Dead Week in Review: January 19 – January 25, 2014

Saturday, 25th January 2014

A shame that our news cycle focuses so much attention on Justin Bieber’s arrest when so much else is going on in the world, but here we are, making mention of it. The dude is inescapable. Never the matter, the week that was had all sorts of happening events, like a new Slayer tour, a possible At the Gates new album (which still seems unlikely), and Entombed splitting off into Entombed A.D. That’s metal for ya: Always dramatic. – David E. Gehlke

General housekeeping
We are running a giveaway for the new Rhapsody of Fire album, Dark Wings of Steel. Enter here, and be sure to answer the question correctly!

On-the-rise California technical death metal mavens The Kennedy Veil caught up with Kyle McGinn to talk about the band’s formation, meaning behind their name, and more.

Get the scoop on the meaning behind Warforged’s lyrics.

Get to know the above-mentioned Warforged, who are an atmosphere death metal force to be reckoned with.

Our top-5 Grand Magus songs. Disagree at your peril.

Janne “JB” Christoffersson of Grand Magus chatted it up with DR on a variety of topics, most notably, their excellent new Triumph and Power album,  and why changing their name from “Smack” was a good idea.

Iced Earth phones another one in with Plagues of Babylon.

Reactivated British doomsters Solstice get back to business with Death’s Crown is Victory.

Bridget Erickson makes sense of Thoughtscanning, the new album from French duo We All Die (Laughing).

One Machine’s The Distortion of Lies and the Overdriven Truth is a colossal bust. Bummer.

Swedish tech death marvels Soreption return with their first album in four years, the excellent Engineering the Void.

Cult 666 black metal in the house with Arvas’ Into the Realm of the Occult.

Atmospheric, obtuse black metal in the house with Abyssal’s Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius.

The name says it all for Prostitute Disfigurement’s From Crotch to Crown.

Current Madonna/former Prong guitarist Monte Pittman has quite the enjoyable album on his hands with The Power of Three.

Arizona instrumental duo Tempel make their mark with On the Steps of the Temple.

The news in ten
1. Could At the Gates be releasing a new album?
2. Motorhead forced to cancel their European tour. Again.
3. Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman streams a new song, “Stereohead.”
4. Firewind/Ozzy guitarist Gus G. reveals album art and track listing for I Am the Fire.
5. Pantera to release 20th anniversary edition of Far Beyond Driven in March.
6. Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes launches IHate.
7. Vocalist L.G. Petrov forms his own version of Entombed, Entombed A.D.
8. Century Media records co-founder Oliver Withoft passes away.
9. Slayer announces short tour with Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus.
10. The Haunted stream new song, “Eye of the Storm.” 

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