The Neologist – The Inward Expansion (Self-Released)

Friday, 20th May 2016
Rating: 7.5/10

Hard to believe it’s already been a year since The Neologist last hit the Bandcamp waves with Coming Full Circle. Full of old school Gothenburg flavored goodness, it was a fine reminder that Stateside acts are just as capable of carrying on the legacy of Sweden’s melodic death metal scene (particularly when many of its founding fathers have all but abandoned it).

The Inward Expansion takes the same basic approach as its predecessor did – Cramming in as many delightful melodic leads and harmonies that time will allow and letting them all hit their mark. Cramming in this sense is not a bad thing as each song is bursting with catchy riffs and memorable vocals. Sure, there’s much influence taken from the masters (The Jester Race/Whoracle-era In Flames, Soilwork) but the songs are such a treat that you won’t find yourself saying, “been there, done that.” Just take a listen to “The March of Sagittarius,” an instrumental that features an excellent melding of keys and clean guitar, as well as a number of flashy yet memorable leads. The vocals have their place as well, with a clean/harsh dynamic that usually rules the roost in this territory, but again, a song like “Dark Horizons” is bound to put a smile to your face by the time the chorus hits home. The Neologist’s songwriting skills are going to keep you attentive from beginning to end.

Taking familiar elements and putting them front and center works well for The Inward Expansion. It’s a nice nostalgic trip while still delivering a fresh take on the genre. Their uncanny ability to fill the landscape with memorable moments should award them plenty of fans. Best of all, like their previous work, The Inward Expansion is completely and totally free.

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