ReviewsSETYØURSAILS - Nightfall (Napalm)

SETYØURSAILS – Nightfall (Napalm)

In more recent years, the merging of elements of multiple genres has led to some exciting prospects.  Particularly when bands take a metallic base and include more nonmetallic elements.  SETYØURSAILS is one such relatively new act, with only one previous album (2018’s Enough) ahead of this Napalm Records-backed second effort in Nightfall. Taking elements of (post) hardcore, metalcore, metal, and even elements of pop SETYØURSAILS have a distinctly addictive sound that grabs your attention and keeps it over the long-term.

“Ghosts” is the perfect introduction to what Nightfall is all about.  Atmospheric and groove-driven metalcore riffs with just a hint of sadness lead the way, into some intense screams and serene cleans courtesy of frontwoman Jules Mitch (as well as Annisokay’s Rudi Schwarzer).  It offers big riffs and snarling heaviness, but the pop-ish elements also lean into a more personal and intimate side that makes the whole thing feel more expressive.  This is the dynamic that the band rides on, and it offers plenty of diversity as it moves forward.  From the stomping and visceral energy of a track like “Fckoff,” the album’s biggest rager that will still take up residence in your head for a while, to a more gentle and dreamy “Secrets,” which builds to some hypnotic grooves and pulsating aggression towards the track’s finale.  Of course, there’s plenty in between highlighted by the addictive, pop-forward “Reason” that is backed by a strong knack for energetic riffs and melodies.  “What’s Wrong” has an excellent ebb and flow to it, with serene moments building into heavier and more epic moments as the track continues along.  The closing track, “Shallow,” a cover of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s duet from A Star is Born, effectively turning the song into a more metallic beast with help from No Bragging Rights’ Mike Perez – showcasing the band’s knack to carefully balance the pop and metal elements with grace and intimacy.

SETYØURSAILS has all of the elements to make a name for themselves with Nightfall.  It’s an album that will capture your attention with its ability to swerve between more metallic and melodic tendencies.  Coupled with some atmosphere and groove that stick in your head as much as the excellent vocal work, it’s a combination that is sure to bring modern metal fans running in their direction this year.


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