Carnifex – The Economy of Motion

Reliable headliners in the deathcore scene, California act Carnifex continually strive to establish new elements into a sound that has carried them since the mid-2000’s. Their latest album Necromanteum Read more […]

Scorched Moon – Forever Seeking Dawn

Photo credit: Magenta Skull Photography Earlier this year, I had the honor of reviewing Scorched Moon’s debut album Obsidia, and anyone that has heard it has been immediately gripped by this very Read more […]

Skull & Crossbones – Under Tyrant’s Rule

Photo: Michael Vetter The power, the strength, the might of Teutonic heavy metal. It’s been a part of the genre for decades – no matter what feels trendy, there’s nothing quite like the sound Read more […]

Primordial – The End Is Near

Photo: Fergal Flannery With over thirty years invested as a group, Irish veterans Primordial are a reliable force when it comes to Celtic folk/black metal. Epic songwriting, cultural aural tapestry, Read more […]

Mercenary – Forward Momentum in the End Times

Photo: Lucas Peter Bunk When it comes to a strong musical blend of melodic death, groove, and power metal, Mercenary seem to check all the boxes of creative flow throughout their long history. Even Read more […]

XFEARS – Investment in Change

This scribe has been an ardent follower of progressive rock / metal since childhood really – watching the evolution of acts like Kansas, Yes, Genesis on through to Rush, Fates Warning, Queensrÿche, Read more […]

Death Dealer Union – Initiation Time

A fairly new act formed in 2019, Death Dealer Union offer a fresh take on the modern metal sound by giving it equal footing in more classic and current styles. Amid a variety of musicians of different Read more […]

Outergods – Enter the Catacombs of Madness

Photo: Tom Kelly Beyond coverage of veteran acts, we at Dead Rhetoric do our best to provide insight into some of the latest bands that deserve more than a cursory glance. Hailing from the UK, Outergods Read more […]

Ronnie Romero – Lies, Masters, and Shadows

Hot on the heels of two previous solo albums full of favorite songs to cover, vocalist Ronnie Romero delivers his first original-only record for the third full-length Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters. Those Read more […]

Silent Skies – Radically Honest

Returning with their third album Dormant, after last year’s beautiful and emotive Nectar, Silent Skies have much to say to the world. Thought-provoking, introspective, and reflective are all words that Read more […]

U.D.O. – Prepare for Touchdown

Photo: Martin Hausler Little did we expect U.D.O. to be delivering a potent fist to face record as Touchdown this deep into their long career – but that’s what we have here. The quintet contains Read more […]

Terminalist – Beware of Crisis

Photo: Theis Wilmer Poulsen Dubbing themselves ‘hyperthrash’, Danish band Terminalist injects a progressive mindset in their style – incorporating elements across the heavy/extreme genres from Read more […]

Art of Shock – Making Darkness Light Again

Another band that took the darkness of the pandemic into a positive as far as creativity, Los Angeles, California’s Art of Shock may have seemed bitter about the world shutting down after releasing their Read more […]

Stitched Up Heart – Hungry like Wolves

Last time we chatted with Stitched Up Heart, it was before their sophomore effort Darkness in early 2020, just before COVID swept the world and shut everything down. The band persevered by seeking out Read more […]

Grand Cadaver – Crawling in Decay

Photo: Richard Bloom What do you have when you take five Swedish musicians that possess decades of experience, including work in acts like Dark Tranquillity, Katatonia, and Tiamat among others and create Read more […]

Marc Hudson – Starbound for Glory

Photo: Oliver Lloyd Already established in a premiere metal outfit like Dragonforce, vocalist Marc Hudson felt ready to helm his own solo record journey with his debut album Starbound Stories. Combining Read more […]

Exmortus – Dance with the Dead

Long-time followers of Dead Rhetoric are aware of our affinity for this California band Exmortus. Intertwining sophisticated riffs and shredding leads in a neoclassical meets thrash/death context, they’ve Read more […]

The Unity – Join the Hellish Joyride

Photo: Michael Stammwitz German power metal band The Unity have probably delivered their most versatile and satisfying studio album to date for their latest record The Hellish Joyride. People who appreciate Read more […]

Warmen – Accidental Aggression

Photo: Marek Sabogal Containing members with ties to Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, and Kotipelto, Warmen arrives back on the scene after a prolonged absence from the studio. Which is understandable Read more […]

Knife – A Slice of Metal

Germany has always had a solid foothold when it comes to traditional heavy metal support and its numerous offshoots. For those that love a blackened, speed approach, look no further than Knife for that Read more […]

Spirit Adrift – Spontaneous Inspiration

Prolific creativity comes to mind when checking out the work of Spirit Adrift. Active since 2015, they’ve released a series of EP’s, singles, and full-length records faithfully year after year – Read more […]

Signs of the Swarm – Heavy Is A Feeling

Photo: Andre Giovanni There’s a huge swirl of underground buzz percolating to the larger metal scene when it comes to deathcore. Thanks to the explosive popularity of Lorna Shore, you hear other artists Read more […]

Eleine – The Legion Remains

Symphonic metal covers a broad spectrum of styles these days. For those that love the heavier side tempered with the right melodies, hooks, and cinematic-oriented aspects, Swedish act Eleine are mandatory Read more […]

Astralborne – Climb Aboard the Fun Train

A studio project formed by musicians from New York, Ohio, and Michigan, Astralborne live for a lot of the early melodic death metal influences that originated from Europe during the 1990’s in their style. Read more […]

Crypta – Process of Pain

Photo: Estevam Romera Quickly making their mark across the death metal landscape, Crypta returns for their second studio record in Shades of Sorrow. Continually challenging themselves as far as intricacy Read more […]

Blindstone – All About Freedom

The roots of heavy metal tie into the blues. For guitarist/vocalist Martin Jepsen Andersen, he gains the chance to explore those blues in a power trio context for Danish act Blindstone. Many may know of Read more […]

Omnium Gatherum – Stuck Here On Tour’s Way

It’s mid-April and Markus Vanhala is exhausted. The Omnium Gatherum guitarist is on tour with his other but equally-as-important band, Insomnium, trekking across the States in support of Enslaved after Read more […]

Demolizer – Delivering Capital Punishment

Photo by: Anders Dalhøj Aware of this Danish four-piece in the early stages of their career through the Ghoul debut EP of 2018, Demolizer garnered the interest of Mighty Music who signed the group Read more […]

Girlschool – It Is What It Is

Photo by: Adam Kennedy The longest-running all-female rock/metal band internationally, Girlschool has always been one of those groups that put the focus on music first. This scribe remembers watching Read more […]

Lockjaw – Making Massive Connections

Hailing from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, Lockjaw is aiming to become a potent force when it comes to their melodic groove metal style. Their debut album Relentless contains monster riffs wrapped Read more […]