Vomitheist – NekroFvneral (Transcending Obscurity)

Friday, 5th May 2023
Rating: 9 / 10

The sheer number of old school death metal releases lately has been unrelenting, with a few new ones seemingly coming down the pike on a weekly basis. As with many saturated genres, one has to sift through the muck to find the good stuff. A few acts have given us great slabs of quality in this vein in 2023, most notably Kommand and Leper Colony, offering fresh takes on a tried and true sound. Well, the year isn’t even half over, and the death metal train isn’t slowing down – and this scribe for one is happy about that. Especially when unearthing serious quality, which leads to Switzerland’s Vomitheist.

Climbing out of the ooze in 2013, the trio dropped the memorably titled EP Graveyard Flesh Orgy, giving a taste of the brand of slimy death metal they are out to devise. A decade into the band’s existence breeds their debut full-length NekroFvneral, it assuredly was worth the wait. We love filthy HM-2 fueled death metal ala Dismember, as well as the forthrightness and grit of Bolt Thrower, and Vomitheist have provided an amalgamation of both.

Right out of the gate we’re cracked over the skull by “Strangled by Entrails” and “Epidemic Disembowelment” – two song titles that would make Autopsy smirk, encapsulated by copious abundance of buzzing chainsaw riffs and guttural wails of vocalist/bassist Gubler. His pitch is just right, adding the perfect flavor to the unending brutality of the instrumentation. There are also a few shorter, grind-ish entries like “Horrific Bloodshed” and the title track, providing an energetic burst that offers a different angle.

If looking for more of a mid-paced groove, “Putrefaktor” and “Symbiotic Putrefaction” have you covered in an Entombed inspired assault, while “Tormenting Fungal Infestation” turns faces into ash with a delightfully putrid riff that doesn’t quit. Guitarist Yänä displays gobs of versatility in different tempos and tweaks to their approach, while spitting out memorable guitar rhythms that obliterate without prejudice. In a move that’s foreign to most acts of this ilk, Vomitheist put together a colossal over 12 minute album closer in “Carnivorous Cult.” This monstrosity contains hearty amounts of soul obliterating riffs, with large portions of the song elongated by doom-like qualities, fondly reminding one of a number of underrated Asphyx classics.

Fans of all things crushing, be on notice – Vomitheist is here to tear you to shreds, and you’ll damn well like it. These Swiss prognosticators of everything vile and punishing have conjured up an organic old school death metal tour de force that should make even the most discerning curmudgeon nod their head in approval. NekroFvneral isn’t for the meek, and if disgustingly revolting death metal is one’s elixir of choice, these fellows serve up a cocktail that will satiate your thirst.

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