Necrocosm CD Giveaway

Thursday, 22nd October 2015

We are stoked to be giving a copy of Necrocosm’s new, self-released album, Damnation Doctrine.

A diabolical blend of classic death metal and melodic death metal, the band states: “Positivism never being our strong-suit, the growled, grunted, and shrieked lyrical themes are the darkened horizon obliterating all hope, devastating guitar riffs and solos melt more faces than the ark of the covenant, the inhuman drumming annihilates your empty fractured skull, and the grinding bass is guaranteed to evacuate your bowels. We are gaining ground slowly but surely, promising to infect the ears and minds of our audience and remind them of the haunting darkness that awaits us all in the end.”

With that in mind, Damnation Doctrine can be yours if you enter before Friday, November 6.

Enter “Necrocosm” in the Answer field below.



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