ReviewsSoreption – Monument of the End (Sumerian)

Soreption – Monument of the End (Sumerian)

Never one to shy away from some massive grooves, Soreption have been catapulting themselves forward in the metal public’s eye since their debut Deterioration of Minds. While it has been 4 years since they were in the spotlight with Engineering the Void, Monument of the End marks a triumphant return. Sporting a new (and larger) label in tow, Soreption wastes no time in showing what strides they’ve made since their last effort.

The most noticeable component of Monument of the End is how groovy it is. Sure, Soreption has made a name for themselves when it comes to the combination of groove and technical wizardry, but this effort sits as their most “Decapitation-y” so far. Not in a bad, copycat kind of way, but in the sense that Soreption sound like they felt it was necessary to champion the intricate yet catchy riff fest that Decapitation also enjoys and give it a bit of their own spin. “Children of the Automaton” and “A Mimic’s Ignorance” provide that thrilling combination to a tee, offering some high-speed riffing while paying close attention to employing some destructive groove when the time is right. The faster tempos give some dynamic for when the band goes all in on the chunky and mid-tempo bruising, giving them even more leverage. Some excellent guest vocals close out the album, with Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy) on “Virulent Well” and Travis Ryan bringing in some intriguing vocals on “The Entity,” further upping the notion that there’s plenty for fans to get a thrill from.

Not reinventing themselves so much as continuing to polish the edges that work best for the band, many will find this to be Soreption’s finest release to date. Monument of the End delivers high-energy riffing and brutal grooves in a way that should excite those in the extreme metal scene, and perhaps pull in a few new ones courtesy of their wider reach.

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