ReviewsDemon – Invincible (Frontiers Music)

Demon – Invincible (Frontiers Music)

Another UK band celebrating their 45th anniversary, Demon has evolved from their traditional heavy metal/hard rock roots that put them on the map in the early years to more of a diverse act that includes elements of AOR and progressive rock amidst the heavy foundation. Singer Dave Hill remains the lone link between all periods, although surrounding himself with a capable set of musicians to round out the sextet fully to incorporate all elements of their wide array of influences. Invincible as the latest studio record should be a feast for those who love the roots of 70s hard rock with those epic and progressive aspects that remind people of artists like Uriah Heep, Magnum, or Rainbow.

A full on acapella vocal harmony blasts off “In My Blood”, the circular guitar/keyboard sequence comforting in that AOR-ish charm as Dave chooses to use his dramatic mid-range delivery to gain emotional connection, the lead break split between thoughtful note choices as well as a spirited final energetic blitz. Most of the material takes on this reflective, mid-tempo atmosphere, the guitar / keyboard dynamics filling all the main ideas in a driving, catchy manner while the rhythm section pumps out steady mechanics along with occasional fill/transition pick me ups. Dave knows when to incorporate the right supportive background vocal support to elevate specific chorus / verse passages – as most will be hard pressed to not be humming along to tracks such as “Face the Master” or “Breaking the Silence”. The epic side of the group comes out midway through on “Hole In the Sky”, the mystical play of keyboardist Karl Waye along with a Rainbow-esque guitar / drum underpinning allows the vocals to lurk in the shadows at softer volumes, building momentum as the song unfolds. Occasional use of reverb / echo effects add drama to other songs, even if it’s not necessary as the cultural/driving riffs within the title track carry the aural workload.

It’s been eight years between studio albums for Demon, giving the followers plenty of time to expect a quality release such as Invincible. Accept the fact that the days of Night of the Demon or The Unexpected Guest are long gone – as the band’s preferences lie in more of a comfortable mid-tempo hard rock/metal alignment that speaks to their grace as artists.

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8 / 10