SETYØURSAILS – Bad Blood (Napalm)

Friday, 5th April 2024
Rating: 9.5/10

2022 gave us the impressive sophomore effort from SETYØURSAILS titled Nightfall, which seemed to pull them directly into the radar of many as it was their first release through Napalm Records. Unabashedly modern and not afraid to step outside the normal metallic comfort zones while still providing a brash and energetic album, Nightfall seemed to capture a feeling that was both intimate and visceral. Two years later with the release of Bad Blood, the band has managed to raise the bar even higher, providing even more varied influences and sounds to their arsenal while keeping their raw, personal touch.

Jumping in with the opening title track, it showcases some big steps up for SETYØURSAILS. The crunchy metalcore riffing and almost punk-ish attitude instantly gets the blood pumping, and it switches up nicely to a powerful melodic chorus that doesn’t knock the wind out of the verses energy. Instead the hooks elevate the energy, even when things drop into some hip-hop elements before exploding into a fierce breakdown. An impressive start indeed. Speaking of adrenaline, much like Nightfall‘s “Fckoff,” “T.F.M.F.” oozes abrasive punk-meets-rock energy and ramps up the intensity. The more melodic chorus works as an impressive contrast and jumping point before the energy returns at full-force. Later cut “Dangerous” all but swaggers with groovy stadium rock energy, with fuzzy riffs and electronics playfully rolling around Jules Mitch’s emotive yet assertive shouts and singing.

For all of the energetic bravado, there’s also a more personal side to SETYØURSAILS that is also a major component to their success. “Heart Attack” swells with powerful synths and modern electronic tones as it slowly raises the tempo and intensity, while still keeping a more intimate feeling compared to the more aggressive tracks on the album. Certainly, the standout in this regard is the already released “Lately,” which dabbles in as much pop and rock mentality as it does heavier territory. It’s bottom end keeps it too far away from ballad territory, but it’s nonetheless a poignant song that could easily find the band quite an audience outside the heavy music niche if it was given the airtime. Mitch’s charismatic vocals wrap around the listener as the melancholic chorus soars into space. It’s a beautiful song that acts as the centerpiece of the release.

All but ready to burst through with their impressive ability to blur metalcore, pop, modern metal, and more, SETYØURSAILS strike a captivating balance on Bad Blood. They have all of the right pieces in place, from heavy modern grooves to emotive, varied vocals, to flowing raw atmosphere. Their openness with blurring genres while keeping all sorts of potential fans happy is impressive, especially considering how personal the album itself feels. SETYØURSAILS have provided one of the finest albums of 2024 so far, and an essential offering for modern metal fans.


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