Enemy of Reality – Uncovering the Truth

When it comes to symphonic metal, the landscape has spread far and wide for artists putting their own flavor into this widely appreciated style. Greek band Enemy of Reality have been active since 2013, Read more […]

All My Shadows – Unleash the Monsters

These days, when veteran musicians wish to develop a new band or project, as long as the quality of the songwriting is on point, the right parties will appear to elevate the profile. All My Shadows may Read more […]

Marianas Rest – Revealing More Wounds

Together now for a decade, Finnish sextet Marianas Rest didn’t let the lack of live gig opportunities bring them down to support their third album Fata Morgana released in March 2021. They did what many Read more […]

Haliphron – Hunting for Prey

You build a strong community of musicians as people pay attention to other acts – which often allows new bands to arise. Case in point – Dutch sextet Haliphron. Containing members with ties past and Read more […]

Stargazer – Taking Over the Sky

Scandinavian artists in the melodic hard rock / metal community possess this intuitive ability to channel heroes from the past and bring their own sense of finesse to the table for some memorizing material. Read more […]

Kamelot – Drive the Flag into the Ground

People appreciate the slow, steady climb into success in most endeavors. Kamelot have been a dominate force in the melodic power/progressive metal genre for decades – first gaining success in Europe Read more […]

Brittany Barkasi Best of 2022

There’s a chance I got a bit burned out trying to make sure I didn’t miss anything pretty late in the game for 2022. I decided to check out over 300 albums that were things I may have missed, so really Read more […]

Night Demon – Outsiders No More

A favorite with most of the scribes at Dead Rhetoric, Night Demon pound for pound are one of the shining stars for the current breed of classic-driven traditional heavy metal. Outsider is the latest full-length, Read more […]

Majesties – Unclaimed Deadly Treasures

Musicians these days explore multiple genres in the metal landscape, enjoying the collaborative process as they find like-minded people as they gain traction in the scene over the years. Such is the case Read more […]

Trial (Swe) – Stoke the Flames of Metal

Conjuring up the legacy of the 1980’s heavy metal scene with striking riffs, soaring vocals, and steady, pounding rhythm section mechanics, Trial (Swe) from Sweden have been steadily gaining ground through Read more […]

Imperium Dekadenz – Monuments to Sorrow

Since 2013’s excellent Meadows of Nostalgia, German black metallers Imperium Dekadenz has positioned themselves as one of the scene’s most intriguing bands. The duo of Vespasian (guitar, bass, drums) Read more […]

Ice Age – Power Through Chemistry

The longevity of progressive music in all forms is not lost on this scribe. There’s a timeless quality to virtuoso-filled musicianship, crafted in such a way that you discover some little nuance years Read more […]

Seventh Crystal – Living in Wonderland

There’s a wealth of musical talent within European countries these days – content to churn out influences often rarely heard in the modern scene. Seventh Crystal out of Sweden is a sextet that straddle Read more […]

Heidevolk – Intensity into Connection

Active since the early 2000’s, Dutch folk/Viking metal band Heidevolk have established a thoughtful discography in their native tongue. Taking their longest break between records for Wederkeer, it wasn’t Read more […]

Air Raid – Raising Thunder

Passionate about heavy metal since starting in 2009, Swedish act Air Raid fly the flag for classic riffs, stirring choruses, and twin guitar action through their discography. The latest album Fatal Encounter Read more […]

Dreams of Gray – Intertwining Sadness and Hope

Dreams of Gray sees the return of vocalist/guitarist Luis Rivera to the metal scene following his sabbatical for over a decade after being an integral part of Chicago death metal act Abolisher. His knowledge Read more […]

Insomnium – Doing What We Want

Turning tragedy into triumph, Insomnium enjoy the fruits of their productivity as they develop an interesting, diverse discography that spans twenty-six years. Be it the long-epic track that is Winter’s Read more […]

Memoriam – An Eternal Struggle

Heads down commitment to a cause usually pays dividends in the end – especially if all working parties deliver on all fronts. Such is the case with veteran old school death metal act Memoriam. Rise to Read more […]

Infinite & Divine – The Power Position

Active since 2019, Infinite & Divine is a melodic heavy metal/ hard rock act featuring multi-instrumentalist Jan Åkesson (known for his work in StoneLake) and vocalist Tezzi Persson, who also sings for Read more […]

Daniel Barkasi Best of 2022

It’s been some time since I’ve done an end of year list, and it feels great to be back at it. This past year was one of transition. The cloud of COVID still lingered, while at the same time, many aspects Read more […]

Blakearth – Join the Voyage

Containing members with vast experience across the hard rock/metal landscape, California’s Blakearth may be relatively new to most readers, yet their sound contains a lot of classic melodic power / progressive Read more […]

Ronnie Romero – Respect for Metal

Iconic singers in heavy metal resonate for decades – one of the newer generation talents that has made an impact through his vast discography is Ronnie Romero. Most may know of his work with Rainbow Read more […]

Delain – Wading in Dark Waters

During the pandemic, significant changes took place behind the scenes for Dutch symphonic metal veterans Delain. So much so, it was up for debate whether the group would continue as a project or a full-fledged Read more […]

Xandria – Behold the Wonders

It’s been six years since Xandria’s last album Theater of Dimensions – and a thorough lineup haul took place between the touring cycle for that record and the latest effort The Wonders Still Awaiting. Read more […]

Twilight Force – Instill the Adventure

Taking listeners on a fantasy journey with an epic style of power metal, Twilight Force have quickly become a fan favorite globally in a relatively short amount of time. Up to album four with At the Heart Read more […]

Heleven – Opening New Horizons

Exploring a great fusion of modern/alternative heavy influences with proper melody, hooks, atmosphere, and aggression, Heleven have steadily made inroads across their Spain homeland and beyond through Read more […]

Dark Sarah – Heroes and Villains

Well versed in the work of Amberian Dawn previously, when vocalist Heidi Parviainen left the group to start her own band Dark Sarah plenty of followers would be intrigued to hear what would take place. Read more […]

Elusion – Shifting in Paradox

Seasoned musicians with ties to various Belgian bands like Agathocles, Ancient Rites, and Gracefallen among others, Elusion consists of a group of talented players willing to embrace a mix of influences Read more […]

Admire the Grim – Going Rogue

Thorough connoisseurs of melodic death metal at this site, it’s always exhilarating to catch onto a younger band performing in this style. Welcome Finnish unit Admire the Grim – relatively new to the Read more […]

(EchO) – Witness the Sorrow

Italian quartet (EchO) embrace a massive pool of influences across the atmospheric melodic doom/death spectrum – developing an international following since their start in 2007. Now moving onto Black Read more […]