under the Read more […]

Go Ahead and Die – Old School Music, Current Message

A fresh act with an old school mentality, Go Ahead and Die is going to come across the radar of many metal fans due to the father/son collaboration between Max Cavalera and son Igor Amadeus Cavalera. Read more […]

Flotsam and Jetsam – Out for Blood

Pioneers during the 1980’s for US thrash, especially developing a semi-progressive meets melodic angle through classic records like Doomsday for the Deceiver and No Place For Disgrace – Flotsam and Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp May 2021

Sometimes, it’s nice to take a breather with articles. Took a month away from Bandcamp in April as it can be a challenge in the whole ‘sifting’ part of the process in finding new acts. But here we are Read more […]

Frozen Crown – Arise from the Beyond

Developing a confident, diverse brand of power metal, Italian act Frozen Crown arrive at a critical third album juncture in their career. Winterbane delivers on its dynamic promise to entertain – showcasing Read more […]

Vexed – Anger as a Tool to Bring Happiness

New modern metal upstarts Vexed are making some noise in a big way. Their brutally heavy debut, Culling Culture, was recently released on Napalm Records. Mixing together massive grooves, playful guitarwork, Read more […]

Scar of the Sun – Onward and Upward

Seemingly the epitome of an act having to work their way through the ranks to achieve a larger success, Greek act Scar of the Sun have slowly risen through the ranks, with their third release (over the Read more […]

Silver Lake by Esa Holopainen – Rays of Progressive Light

Known as one of the founders of Finnish act Amorphis, Esa Holopainen has been a fixture in heavy metal for over thirty years. But Silver Lake the first time he ventures out on his own for a solo project. Read more […]

May 2021 Rapid Fires

As we move further into spring, a nice bit of warmer weather offers some encouragement, as does a number of bigger tours being announced in the past few weeks (Gojira, Megadeth). Hopefully the momentum Read more […]

Burning Witches – Heroes Channeling the North

Never surrendering and focused on the goal of bringing old school heavy metal to the masses, Burning Witches continue to move forward no matter what obstacle or challenge lay before them. The Witch of Read more […]

Ghost Iris – Progression and Regression

With a sound that’s both immediate and visceral, Ghost Iris take an energetic approach to modern metal. Driving grooves and breakdowns, occasionally proggish riffs, and soaring clean vocal choruses. Read more […]

Vulture – Running with the Phantom

Rich in 80’s themes of speed, thrash, and horror, German act Vulture live and breathe for heavy metal. The imagery, the lyrical content, the passion for the genre all come through their three albums Read more […]

Conclave – Fragile Decay

Veterans of the New England heavy music scene with ties to diverse acts like Warhorse and Desolate, Conclave have established themselves as a potent force with their brand of doom/sludge metal. Unafraid Read more […]