Silver R.I.S.C – Knot Over (No Remorse Records)

Friday, 22nd December 2023
Rating: 8 / 10

Tell me if you readers have heard this story before: historical band of a generation before dissolves, only to reform recently for another shot at glory. That’s the case again for Greek hard rock/metal outfit Silver R.I.S.C, releasing their debut album Anything She Does back in 1993 on Molton Lave Records – the musicians continued working as session players or other outfits before reuniting in 2019 to lead us up to the latest studio record Knot Over. The quartet combines an interesting mix of AOR, melodic hard rock, and heavy metal attributes over the course of these nine songs, which reflect older influences from the 80’s and 90’s.

The ballad “Nothing For Me” sits early in the record as the third cut, stretching the emotional boundaries with calmer acoustic guitar sequences as well as keyboard orchestration to amplify the soothing, tender vocal melodies over the top of occasional power chord supplementation. Opener “Anna” features a mix of 70’s progressive elements on the bass / acoustic guitar before kicking into gear with some sinister double kick/ twin electric guitar lines that reflect Iron Maiden / Riot-oriented material from the 80’s – the soaring, simplified chorus sure to go down a storm when aired live. Spiros Fousekis and Dimitris Gasparatos hold down guitars (the latter also splitting time as vocalist/keyboardist) in this resolute, powerful manner, the mix of straightforward licks/riffs along with some flashy, guitar hero-ish breaks keep material such as “Evil Waves” and “Wasted Tears” moving briskly, ensuring fist waving, toe tapping good times. Just to throw a curveball in the mix, closer “Trapped Under the Ice” is an epic offering at 7:22 – the ominous windy effects introduction sets the stage for classical acoustic guitar meets lower register vocal work, the bass play of D.M. outstanding before the electric proceedings kick in – a Dio-esque meets Whitesnake atmosphere feel that finishes the record in grand style.

Probably a record that many ardent followers of the band will treasure more than newcomers – as this is not exactly the style to make consumers want to part with their hard-earned money in a hurry. Silver R.I.S.C may just be happy to be back on the scene – and as such, its not time wasted as this has an interesting melodic hard rock meets AOR in a heavy metal kind of context effort that carries quality performances all around.

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